Paytm Cash Earning Games | February 2023 | 42 Best Paytm Games To Win Cash

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By Deepali - Senior Content Specialist Feb 04 2023 Share this blog

Overlooking the 42 Paytm Cash Earning Games? Don’t do this, you can earn Rs. 5 crores after playing games for free. Download them, create an account, and play for free today. 

Paytm First Games Coupon Codes (Earn FREE Cash)

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How To Earn Free Cash on Paytm by Playing Games?

Looking out for earning free cash online? You can easily earn with the Paytm First Games Coupons. Get a joining bonus for each game below. You will also get a Joining Bonus worth Rs. 20,000. Follow the instructions/steps stated.

Step 1. Search for Paytm First Games online.

Step 2. Look for the Paytm First Games App link. 

Step 3. Click on it and download the app. 

Step 4. Create an account using your contact number.

Best Paytm Money Earning Games Without Investment In India

Do you know which Paytm Cash Earning Games are the best? The best part is that you can play them for free. No investment is required for your reward amount. 

1. Paytm First Games 

Paytm First Games is a superb platform to earn free cash. It gives you the chance to play the Paytm cash-earning games in India in 2023. The major reasons for downloading the app are:

Top Reasons | Paytm First Games:

  • Awarded as the No. 1 Gaming Platform

  • Daily instant withdrawals of PayTM Cash.

  • 100% legal and risk-free.

  • With these Games, Play And Win PayTM Cash.

  • The best online Paytm Games are Cricket, Rummy, Call Break, etc. 

Paytm First Games

Download App 

4.9 Ratings

2. Winzo Gold Game

Winzo is prepared to give you Rs. 25 crores right now. Get it by playing free games. You can download the app for free. Join for free and choose games from below:

  • Call Break Contest

  • Fantasy Cricket

  • Ludo

  • Winzo Rummy, etc. 

Winzo App

Download App Now

3.8 Ratings

3. RummyCircle

Play games and earn Paytm money on RummyCircle. This app will call you again and again to play and earn. Join the club by downloading the RummyCircle App. Why do you play on it?

Top Highlights:

  • Play 24/7 

  • Earn 100% Cashback on your Add Money

  • Easy Sign Up (Use a contact number and e-mail address)

RummyCircle Apk App

Download App

4.1 Ratings 

4. MPL App Games

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is among the best paytm games online. You can earn Paytm Cash without any investment. Reasons to download the app are:

  • Download to get 70+ Paytm Games access.

  • Earn Free Bonus and Rewards

  • Full Support 24/7

  • Play Big Tournaments & Earn Big Cash Rewards (in Crores Rs.)


Download App

3.5 Ratings 

5. Ludo Supreme App

Call back your childhood memories. Paytm First Games is awarded NO. 1 for Ludo. The Ludo Supreme App will make you earn Paytm cash. Roll dice and earn up to Rs. 25 Lakhs. 

You need to sign up on the Ludo Supreme App. 

Best Features | Ludo Supreme App:

  • Earn Paytm Cash without investment.

  • Start a new Ludo Game on Paytm First anytime

  • Learn secret tricks to win every time. 

Ludo Supreme 

Download App

4.9 Ratings

6. Gamezy

Play games and get PayTM cash rewards every day. Gamezy is an apk app that allows you to get a variety of reasons to play. Enjoy a gaming experience like never before. 

Major Highlights:

  • Earn Rs. 5 Crores Paytm Cash daily.

  • Instant 125% Bonus worth up to Rs.10,000.

  • Within 15 minutes of playing, get the Paytm cash. 

Gamezy Apk App 

Download App

4.2 Ratings

7. My11Circle

Are you a cricket lover? Quickly download the My11Circle app. This will make you earn free Paytm cash on playing. More benefits are revealed below.

Top Benefits:

  • Quick, and easy.

  • Play the best games against genuine teams in Big tournaments.

