Swiggy Wallet Offers: Get Up To 100% Cashback With Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik Wallet

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    20 Sep 17
    Written by Divya Mittal

    Want to eat delicious food? Hate waiting for your food to come? Then this app is your solution to all your problems!

    Whether orange is the new black is debatable, but one thing is for sure. Orange is here to stay!

    Swiggy, with its bright orange logo, has grown to become a very useful tool in today’s fast paced world. Swiggy lets you access a plethora of restaurants, all in one single making, making it very convenient and beneficial for customers! And if that was not enough. Then let us talk about their amazing offers for a minute! They have some incredible offers which make ordering food really cheap and cost efficient.

    Swiggy wallet offers image

    Swiggy Wallet offers allows users to pay for their Swiggy meals through an online web wallet like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc and get additional discounts and cash back rates! When ordering through Swiggy from your favorite restaurant, make the payment through your favorite wallet and get additional discounts, cashback and save more money while you enjoy your favorite meal sitting at home. Swiggy is available on both ios and android platform So, download the Swiggy app and bring out the foodie in you!

    Swiggy Wallet Offers at a Glance

    The table below shows a quick look at all the different wallet offers, their values and their offer rates that are offered by Swiggy!

    Swiggy Wallet Offers

    Promo codes

    Get 25% off with Paytm

    Get Code

    Freecharge offer: 25% discount

    Get Code

    15% cashback with Mobikwik

    Get Code

    Extra cashback of 60% (mobikwik)

    Get Code

    Save 50% with Paytm offer

    Get Code

    Phonepe 25% cashback

    Get Code

    Here is a list of Swiggy Wallet Offers in detail

    Check out all the offers extracted from different e-wallets for the consumers:

    Swiggy Paytm Offer- Discount Vouchers

    Swiggy and Paytm have their own tie up which renders the foodies licking their fingers and wanting more! swiggy offers paytm vouchers now and then, but the best Swiggy Paytm offers are here :

    • Users can now get 20 per cent off on their 1st Swiggy order

      This paytm swiggy offer is a form of welcome that Swiggy is giving. The offer caters to newly register customers on Swiggy. All the customer needs to do is, place an order for anything they wish on Swiggy and carry out this first transaction through the online wallet app Paytm Wallet! This will give them a generous discount rate of 20 per cent! Avail this swiggy paytm offer with given promocode.

      The Swiggy coupon code for this wallet offer is DEAL20.

    • Enjoy 20 per cent discount on min order of Rs 300

      User ordering food worth Rs 300 can now consider themselves lucky! This is because customers ordering for food worth Rs 300 or more will get a discount of up to 20 per cent! The upper discount limit for this paytm swiggy offer is Rs 120. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful? There is also no coupon code required for this swiggy paytm offer.

    Swiggy Paytm Offer- Cashback Vouchers

    • Get Rs 75 in your Paytm Wallet as cash back reward

      Users can get a reward from Swiggy in the form of cash back! This reward is given if the user makes a purchase of Rs 300 or above. This cash back rate is of Rs 75. But that is not the best part! The best part is that this offer is not for one – time use only. A customer can use this offer up to 4 times in a month. This offer will be valid only until the end of the month so hurry up and make the best use of this offer and avail this swiggy paytm offer before it expires!

      The coupon code for this Swiggy paytm offer is DEAL75.

    • Get Rs 150 cash back on Swiggy

      The last Paytm Swiggy offer on the list, this one gives foodies a chance to enjoy a very tasty cash back of up to Rs 150! For this offer to be valid, the minimum purchase amount should be Rs 750 or more. Moreover, this offer can be used up to 3 times for each user! There is no promo code for this swiggy paytm offer.

    Swiggy Mobikwik Offer

    Up next are offers that Swiggy is giving if you carry out your payment transaction through the Mobikwik online wallet app. Here are the 2 best Mobikwik coupons that are currently doing the rounds:

    • Get Rs 75 discount PLUS 15 per cent Super Cash

      This Swiggy Mobikwik Offer is valid only till July 31st, 2017, gives Swiggy users a chance to avail a discount of up to Rs 75 on their order under this swiggy mobikwik offer. But that is not all. Users can enjoy an additional 15 per cent of cash back in the form of Mobikwik’s Super Cash. The minimum amount for this offer to stand valid and redeemable is just Rs 300. So, download the Swiggy app and pay for your food through Mobikwik Wallet and avail this incredible offer mobikwik swiggy offers!

