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By Fathima Aafreen - Content Specialist Nov 17 2022 Share this blog

Are you planning for the competitive exams? Strengthen up your foundation with the Unacademy Code for 20% Discount. Learn everything for UPSC, IIT-JEE, CAT, NEET, etc. 

Pick up your desired target among the above options.

Unacademy Referral Code For 20% Off

Unacademy Referral Code

Unacademy Code | 45% Off +  20% Off Discount

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Unacademy 20% Off Discount Code: Best Courses

Unacademy Courses/Targets
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Unacademy Discount | Details

UPSC Course


Extra 20% Off

IIT Course


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Avail 20% Off 

NEET-UG Subscription 


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Unacademy 20% Off Coupon Code For Iconic Subscription

Your career choices matters the most. Unacademy coupon code will help you by saving 20% today. Subscribe now for the Iconic Plan. Prepare stress-free for 48 months with this plan. The best courses under this plan are: 

  • UPSC: If you are an UPSC aspirant, here’s a good news for you. Learn to your heart’s content using Unacademy Subscription Plan. Extra discounts with extra study materials are available. All subjects are available like History, Polity, Current Affairs, etc.  

  • IIT-JEE: Your dream college awaits your entry. Quickly start preparing for IIT-JEE with full faith. Unacademy provides the top study materials. Know the sort of questions, prepare with previous year papers, etc. Demand doubt clearing sessions and get your each query resolved. 

  • NDA: Is Defence your calling? Get ready to work for your Nation. Unacademy allows you the best training this year. Get yourself enrolled with a straight 20% off.  

  • CAT: World’s best Management and Business Schools announced vacant seats for you. Prepare with the Iconic Subscription access. Take extra benefits like GD, PI, and OMET’s drill.

Major Terms For Unacademy 20% Off Discount Code

Unacademy Referral Code for 20% off requires few terms. Follow them to save time and money. 

  • The coupon code is applicable on 

  • Unacademy Iconic Subscription Plans

  • FREE Access to: Live Doubt Sessions, Live Tests,

  • Structured Courses, etc. 

  • Use code COOLDUNIA

Unacademy 20% Off Coupon Code | Choose Your Top Target

Pick up your desired aim of the year. Extra 20% Off is assured when you get Unacademy subscription plan. Choose from the Iconic and Plus Subscription. Get all the course related details and Unacademy coupon codes below.

Unacademy 20% Off Coupon Code | Choose Your Top Target

1. UPSC:  

All the UPSC aspirants must opt for Unacademy Plus Subscription. Extra 20% off is applicable on it. For more details, refer to te table below.

Unacademy Subscription

Original Price (Rs.)

Rs. 1,500


3,6,12,24,36 and 48 Months.

Subscription Available

Unacademy Iconic and Plus Subscription

EMI Options

No Cost EMI 

Unacademy Coupon Code


Subscription Options Available for UPSC are








2. CAT | Flat 20% Off:

India’s top B-Schools are ready to take you in. Opt for the CAT preparation on Unacademy to take advantage of this. Prepare from the top professionals of the crash course. Get to know the more details below.

Top Benefits on Unacademy:

  • Experts Guidance along the way.

  • Full preparation with previous year’s CAT papers.

  • Live doubt clearing sessions. Additional Guidance is given for each topic.

  • Check your intellect with the tricky quizzes, mock tests, etc.  

Terms & Conditions:

Original Cost (Rs.)

Rs. 3,280


6,12,18 and 24 Months

Unacademy CAT Subscription Code


1. IIT-JEE: Is IIT JEE you target this time? Allow Unacademy code for 20% off discount to save you. Get experts guidance on each doubt raised. Use the code revealed below for you. The key terms and benefit are disclosed below.

Attend Live Class

Best Benefits:

  • Personalized Guidances from the experts.

  • IIT-JEE preparation is available with: 

  • Live Classes, Mock Questions, ask Doubts, etc.

  • Participate in 1:1 interaction.

Unacademy IIT Coupon Code

Original Course

Rs. 11,550


Get for 3 Months and 6 Months

Unacademy Coupon Code 


3. NDA PLUS:  

What to choose: Unacademy Plus or Iconic subscription? Decide either of them as you will get an instant 20% off discount. NDA preparation must be done sincerely. The terms and conditions are as follows.

Unacademy Subscriptions Available
Plus & Iconic Subscription

NDA 2023 Batch Complete Course

Enrollment Started

427+ In-Class Sessions

546+ Topic Focused Resources

Plus Subscription

Iconic Subscription 

Unacademy NDA Coupon Code 


Choose Unacademy Subscription Plans For 20% Off (Avail Extra Savings)

Confused which plan is best for your career path? Get yourself the best benefits with these Unacademy Subscription Plans. The plus and iconic subscription plans details are stated below.

Choose Unacademy Subscription Plans For 20% Off (Extra)


Unacademy Plus Subscription | (Redeem at Rs. 667/mo)


Unacademy Iconic Subscription | (Get At Rs. 908/mo)

  • Unacademy Plus Subscription: Students who opt for Plus Subscription, get’s the following benefits:

  1. Full & Detailed Notes: By enrolling for Unacademy Plus Subscription, untie the bundle of easy to comprehend notes. 

  2. Structured Courses: Learning becomes easy with well-organized courses. Get your notes with graphics, tables, etc. Interesting learning is what Unacademy follows. 

  3. Tests & Quizzes: Keep on practicing. Unacademy won’t let your progress stop. Unlimited bundles are available to make you a master.

  4. Unlimited Access: Look to the concepts time and again. Know new techniques, enjoy clearing your doubts anytime. Get questions to check your grasp. 

  • Unacademy Iconic Subscription: Unacademy Plus becomes Iconic when added an extra level. You can enhance your preparation with the feature disclosed below.

  1. Physical Notes: You can quickly collect what you gained. If you like writing on a sheet of paper, it’s a plus for you. 

Quickly Choose to Enroll in either of them. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Unacademy Code For 20% Discount 

Que: Do I get referral code for Unacademy to save 20%?

Ans: Yes, you can get Unacademy Referral Code for 20% off. Use COOLDUNIA to get benefits.

Que: Is there 20% off discount on UPSC using Unacademy Subscription?

Ans: You can get Unacademy Subscription for UPSC preparation. Then, save 20% on it using the coupon code.

Que: How do I get Unacademy Coupon Code for 20% Off?

Ans: You can get Unacademy Coupon for 20% off on zoutons.


Learn on the India’s best platform i.e Unacademy. Get access to abundant resources, professional trainings, etc. Enjoy additional privileges like free downloadable resources, Live Sessions, and more. Iconic users and Plus users will get more benefits. SUBSCRIBE NOW.