  • Train and get ready to win Paytm cash on My11Circle

  • Play and receive a 200% bonus in Paytm Cash in your PayTM wallets.


Download App

4.3 Ratings

8. Dream11 

Play cricket and win Rs. 500 Paytm Bonus. Download the Dream11 App to earn this reward. Fully enjoy and get rewards for every moment you spend. The following reasons will give you no reason to not play.

Best Features:

  • Play with 12 crores of Players in India.

  • Avail of Top winning tricks and options.

  • Get Paytm cash withdrawal at ease from Paytm Wallet.

  • You will get Rs.500 Paytm Bonus in your account on joining.

Dream 11

Download Apk App

4.7 Ratings


9. Adda52

Adda52 holds the best Paytm cash-earning games collection. Choose your favorite to earn free cash. Players enjoy playing Poker. You can give it a try to enjoy the rewards. More details are in the pointers below:

Top Highlights:


Download Apk App

4.8 Ratings

10. Ace2Three (A23)

The best Paytm cash-earning app is Ace2Three. It’s a one-play solution to enjoy multiple games. Choose your favorite games on this app. 

Best Features:

  • Earn a Paytm cash bonus on playing Rummy.

  • Top Games are available like Poker, 

  • Carrom, Fantasy Cricket, etc.

  • Get VIP benefits by joining for Loyalty Program Membership. 

Ace3Three (Ace23)

Download Apk App 

4.7 Ratings

11. 8 Ball Pool 

Ready to download the 8 Ball Pool Paytm Cash App? Play it on your mobile device. Get access to compete with the world’s finest players. Participate in 1 to 1 matches, the Biggest Online Tournaments, etc. There are so many reasons to get this app.

Major Highlights:

  • Earn more Paytm Cash for free.

  • Refer Friends and family to get more money.

  • Best Paytm Cash Earning app in India 2023. 

8 Ball Pool Paytm Cash Download

Download Apk App

3.8 Ratings

12. PayTM Fantasy Cricket

Ever thought of playing cricket on your mobile phone? Moreover, earning Paytm cash for free? Get the PayTM Fantasy Cricket app to play and win. 

Key Features:

  • Get Rs.2,000 First Paytm Cash Bonus. 

  • Daily-earnings in your Paytm Wallet.

  • The maximum cash earning amount is up to Rs. 25 crores. 

PayTM Fantasy Cricket

Download App

4.2 Ratings

13. Winzy 

Did you ever try Winzy to play and win Paytm cash? If not, you can download the app now. Create your account and start earning limitlessly. 

Top Highlights:

  • Knowledge Grow with Quizzes in English

  • Best Paytm cash-earning games like:

  • Knife Up, Pizza Slice, Feed Me, Bubble Shooter & 100 Seconds Crash.


Download App 

4.8 Ratings

14. Galo App

Win cash every day with the Paytm cash games apk. Switch towards Galo App to play something new. You got many ways to get the cash now:

  • Sign Up Bonus of Rs. 50.

  • Spin the Wheel Contest to earn Rs. 100

  • Extra Bonus from Watching Ads, Open the Treasure Box, etc. 

Galo App 

Download Apk App 

3.9 Ratings

15. Howzat

Cricket fever is never gone. One more reason is added for you to earn Paytm free cash. Play cricket on your mobile or personal device. Download the Howzat App. 

Top Features: 

  • Large Options to Select & Play-Cricket.

  • Compete with the Biggest Cricket Players.

  • Join now to get an instant Rs. 500 Paytm bonus. 


Download App

4.3 Ratings

16. Gamezop

Enjoy playing top-quality games online. Gamezop allows you to earn Paytm cash money. It’s among India's leading Gaming platforms. The per-day earnings are revealed below.

Major Highlights:

  • Get up to Rs.1000 per day Paytm cash bonus.

  • Create Your Own Tournaments.

  • Popular Games are:

  • City Cricket, Dead End, Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye!, Memory Match Up, etc. 


