BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern: Syllabus, Marking Scheme, Recommended Books, Preparation Tips

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By Anam Shams - Content Writer Jan 09 2020 Share this blog

 BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern has been updated with two new sections - English and Aptitude. Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test (BITSAT) 2020 Exam Pattern includes a computer-based test consisting of 150 Objective questions on Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning and Mathematics/Biology. Duration of the exam is 3 hours and in case candidates are able to attempt and submit all the questions within the time limit, then additional 12 Bonus Questions are prompted for which they will be granted extra marks.

Upcoming Events of BITSAT 2020: The candidates interested in taking admission in BITS can fill BITSAT 2020 Application Form till May 11 2020 (5.00 pm) (extended). The application fee has to be paid at the time of registration. In 2019, the registration fee was INR 3300/- for male students and INR 2800/- for female students while the fee for those students opting for Dubai as exam center is INR 6300/-. In 2019, more than 50,000 applications were received by BITS for BITSAT.

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern - Highlights

BITSAT 2020 will be conducted at various centers through online mode. The question paper is set from a large question bank and every candidate gets a different set of questions. A committee is set to ensure that the question paper for every candidate has a comparable level of difficulty, question type, content. A brief idea of the BITSAT Exam Pattern 2020 is given below.

Mode of Examination
Computer-based Exam
Duration of Examination
3 Hours
Sectional limit
Not Applicable
Types of Questions
Number of Questions
4 (Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics or Biology)
Marking Scheme
+3 for every correct answer; -1 for every incorrect answer

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern in Details

  • Mode of Exam: The Mode of Exam is completely online, it is conducted as a Computer-based Test.
  • Duration of Exam: A total of 3 hours would be given to the candidates to complete the test. There is no section wise time limit. The candidate can go back to any questions and make changes to them.
  • Type of Questions: Objective type questions will be asked in BITSAT 2020. Each question will have 4 options.
  • Number of Questions: 150 questions will be asked in total.
  • The medium of Paper: BITSAT is conducted only in the English Language in which proficiency is required.
  • Sections: There will be 4 sections consisting of objective type questions. The 4 sections are Chemistry, Logical Reasoning and English, Physics and Biology or Mathematics. Candidates opting for B.Pharma have to attempt the Biology section instead of Mathematics, the rest of the sections remain the same.
  • Marking Scheme: 3 marks will be awarded for each correctly answered question while 1 mark will be deducted for each wrongly answered question. There will be no marking or reduction for unanswered questions.

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern - Sectional Distribution

You can find the distribution of questions and the marks allotted in BITSAT 2020 according to sections below.


Number of Questions

Marks Allotted

Section 1: Chemistry



Section 2: Physics



Section 3: English Proficiency



Section 3: Logical Reasoning

Section 4: Mathematics/Biology (for B. Pharma)






Note:- Something different in BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern is that after attempting all 150 questions without skipping any question, the candidate will have a choice to attempt an additional 12 questions. The candidate will not be allowed to make changes to the previous 150 questions. The additional 12 questions are asked from Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry (4 from each).

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern Marking Scheme

Having a fair idea of the marking scheme will allow the candidate to evaluate their BITSAT 2020 Scorecard in a better way. BITS Pilani follows the below-mentioned marking pattern to evaluate the responses of the candidate: 

Question Type

Marking Scheme

Correct Answer

+3 Marks 

Incorrect Answer

-1 Mark 

Unattempted Question

No marks allotted

Total Number of Question


Total Marks


BITSAT 2020 Syllabus and Important Topics

The syllabus for BITSAT 2020 will be based on NCERT textbooks of class 11th and class 12th. Various topics from subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency are asked in the paper. You can read about BITSAT Exam Pattern for various subjects below.

BITSAT 2020 Chemistry Syllabus

40 MCQ Questions from topics of class 11th and 12th NCERT will be asked in BITSAT 2020. Basic concepts and p-Block Elements have the maximum weightage in BITSAT  2020 exam.

