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By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist Dec 06 2022 Share this blog

Netflix is now streaming Mismatched season 2 to your screens! Get ready to see Dimple and Rishi in this light and funny rom-com that addresses a lot of redolent issues as well.

Watch Mismatched Season 2 Online For Free

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Netflix’s “Mismatched Season 2”: Stream It or Skip It?

Before using the Netflix coupons to watch Mismatched for free, let's take a quick run through its latest season.

Mismatched on Netflix stars the very popular @mostysane (Prajakta Kohli) & the neoteric heartthrob Rohit Saraf in the lead. The show brings up a not-so-cliched love story of a young “old school” guy and a rather techie 17-year-old girl who’s running away from her stereotypical mother and her misguided perspective on early marriage. 

Like Dash & Lily or the all-time favorite Sex Education, Netflix Mismatched pits two teens in similar worlds in a long-burning romance series where the conclusion feels predictable as the story wears on. However, while Dimple seems against the idea of finding a life partner, Rishi is seemingly a hopeless romantic. Rishi has a belief that Dimple is the one he should be marrying; in the opening chapter, Rishi approaches Dimple and plunges into marriage terminology, which does not end well for him. From here, Mismatched becomes your atypical rom-com of two teens navigating their platonic friendship while battling with usual youthful issues.

Final Call- WE DEFINITELY RECOMMEND STREAMING IT! Being an easy weekend binge, a light YA rom-com that has more than enough laughs and emotional ups and downs, the show managed to keep the viewer glued through the six episodes. 

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Where To Watch Mismatched Season 2 Free?

Having earned a mix of reviews from all the viewers as well as the critics, Mismatched Season 1 came out to be a typical binge-watch Netflix show that beautifully highlights a lot of heady issues. The last look of Mismatched Season 1 which was an obvious cliffhanger for the viewers, demands a Season 2. 

 Netflix released the second season of Mismatched on 30th September 2022.

Netflix Mismatched Season 2 | New + Recurring



Prajakta Koli

Dimple Ahuja

Rohit Saraf

Rishi Singh Shekhawat

Ranvijay Singha

Professor Siddharth Sinha

Vidya Malavade

Zeenat Karim

Suhasini Mulay

Rishi’s Dadi

Vihaan Samat 

Harsh Agarwal

Devyani Shorey

Namrata Bidasaria

Muskaan Jafari

Celina Matthews

Kritika Bharadwaj

Simran Malhotra

Mismatched Season 2 Trailer

Since the network has not yet finished filming the second season yet, it is too soon for the official release of the Mismatched Season 2 trailer on Netflix. Meanwhile, enjoy a trip down memory lane with the Mismatched Season 1 trailer on youtube.

Mismatched Season 2 Plotline

Namrata faces the aftermath of her secret spreading, while Rishi tries to salvage their friendship. With Namrata and Rishi back on campus, Celina's anxieties run high, while Dimple and Harsh's closeness sparks jealousy. Dimple's search for the data leak's source proves challenging.

Mismatched Season 1 - A Brief

Episode S1, Ep1: When Dimple Met Rishi

Hopeless romantic Rishi hopes to woo Dimple at a summer course after seeing her photo on a matrimonial website, but marriage is far from her mind.

Episode S1, Ep2: Hot Summer, Cold Vibes

Dimple learns why she was really allowed to go to Jaipur in the first place. Bonding with Dimple during a class assignment, Rishi hopes they will be paired for a class project.

Episode S1, Ep3: Message Deleted

After a less than fun dinner with Celina's friends, Dimple's walk home with Rishi proves enlightening. Celina and Namrata both hide secrets.

Episode S1, Ep4: Making Moves

Namrata confides in Rishi about her crush. Emotions run high when a wild house party at Zeenat's brings surprises and misunderstandings.

Episode S1, Ep5: It's Not a Date

Rishi and Dimple go on a Platonic date, but confessions and secrets rise the stakes. As Dimple's app idea is approved, Anmol poses a challenge.

Episode S1, Ep6: Games We Play

Dimple devotes herself to her app before a dramatic gaming showdown with Anmol. Multiple betrayals risk relationships, including Dimple and Rishi's.

Note: Watch the First Season of Mismatched and get hooked on the next. Get Netflix subscription now to binge-watch these two seasons.

Netflix’s Mismatched & Mumbai Police Advisory | A Phenomenal Campaign

If you’re done watching Mismatched on Netflix, the new post by Mumbai Police will make you LOL (For all the Zeenats -  LOL means Laugh Out Loud). The advisory post shared by the police reminds people about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol by a quirky depiction of a scene from the series.

Scene- In this scene, a student shares an idea for his app. “It’s basically a really cool app that tells you where the cops are in case you are driving to plan drunk,” he says. The pitch is further rejected by the professor as an irresponsible idea in the series.

The caption along with the clip says-

“Hope you are never driving to plan drunk! It’s a total mismatch!” “The ‘challan’ is only a reminder that we want you to be ‘fine’,” it says further.

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FAQs | How To Watch Mismatched For Free on Netflix

Q. Is there be a new star cast in Mismatched Season 2?

Mismatched Season 2 is a continuing chapter of what events took place in Season 1. The second season has already aired on 30th September. Binge them on Netflix Now.

Q. Is Mismatched Season 2 available for free on Netflix?

If you are a new user, you can stream the new season for free streaming with your 30-day free trial prior to the monthly plan you wish to buy. 

Q. Is Mismatched a recommended watch?

Netflix Mismatched is a definite one-time binge-watch you can dedicate your weekend to. So hit up Netflix.