Download Apk App

4.5 Ratings

17. Real Cash Games

Get your daily Bonus from this Paytm cash-earning app. It's the same as its name i.e. Real Money Earning Games. 

Top Highlights:

  • Earn Rs. 50 Daily Bonus

  • Play Quiz Games to refresh your memory.

  • Extra Paytm cash earning on referring to friends/family. 

  • Top Games: Clan Samurai, Knife Ninja, Treasure Iceland, and Knife. 

Real Cash Games 

Download App

4.2 Ratings

18. Qeeda

Do you have the keeda to earn free cash on Paytm? Quickly download the Qeeda app for this. You will get unlimited gaming options to earn. Unique games have been added for your benefit. The benefits of playing online on Qeeda are:

Best Benefits: 

  • Multiple Gaming Options:

  • Lucky Dice, Dots & Boxes, Free Fire Tournament, etc.

  • Massive earnings on referring the app to others. 


Download App 

3.9 Ratings

19. Rummy Villa

Have you ever tried playing Rummy Villa? It is among the best Paytm cash-earning games. You can play Rummy online with the top competitors. Win prizes worth Rs. 20K instantly. Install it to earn for free in your Paytm wallet. 

Best Highlights:

  • Free for all online players.

  • Enjoy Rs. 2,500 Bonus on Signing Up.

  • Refer and Earn a 100% Cash Bonus.


Download Apk App

4.4 Ratings 

20. GetMega 

Do you want to get mega bonuses for free? Earn a cash bonus on PayTM. Play the games 24/7 with real players. A 100% secured place to earn and play. 

Special Features:

  • You can play Rummy & Poker.

  • Play with 100% safe players (real) 

  • Get withdrawal in 60 seconds benefits via bank transfers, 

  • Google pay, PayTM, Cash, etc. 

  • Early Sign-Up Bonus. 


Download App

3.4 Ratings

21. Hungama Games 

Stand as a Prophet, not as a humble servant. Be the King/Queen of online games on Hungama. You need to scan the QR code to access this app. 

Best Games: 

  • Big Tournaments

  • Battles & Practice Match

  • Color Marble, Jumpy Pig, etc. 


  • Win Paytm Cash 

  • Option to play paid games and earn even more.

Hungama Games 

Download App

3 Ratings

22. BrainBaazi (Live Quiz)

Love playing Brain Teasers? Your guesswork can make you win Paytm cash. A good way to get an edge for your Competitive exams. 

Top Highlights:

  • Play quiz two times every day.

  • Timings: 1 pm and 8:30 pm.

  • Get Rs. 20-30 per quiz. 

  • Earn money in a Paytm wallet. 


Download Now 

5 Ratings 

23. FunTap 

Your fun and cash are just a tap away! Quickly download the FunTap App to earn Paytm real cash. Rewards are not limited to this. Easy to earn every time you play. You can earn the following.

Top Rewards:

FunTap : Make Money By Games

Download App

4.9 Ratings

24. mGamer 

Ever got a survey? Filled an online review form, etc.? This Paytm cash-earning app i.e. mGamer can make you earn. All you need to do is to fill out the surveys, watch videos, click on Ads, etc.

Key Rules:

  • International Earnings on Paytm. 

  • Online platform for filling surveys, videos, etc. to earn. 

  • Get the winning amount in your Bank account. 

  • You also earn Gift Cards instead of cash on Paytm. 

mGamer : Video Gaming App

Download App

4 Ratings

25. GameGully Pro

Most favorite Paytm cash-earning game is GameGully Pro. Visit the app to access thousands of rupees in the first shot. Try it due to the following reasons.

Best Reasons:

  • Get a WELCOME BONUS of Rs.20.

  • Extra Earnings on PayTM for every referral.

  • Choose from the 15 Best online games.

GameGully: Dosti, Cash & Fame

Download App

5 Ratings 

26. Step Set Go

ALERT! Fitness freaks can earn Paytm money for each step. 