      The coupon code for this wallet offer is NEWMK.

    • Grab flat 15 per cent Super Cash on order

      Customers can also redeem this brilliant offer. Place an order for Rs 400 or more, and pay for the bill through the Mobikwik wallet app and Swiggy will grant you a flat 15 per cent cash back rate under this mobikwik swiggy offer. This cash back rate is in the form of Mobikwik’s Super Cash. The upper limit for this cash back is Rs 250. There is no coupon code needed for this swiggy mobikwik offer.

    Swiggy Freecharge Offer

    This is the last wallet offer in this article, and this one caters to all Freecharge Wallet App users. Here are the best Swiggy Freecharge offers up for grabs for foodies:

    • Enjoy Rs 75 off on Swiggy with Freecharge

      Use this swiggy freecharge offer to avail a discount of Rs 75 off on your next Swiggy order, all users need to do is just recharge their Freecharge Wallet App! Upon your recharge, your very next order with Swiggy will come with this discount. For this offer to stand redeemable, however, the order you place with Swiggy must be at least Rs 300. This offer will expire on 30th Sept, avail this swiggy freecharge offers before it expires.

       The coupon code for this wallet offer is NEWFC.

    • 100 lucky winners will Win 100 per cent cash back daily 

      This is your time to start wishing that Lady Luck smiles on you! 100 lucky winners will get a chance to win a full 100 per cent cash back every day! All you need to do is recharge your Freecharge wallet and instantly be eligible for this offer. The minimum recharge required for this deal to stand redeemable is Rs 300. To avail this swiggy freecharge offers use the given coupon code.

      The coupon code for this swiggy freecharge offers is LUCK100.

    Swiggy Oxigen Offer

    Oxigen wallet is the new trend, one can book flights, train, recharge their prepaid or postpaid numbers, pay electricity bills and lot more! 

    • Avail Rs75 on oxigen wallet Now you can avail Rs75 discount in one go with oxigen wallet. Your minimum cart value should be Rs300 or more and the last date to avail this offer is 31st december 2017, order from swiggy now and also get instant discount of Rs75 in one go. The only condition one needs to look out to avail this offer is that you need to make payment via visa card, debit or credit. The offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer. The coupon code for this wallet offer is OXIGEN75. 

    How to Avail These Swiggy Wallet Offers

    The steps to avail these wallet offers are really simple. They are:

    1. First, customers will select their order from the options in the menu
    2. Once that is done, they will fill in their personal details, including address, phone number to verify themselves and proceed to the payment.
    3. Here is where they can avail the wallet offers. The shopper can choose any wallet offer from the above list and then copy paste the promo code into the dialogue box here.
    4. The amount of the discount code or coupon applied will automatically be taken out of the order price to give users their final amount.
    5. After this, the delivery boy will get users their order. Users need only pay the amount upon delivery.

    That is all there is to availing these wallet offers! Short. Sweet. Simple!

    So Why Choose Swiggy?

    Because it has a plethora of options to cater to every whim and fancy of your stomach.Even if you’re undecided, scroll through the Swiggy up and you’ll find yourself chapping your lips in no time. Moreover, they also deliver incredibly faced! Because in the end, who likes waiting? But not only that! These offers also make it irresistible! These swiggy offers can give foodies discounts, cash back rates, and reward points in the form of Super Cash! Swiggy may be a food ordering and delivery company primarily based out of Bangalore, India. Swiggy was amazed by the thought of providing an entire food ordering and delivery answer from your favourite neighbourhood restaurants to the urban gastronome. one window for ordering from a large vareity of restaurants, Swiggy have an exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pickup orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers . Having our own fleet offers the team the flexibleness to supply customers a no minimum order policy on any edifice and settle for on-line payments for all partner restaurants that we have a tendency to work with. Our delivery personnel carry one order at a time that ensures you get reliable and quick deliveries.