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10 Free Paytm Cash Games Online: Play & Earn Up to Rs.7000/-

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04 Jun 19
Written by Jitendra Singh

How about playing games and earning cash in return?  Paytm is allowing its users to play games and earn free cash on every round.

More than Rs.7000 Free Paytm Cash

Free Paytm Cash Games

Here are some of the top Paytm offers and free Paytm cash games offering more than Rs.7000 per month. 

Free Paytm cash Offer
RummyCircle App
Earn Rs.1000/-
8 Ball Pool
Rs.500 Free Paytm Cash
Top Quiz Game
Rs.500/- Recharge
Rs.250 on Sign-up
Dream11 Pro
Earn Rs.150/day
Play & Earn 350+ Points
Bulb Smash Game
Earn Rs.10 per Game
Qureka App
Get instant Rs 10/- on joining
Slidejoy App
Rs.5 for every Unlock

paytm cash earning games

What are The Free Paytm Cash Games?

With some unique games, the Paytm users are eligible to get up to Rs.7000/- Free Paytm cash on every round. Here are some of the best Free Paytm cash earning games:

  • Rummy CIrcle
  • Fruit Tosser
  • Star Hunt Game
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Gamepind
  • Loco
  • Battle of Dots
  • Bulb Smash Game
  • Slide App
  • News Dog App

These are some of the captivating games and apps that you can download which will earn you some incredible Paytm cash!

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How to Earn Money with Paytm Cash Earning Games?

Herein, gauge through the list of available Paytm offers on cash games:


RummyCircle is an online Rummy platform. Connect with people all over the world and enjoy the same old excitement of Rummy in digital avatar.

  • Each referral can make you earn up to Rs. 100/-
  • You earn Rs. 100/- when your referral plays rummy of Rs. 350, the first time.
  • Earn Rs. 100/- when your referral plays rummy of Rs. 333, for the next 9 times
  • You can refer as many people as you want

Star Hunt Game

Download the app on your Android/iOS smartphones and start playing to earn Rs. 100/- Paytm cash.

  • All you need to do is to score more than 350 points to claim your reward
  • Share your score on Facebook
  • Go to WizWack studio FB page & sent them your mobile number
  • You will receive Paytm Cash within 24 hours

8 Ball Pool Game

Starting off this list is this fantastic and one of the most popular games called 8 Ball Pool! Being the most searched and played game on Google Play, 8 Ball Pool is going to facilitate the best for you to earn free with Paytm cash earning games.

  • With each referral on the game, the consumers can get Rs.15/- as referral points. 
  • The referral amount gets credited into the Paytm wallet automatically. 
  • To proceed with the earnings, users are supposed to enter their paytm Mobile number and email-id wherever required. 


A simple quiz game that includes General Knowledge and Daily Current affairs questions related to food, sports, entertainment, news etc. 

  • You just need to select a set of questions and purchase it via Paytm. For every correct answer, you will earn 10 points. 
  • Thereafter, you can redeem these points in the form of cash or coupons. 
  • Best game will enhance your knowledge along with that you can earn as much as you can with Paytm cash games.


One of India's Free Paytm Cash Earning Games. Under this, you can play a variety of games. You can play in different languages as well, which is another amazing feature of this game. 

  • All you need to do is download the game, sign up for free and as the game will start the host will ask 10 easy questions. 
  • For every correct answer earn free with Paytm cash games. Even if your answers are incorrect, you can get your coins back always. 
  • Refer it to your peers and pals to earn more coins.

Bulb Smash Game

Install the Bulb Smash game in your android phone right now! This game was voted as one of the most addictive games. 

  • Download and get 10 Rs signup bonus. 
  • This app also pays you Rs 5 per friend who joins them using your referral link. 
  • Apart from Paytm cash, you can also redeem points for mobile recharges, as you go to higher levels!

Qrumble Box App

Moving on is this awesome new app on the android play store! Qrumble is a brilliant two player quiz game! You can challenge your friends to a duel and both of you can win with Paytm cash games! In this app, you can also complete daily challenges.

  • This app gives Rs 10 on signup bonus. 
  • Another Rs 10 upon referral. So now, quiz your friends and earn!


NewDog is one of the most popular and interesting app with the latest trending stories, breaking news and more. Stay updated while you earn. 

  • Download the app. 
  • Stay updated with the latest happing of the world. 
  • Earn cash rewards. Join events by inviting friends, sharing apps and more.  

Slidejoy App

Slide App is another great option for those who don’t want to waste time downloading spams and other fake apps to get cash! But this app is nothing like the previous ones! It is incredibly simple to earn money from this app!

  • All a user needs to do is just unlock your phone normally as you do, you will get paid instantly! 
  • Moreover, if you are someone who absolutely loves to read news articles and the current trending stories then you will adore this app! 
  • Apart from this, get Rs.5 up on each referral that you do. This can be used for mobile recharges as well as general purpose use!

And so, these were the amazing Paytm Cash Earning games and apps that can help users earn as well as gain some information or entertainment. It is a lovely deal by Paytm which not only promotes these apps but also gives their customers some very lucrative benefits!

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