Chemistry Chapters

Weightage of Questions

P Block Elements and Basic Concepts 

5 Questions each

Equilibrium, Aldehydes, Ketones and carboxylic acids

4 questions

Chemical Bonding, Thermochemistry, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alcohols, d and f block elements

3-4 Questions from each

Phenols, Chemical Kinetics, Hydrogen and s block element, Polymers, States of Matter, Solutions

2-3 Questions Each

BITSAT 2020 Physics Syllabus

Physics is considered to be on a tough side with 40 objective questions carrying 120 marks being asked. Going by the previous year's paper pattern of the BITSAT exam, Mechanical properties and current electricity are important parts to be covered up. 

Physics Chapters

Weightage of Questions

Mechanical Properties


Current Electricity


Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Magnetism and Moving Charges, Thermodynamics, Rigid Body Dynamics, Work, Energy and Power, Planar Motion, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Kinetic Theory, Atomic Study, Oscillation, Gravitation

3-4 from each Chapter

Kinematics, Alternating Current, Waves, Electrical Field, Capacitance, Semiconductors, Laws of Motion

2-3 from each Chapter

BITSAT 2020 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The BITSAT exam pattern for the logical reasoning section is divided into two parts-

Non-Verbal Reasoning
Figure matrix
Pattern Perception
Rule Detection
Paper Cutting
Puzzle Test
Alphabet Test
Eligibility test
Classification test
Verbal Reasoning
Binary Logic
Logical Deduction - Reading passage, Analogy, Chart Logic, etc

BITSAT 2020 English Proficiency Syllabus


Important Topics


Agreement Time and Tense, Parallel Construction, Relative Pronouns

Determiners, Prepositions, Modals, Adjectives

Voice, Transformation

Questions tags, Verbs


Synonyms, Antonyms, odd word out, one word, Jumbled Text, Selling, Homophones

Contextual Meaning


Reading Comprehension








Paragraph Unity


BITSAT 2020 Mathematics Syllabus

This section has the maximum number of objective type questions (45) in the entire BITSAT Exam. Important topics to be considered in the BITSAT Exam pattern for Mathematics are-

Differential Calculus
Two-Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
Linear Programming
Three-Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
Ordinary Differential Equations

BITSAT 2020 Biology Syllabus

Candidates opting for B.Pharma course through BITSAT 2020 will be given questions on Biology rather than Mathematics. Reproduction and Biological Classification hold prominence. Some important topics as per the previous exam patterns are - 

Diversity in Living WorldCell - The Unit of Life
Genetics and EvolutionStructure and Function - Animals
Structure and Function - PlantsReproduction
Ecology and EnvironmentGrowth and Movement in Plants
Biology and Human WelfareBiotechnology and its Applications

BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern Mock Tests

Another important aspect of preparation for BITSAT 2020 is to attempt as many mock tests as possible. After going through all the topics, you should start attempting online mock tests. This will also prepare you for managing time in the final exam and give you a fair idea of the pattern of questions.

Solve the sample papers given online. Several online websites provide mock sample tests. This will help in understanding the level of questions that are asked in the exam. Giving mock tests also helps you to judge yourself and your preparation and improve upon it. Carefully notice your mistakes and work on them and try not to repeat them.

Best Books for BITSAT 2020 Preparation

Students are recommended to go through NCERT textbooks of class 11th and class 12th to analyze the BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern thoroughly. The Pearson Complete Guide of BITSAT (English) by One Learn Education and 12 Practice Papers BITSAT 2020 PB by G K P are also very useful. Some of the other recommended books to understand exam pattern for Mathematics section is given below:


Recommended Books



New Pattern Mathematics 

 Dr. SK Goyal
S.L Loney (Arihant)
I.A. Maron
Integral Calculus
Amit Agarwal (Arihant)
Objective Mathematics
R.D Sharma


Concept of Physics 

H.C Verma
Problems in General Physics
I.E. Irodov
Principles of Physics
Fresnick, Halliday, and Walker
Fundamental of Physics
V.K. Mehta


Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

O.P Tandon
Organic Chemistry
Morrison Boyd
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
R.C Mukherjee
Concise Inorganic Chemistry
J.D Lee
Numerical Chemistry
P. Bahadur


Botany for Degree Students

A.C Dutta
A Textbook of Biology
P.S. Dhami, G. Chopra, and H.N. Srivastava

Logical Reasoning and English

The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT

High School English Grammar and Composition
Wren and Martin

BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

The best walk-through for getting familiar with BITSAT Exam Pattern is to attempt maximum online mocks. Students are advised to start with section-wise preparation. Have a detailed look at the syllabus and start with the preparation. Start with known and easier topics and then move towards the more difficult topics or those topics that you do not have any idea about. Observe the marking scheme and maximum marks of each section and according to devote time and importance to them. Work on your weaknesses and improve your speed and accuracy. BITSAT 2020 mainly consists of conceptual questions that do not require lengthy solutions. If you get stuck on some lengthy solution, then do waste time and quickly move to the next question. Come back to the unanswered questions later and try again.


