Udacity New Year Sale 2022: Flat 75% Off On All Courses

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By Arundhati Medda - Content Specialist Feb 03 2022 Share this blog

This New Year upskill your accolade and chisel up intelligence with Udacity. Get access to the exclusive Udacity New Year sale, and save up to 50% on all educational as well as professional courses. 

Udacity New Year Sale 2022| Updated Today

Udacity New Year Sale 2022 is not live at the moment. You can save with the below-listed offers and coupons on all the courses. 

Udacity Discount For Students| 2022 Edition

Udacity Offers 2022 

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Get 75% Off| Udacity Offer | All Courses

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Udacity Courses | Flat 10% Off

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Save 30%| Artificial Intelligence Course 

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Udacity Free Courses| Career Development 

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Udacity Discount Offers For New Year 2022| Top Courses

Nano Degree Programming Courses| 50% Off

Business Nano Degrees Courses| Save 50%

AI Courses| Save 30%

Data Analysis Program| 30% Off

Udacity New Year Sale 2022| Perks, & Major Highlights | Recently Expired 

New Year is just next door. And like so many other stores Udacity has also vowed to enhance learners’ skills and expertise by releasing a bundle of professional courses under the new year sale at a jaw-dropping budget. Hence, if you’re an endeavor of emphasizing your professional aptness, and goal, take a glance at the details of the event below.

Udacity New Year Sale 2022

Date of the sale commencement: January 1, 2022

Date of the sale termination: Not disclosed yet

The approximate scale of discount: minimum 50%

Top listed courses: Nanodegree courses, AI, and engineering crash courses, professional career development courses, marketing courses 

Other features of the sale: 

  • The base discount scale i.e 50% remains the same for all courses

  • Users will enjoy an extra 15% discount on prepaid orders

  • The discount is redeemable on the exclusive Udacity sale promo code 

  • All the courses superimpose multi usability approach and are accessible by 

  • Individuals, enterprises, government

  • Purchase can be possible by Udacity app, website

  • The sale accepts versatile payment options, namely

  • Card, net banking, wallet

 **Note: Precise list about the details of Udacity new year sale is yet to be promulgated. You can use the above information as a smart reference.

Udacity New Year Sale 2022| Popular Courses 

It’s not quirky if students or the endeavor become keen to carry out cursory research upon the set, or bundle of Udacity courses seems to have high discount in the upcoming year. Albeit, the popular course bundle remains unchanged for most of the years, there could be slight fluctuations in terms of budget or new addition. For 2022, the details of the anticipated lists have been presented in a list format below.

Udacity New Year Sale| Courses, Durations, Details

Name of the course 

Course highlights 

Duration & price 

Artificial Intelligence 

  • Classic research, automated planning, python programming, data analysis 

  • Course duration: 12-15 hrs./ week

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 58,257/ 3 months 

Digital Marketing 

  • Marketing fundamentals, content marketing, email marketing, social media ads, marketing, SEO optimation, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.

  • Course duration: 10 hours/ week 

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 58,257/ 3 months 

AWS Machine Learning 

  • Fundamentals of AWS machine learning, ML workflow, computer vision, NLP, optimations, etc

  • Course duration: 5-10hrs/ week

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 97,095/5 months 

Self Drive Car Engineering 

  • Computer vision, localization, sensor fusion, controlling, and monitoring

  • Course duration: 10 hours/ week

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 97,095/5 months 


  • Basics of SQL, DBMS of relational, non-relational data, address data types, and sets

  • Course duration: 10 hours/ week 

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 38,838/2 months 

Data Analysis

  • Fundamentals, data statistics, data wrangling, data visualization with python, and SQL

  • Course duration: 10 hours/ week 

Rs. 22,849/month

Rs. 77,676/4 months

Udacity New Year Sale 2022| List Of Offered Services, And Perks

Even though the set of offered perks, and services under the roof of Udacity New Year sale are tempting enough, there are many more to encounter. These additional services will certainly double your profit and eventually be a praising decision to choose the site for honing your professional skill. The abridged form of the services is as follows.

A. Access to free courses:

Simultaneously with the paid course bundle, Udacity offers three smart free course programs that are flawless to escalate your professional gesture and success. These are as follows

Autonomous system courses 

Program highlights are 

  • Introduction to OS| linear algebra| computer networking

  • C++, AI for robotics, database design, etc

Career development courses

The course works on 

  • Resume building| interview preparation 

  • Ramification of LinkedIn network, etc.

Data science interview prep

Helps to pace up with difficult interview questions, organize subjective quizzes, personality improvement tips, etc

B. Access to nano degree programs:

  • Most of the courses of Udacity follows fast track courses

  • The majority of the courses are confined within a 6 months of tenure

  • All the courses follow flexible schedule, and routine

  • These are accessible at point in time 

  • All the courses are certified by globally recognized institutions and trainers 

C. All the courses under the sale are highly budget effective 

D. Multiple payment modes namely wallet, net banking, etc. are accepted

E. Big list of additional perks, exclusive discounts, loyalty benefits are available

Udacity Coupons Today 2022| Avail Now

Udacity 50% Off Coupon| Programming Nanodegrees

If you’re running in the paucity of time to opt for a full-length programming course, Udacity seems to be a true savior in this regard. Go for its bundle course of programming nano degrees that is handy at a flat 50% discount

Udacity 50% Off Coupon| Programming Nanodegrees

  • Featured programs under the course are

  • iOs developer, security engineer

  • Java developer, C++ data engineering course, etc.

  • The course is accessible without an Udacity promo code

  • Both old and new users can shop the package

  • Multiple payment modes are accepted

**You can also read: Udacity 50% off coupon code for nano degrees 

Save 30%| Udacity Offer For AI Courses

Need to sharpen your grasp on all quos of artificial intelligence? Pick up the AI course bundle of Udacity, accessible at 30% price off, regardless of any limitations.

Save 30%| Udacity Offer For AI Courses

  • The available course tenure of the program is of 3 months

  • Highlighted topics under the program 

  • Machine learning engineer for Microsoft Azure

  • AI for healthcare| AI with python 

  • AI product manager

  • Introduction to machine learning Tensor Flow

  • No exclusive Udacity coupon code is required to grab the course 

  • Personalized time set and feasible access are applicable 

**You can also have a reading on Udacity 100% off coupon code 

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FAQs| Udacity New Year Sale 2022

1. Is the Udacity new year sale live?

A. No. The accurate, and precise list of Udacity new year’s sales is yet to be announced. However, currently, there is another sale going at the store which is pretty much analogous to the TCs of the new year sale.

2. How to stay updated about the Udacity new year sale?

A. Subscribe with zoutons.com and its newsletter. You’ll be automatically informed about daily changes and updates.

3. What are the available payment options for Udacity new year sale course bundle?

A. Udacity offers an agile list of payment options which includes net banking, wallet, and card option. However, since the entire podium of this education store gets operated online, no option for COD does exist. 

Promise yourself of new-age learning, and of enhancing skills at the optimal scale. Therefore, peep inside the Udacity new year sale event, and select the course you wish. Happy learning.