SonyLiv Subscription Offers & Coupons: Save 5% On Monthly, Half-Yearly & Annual Subscription Packages

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By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist Jul 30 2020 Share this blog

OTT is all we count on these days and SonyLIV simply served you the best with its additional prolific sports streaming. So why not just take a look upon the ways to save on SonyLIV subscription while using SonyLIV coupons & promo codes .

SonyLIV Premium Membership is supported on all devices. However, for using SonyLIV membership on the smart TV, you must buy a subscription of SonyLIV on mobile/Web.

SonyLIV Subscription Promo Codes : Zoutons' Exclusives

SonyLIV Subscription Offers

Exclusive Promo Codes


Flat 5% Off : SonyLIV Premium

10th August, 2020

Annual Premium Plan : 5% Discount
Instant 5% Off on 6 months premium
 Monthly subscription plan : 5% Off
Watch latest shows at Rs.299

SonyLIV Subscription Plans

SonyLIV has lifted its fame to being a broadcast television of the 21st century. One can watch SonyLIV on their smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop or streaming device all under a low fixed monthly/annual fee. One thing you can be sure of, streaming SonyLIV includes a  lot of lying on the couch. Oh, and how could you forget the snacking along with. 

Know about the plans in detail below:

Picture Quality/ definition
Plan Duration (Months)
Offer Code



SD and HD
Get Myntra voucher worth Rs.499
SD, HD and Ultra HD videos
Flat 5% Off


3dot 3




SonyLIV Subscription Offers To Look Out For

SonyLIV ratifies its users with prior access to unlimited TV shows, movies and series. Know what all SonyLIV has in store for you below:

sonlyliv subscription offer

1. Save 5% on Monthly/Half-Yearly/Annual Subscription 

Coronavirus has you all stuck in there with your TVs. Before you finally plan on making a payment for the plan, look through the means to save yourself from being totally bankrupt when you finally come out of your houses (two or maybe three months later). 

  • Deal valid for both old and new users
  • Get savings of 5% on your annual subscription plan
  • Secure access to AD-FREE TV Shows, Live TV, Movies, Premium Sports and more
  • Apply coupon code 3dot1 at checkout to gulp savings on your plan value.

2. Get Myntra Voucher Worth Rs.499 FREE 

The way we enjoy our favorite movies and television shows has been increasingly shifting towards uninterrupted (and possibly unhealthy) periods of ‘binge-watching'. Make the most of your live streaming & online shopping experience, check out the Myntra voucher worth Rs.499 FREE

  • Subscribe to any SonyLiv plan
    • Rs.999 for the 1-year plan
    • Rs.699 for the 6-month plan
    • Rs.299 for the 1-month plan
  • Stream web series, movies & more unlimited times
  • Receive a free Myntra voucher upon successful subscription 
  • Use app or website to access SonyLIV coupon
  • Coupon code MYNTRA can be used only once by a user

3. Watch Popular Movies For FREE 

While it's fun to binge watch, that doesn't stop millions around the world from watching the best of movies on the first day of going live. Catch em’ all at SonyLIV. Stream now and save extensively. Check it out :

  • Now stream selected Bollywood movies for free 
  • Movies available:
    • Old classics & new movies
  • Get free access to all movies at SonyLIV after subscription:
    • Rs.29/ week | Rs.99/ month
  • Applicable for both old and new users 

4. Free Streaming | All Genres 

Well, there’s no escape now as you’re trapped within the web of shows, where the next thing that comes to you is the free streaming of shows of all genres. Check out the offer in detail:

  • Stream Bollywood and Hollywood movies without any overhead expense
  • Movies on display:
    • Bollywood: Janta Garage, Kanchana Returns & more
    • Hollywood: All is true, The good vibe, Married women diaries 
  • Deal accessible by both old and new users
  • All modes of payments are accessible to subscribers. 
  • SonyLiv coupon code is not required to activate the deal

5. Premium 12 months Plan at Rs.999

Have you bookmarked all your favorites before moving on to subscribe to SonyLIV? Watch em’ all for as low as Rs.999 a year. Check out the offer 

  • No minimum purchase value estimated
  • Get maximum discount up to 58%
  • Valid for both old & new users 
  • All modes of payment are accepted
  • Steam on the Sony LIV website or the Mobile app

What are the benefits of Holding a SonyLIV Subscription?

One of the most popular streaming services, SonyLIV offers a plethora of advantages to its streaming family in the form of unlimited ingress to all the latest TV shows, movies, and series. Here are some of the perks that SonyLIV subscription is likely to bring to you;

  • Once you’ve paid for a movie/show you can watch it for next 2-3 days
  • With popular video content in its library, SonyLIV gives you access to all the original programs and shows. 
  • 24hrs non-stop LIVE music channel, Sony MIX, and Sony ROX HD which has music from old classics to latest trending songs and music videos from different eras.
  • SonyLIV adapts video quality as per your network strength.
  • SonyLIV is affordable with the mobile plan starting for as low as Rs.199.
  • Subscription at SonyLIV gives you access to the following latest TV shows, movies, and series. 
    • The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2
    • Indian Idol Season 11
    • Patiala Babes
    • Crime Patrol Satark 
    • As Good As It Gets (Hollywood)
    • The Social Network
    • Spotlight 
    • Kung Fu Hustle
    • Zombieland

Go for SonyLIV Subscription through multiple offers aforementioned and get rolling within the savings brought to you by Zoutons’ exclusive promo codes. Don’ t limit yourself from grooving through the crazy rave of free streaming. Conclusively, one can enjoy all the benefits of SonyLIV deals and offers just by following the aforementioned terms and conditions. 

Happy Streaming!

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