Prepare a list of important notes and formulae. This will also be helpful for last-minute study and revision. Avoid doing selective study and give equal importance to all the topics of the syllabus as questions can be asked from any topic in BITSAT 2020.

Time Management

Time management is another main aspect to be looked after by the students preparing for BITSAT 2020. You should divide your time equally between the 4 sections and start with the preparation accordingly. Prepare a time- table and stick to it. Remember that this time is very crucial and it will not come back.

Section-wise preparation

Focus on section-wise preparation as different sections carry different marks. All sections are not given equal weightage in BITSAT 2020 so start with those sections and give more time to Biology or Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry rather than English and Logical Reasoning which has comparatively less weightage. Mathematics requires more and more practice while subjects like Physics and Chemistry are more conceptual. Logical Reasoning will require analyzing.

Bonus Questions in BITSAT 2020

The 12 bonus questions will increase your chances of scoring better in BITSAT 2020. So prepare in such a way and manage your time well in a way that you are left with enough time to answer those questions as well. However, keep in mind that once you start attempting the bonus questions, you cannot go back to the previous questions and the bonus questions can be attempted only if you have answered all 150 questions.

Students are advised to stay focused and have a positive attitude throughout the period of preparation as well as on the day of the exam. Staying relaxed and having a good sleep is the key to a positive mind. Thus, candidates are advised to give their best without stressing much about the result. Stay calm and confident. Good Luck!

BITSAT 2019 Paper Analysis

In 2019, the BITSAT exam was conducted in 2 slots per day across various centers in India and Dubai. The students who gave the exam stated that the difficulty level of questions varied from moderate to highly difficult. Most of the questions in the Chemistry section were concept and application-based questions. Students stated that Physics was the most difficult section. Mathematics section comprised of more questions from class 11 syllabus. In the section of English Proficiency, most of the questions were moderately difficult.

The given table shows the number of questions asked from the syllabus of class 11th and 12th in each section.


Questions from Class 11th syllabus

Questions from Class 12th syllabus










The students stated that the question paper was moderately difficult. Out of 450 marks, questions worth 108 marks were supposed to be easy, 165 marks were moderate while 102 marks were difficult. The paper was also a bit easier than the previous year.

BITSAT 2020 Exam day Instructions

Students must keep these things in mind to give the BITSAT 2020 hassle-free.

  • Try registering for the last day slot of the exam.
  • Do not get stuck with a problem. try solving others first and then go back to such problems.
  • Do not attempt the questions blindly.
  • It is very important to keep track of time. Check the timer every 5-10 minutes.
  • Try focusing on the English language section as it is comparatively easier and marks can be secured easily.
  • If you attempt all the questions and still have time left, you'll be given a chance to answer 12 bonus questions within that 3 hours only. So, try to be as fast as possible with minimum possible mistakes.
  • Once you have attended the bonus 12 questions, you cant go back and make any changes in the previous 150.

FAQs for BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern

1. How many sections are there in BITSAT 2020 Exam?

Ans. There are four sections in BITSAT 2020 - Physics, Chemistry, English and Logical Reasoning and Mathematics or Biology (Depending upon which course you want to pursue).

2. How many questions are there in BITSAT 2020 Exam Patter?

Ans. There are 150 questions in BITSAT 2020 Exam. Additionally, if the students complete all the questions in less than 3 hours they will become eligible to attempt 12 bonus questions.

3. What is the duration of BITSAT 2020?

Ans. The duration of BITSAT 2020 is 3 hours.

4. Is there any sectional time limit for BITSAT 2020?

Ans. No, there is no sectional time limit.

5. What is the marking scheme for BITSAT 2020?

Ans. Candidates will be awarded +3 for every correct answer. -1will be deducted for an incorrect answer.