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By Meghna Agarwal - Content Writer Jul 17 2021 Share this blog

The Family Man Season 2 emerged triumphantly and you can now enjoy this much-loved web series for FREE. You should get  Amazon Prime membership offers to start streaming now! 

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The Family Man Season 2 | Amazon Prime: Exclusive Details 

The Family Man Season 2 is easy prey, the most anticipated web show streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  

You can watch The Family Man Season 2 on Amazon Prime For Free with the below-marked details.

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The Family Man Season 2 Release Time: Latest Update 

The Family Man Season 2  got released on 4th July 2021 On  Amazon Prime.

Watch The Family Man Season 2 Trailer: 

If you haven't watched it yet, then here is the Trailer of The Family Man season 2 to get you started:

Watch The Family Man Season 2 Trailer: Full Breakdown

The Family Man Season 2 trailer is full of treasures and hides a lot more than it actually reveals. The protagonist, Srikant Tiwari has gone missing and has left behind an extended group of family and friends who are eagerly awaiting his unforeseen arrival. 

During the 2nd half of the trailer, we see traces of a burgeoning terrorist conspiracy that will force Srikant into making a heroic comeback to save his country from the evil forces that have sworn to destroy it. 

The Family Man Season 2: Overview 

You can raise up your ecstasy and expectations because The Family Man Season 2 cast has been joined by some much loved new actors while all your favourites from the previous season have reprised their respective roles. Take a quick look below: 



Manoj Bajpayee

Srikant Tiwari

Priyamani Iyer

Suchitra Tiwari

Neeraj Madhav

Moosa Rahman

Sharib Hashmi

JK Talpade

Samantha Akkineni


Kishore Kumar

Imraan Pasha

Gul Panag


Sharad Kelkar 



Raj & D.K.


Raj & D.K. | Suman Kumar | Sumit Arora



The Family Season 1 Ending | Latest News | Fan Reviews

Get your nerves on the go as we’ll now discuss the most popular fan theories and “The Family Man Season 1” ending. Moreover, we’ll start with a quick recap that can help you refresh your memory. 

Watch The Family Season 1 For Free

Here is an episode wise breakdown of “The Family Man Season 1” 

The Family Man Episode Title


Release Date 

The Family Man 

Three ISIS terrorists who were previously captured near Kochi try to escape but are persuaded to surrender by TASC agent Srikant Tiwari. 

20 September 2019


When a bomb explodes near the Black Horse statue, Srikant and his team promptly act to track down the master behind the bombing. 

20 September 2019

The Anti National 

Muslim youth, Karim is embroiled in a massive terrorist conspiracy that can cause great loss of life and property. 

20 September 2019


On one hand, TASC is inching closer to catching Karim and his friends, but on the other Srikant is doubtful about his wife’s loyalty towards the marriage.  

20 September 2019


Srikant is transferred to Srinagar and is working with R&AW to catch a key sleeper cell terrorist. 

20 September 2019

Dance Of Death 

While the TASC team is kept busy with their operation in Srinagar, Moosa flees the custody in Mumbai leaving a pile of dead bodies behind him. 

20 September 2019


The carnage caused by Moosa in Mumbai sends aftershocks to Srinagar. Meanwhile, Srikant gets trapped in a wild goose chase that causes major cross-border distress.

20 September 2019

Act Of War 

A major terrorist threat has clouded the national capital and the agencies have been trying to locate the possible triggers. Srikant is disguised as an ISI agent in Pakistan to extract crucial intel. 

20 September 2019

Fighting Dirty 

While the Indian Army has successfully diffused the Plan A, Moosa and Sajid meet-up in Delhi to initiate Plan B.

20 September 2019

The Bomb 

Srikant is unable to stop Mossa’s diabolic plan and the show ends on a nail-biting cliffhanger. 

20 September 2019

The Family Man Season 1 Ending + Fan Theories 

Ever since the show’s release, there has been buzz about the ending. Fans sidelined over Srikant and his family's protection. Also, there have been mile-long buzz on social media about Zoya’s fate, while some believe that she most certainly will not be able to survive the attack, others say that they are still hopeful for a heroic Srikant effort.

No matter who is right, one thing is certain that “The Family Man Season 2” will break some of the biggest streaming records with its opportune arrival. 

Family Man Season 1 Reviews | Ratings | Trivia 

The Family Season 1 accrued positive reviews from critics as well as from the general audiences. Get your eyes through all these reviews and read what others have to say. Also, scroll till the end to get insider information about your favorite characters and stars. 


Rotten Tomatoes 





Hindustan Times

“Funny, slick, and surprisingly relevant, Amazon Prime delivers its best original series since Made in Heaven. Major Bajpayee is, as always, in excellent form.”


“The series is set in Mumbai, and Raj and DK always provide a different view of the city with their hyper-local references. In the first five episodes, The Family Man is committed to showing us Srikant Tiwary (Manoj Bajpayee) as he juggles being a "family man" and also an underpaid government agent (he works for a special unit called TASC that tries to prevent terrorist activity). I would have loved for the series to explore this more without obviously wanting us to sympathize with Srikant, while vilifying his wife, Suchitra (Priyamani). In the first few episodes, she is reduced to a nagging wife stereotype…” Read more

 India Today

The Family Man begins on a promising note. The first episode shares its name with the name of the series and starts with a shot of Manoj Bajpayee getting done with his morning routine of anulom-vilom. He rolls up his yoga mat and goes back home, along with a bazaar-ka-bag with dhaniya peeking out of it. The scene smells moldy. But that is just his marriage. He is a 'family man', but the family is the last place where he has a place. His children think he is a 'loser'. The strains of pulling a family single-handedly are visible on his wife's face…” Read more 


“Neeraj Madhav, who plays "Moosa," is a Calicut, Kerala based actor-dancer who works in Malayalam films. As this was his first time working on a Hindi show, he had to learn Hindi. The directors insisted that he speak Hindi as a native of Kerala and try not to change his tone and diction……” Read More 

FAQs: The Family Man Season 2 | Amazon Prime 

Q. Is there an official announcement on The Family Season 2 release date?

Ans. Yes, according to the most recent announcement on The Family Man Season 2 release date, the show will start streaming from summer this year. 

Q. How can I download season 2 of “The Family Man”?

Ans. The Family Man Season 2 will be made available to all prime members. You can download the latest season of The Family Man with the Amazon Prime Video app.

Q. What additional services with Amazon Prime membership?

Ans. Amazon Prime members can enjoy free one-day delivery on their online orders, exclusive discounts, Prime video, music, books, early sale access, and so much more. 


We understand that you are having a hard time sitting through all this post-release build-up. That’s why we have assembled all the crucial information about “The Family Man Season 2” in a single place. Also, we have located some of the most effective Amazon Prime offers, that can help you enjoy your favorite web shows for FREE!.