  1. Quickly download the Step Set Go app.

  2. Maintain a record of your daily workout/exercise.

  3. Walk as much as you can. (Every 100 steps for winning 1SSG Coin)

Rewards:  PayTM Cash, Smart Watches, Airdopes, etc.

Step Set Go

Download App

4.2 Rating

27. mRewards App

You got a choice! Fill up the survey forms, play games or call your friends for the same. Each of the above will make you earn Paytm cash online. 

Top Highlights:

  • Convert 1000 Coins for PayTM Cash.

  • Get Rs.10 each day after opting for any of the above. 

mRewards : Games & Earn Money 

Download App

4.4 Ratings

28. Zupee 

ONE Minute can give you a Paytm cash bonus. Play games like Quiz on Zupee for this. 

Best Features:

  • Select your favorite topic.

  • 10 Crore Daily Cash Winners.

  • Play games like Ludo Ninja, Ludo Supreme, Carrom, etc. 

  • Download for free on Google Play Store.


Download App

4.5 Ratings

29. Gamethon

Ever heard about Gamethon? It's a Paytm cash-earning gaming app. Participate in the tournaments. You will earn big rewards for each gameplay. 

Top Reasons:

  • No age bar for Players.

  • Earn a Maximum of Rs. 2 lacs per day.

  • Quick Paytm cash transfer. 


Download Apk App

4.9 Ratings


30. Go Daily App 

Do you want to earn real Paytm cash? Your love for reading can make you earn. Simply, read news articles daily.  Enjoy this Paytm Cash Earning Games to get Paytm cash in exchange.

Key Highlights:

  • Read Limitless News Articles daily. 

  • Get a minimum of Rs. 50 on each reading.

  • Instant transfer of the rewards into your Paytm wallet.

Go Daily 

Download App

3 Ratings

31. Frizza

A mere downloading of the apps will help you earn Paytm cash. Get to watch videos, download apps, refer others for the same, etc. 

  • Earn between Rs. 30 to Rs. 100 in a single time. 

  • Instant money transfer from FRIZZA to PayTM Wallet.

FRIZZA | Earn Money App

Download App

4.5 Ratings 

32. Carrom Clash

Like playing with others? Also, let you earn them with your own rewards. It’s a multiplayer Paytm cash-earning game. Carrom Clash allows you to take part in tournaments. 

Mega Features:

  • Bet your reward amount to make it double. 

  • Enjoy with the big Players.

  • Refer to your friends to earn more.

  • 100% safe platform for Paytm cash earning.

Carrom Clash

Download App

4.3 Ratings

33. Wheel Of Fortune

Turn the wheel of your own fortune. An American game. Soar your rewards with online Paytm earning games. Play ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ and start collecting rewards. 

Top Highlights:

  • Extra earnings for all game lovers. 

  • Play and win instantly.

  • Refer to your friends and family to earn more.

Wheel Of Fortune

Download App

4.5 Ratings

34. Qureka 

You have a lot of options to play paytm games. Get choices to play hourly quizzes. Each hour will increase your earnings. 

  • A maximum of 25 Quizzes per day. 

  • Sign Up Bonus.

  • Play for 15+ Shows on Daily

  • Download the Qureka Pro App for Maths & GK Quiz.


Download App

3.9 Ratings

35. KhelPlay Rummy

Are you a Rummy pro? If yes, then play the online Paytm cash-earning games like KhelPlay Rummy. You will earn 5 times more rewards than before. Enjoy this game with 100% security. 

Major Highlights:

  • Win Paytm cash within 24 hours.

  • Easy withdrawal facility. 

KhelPlay Rummy 

Download Apk App

3.5 Ratings 

36. BaaziNow

The best Paytm cash-earning games app is here. Download BaaziNow by Times Internet Limited to enjoy multiple rewards.  Ready to collect all the rewards now?

Best Features:

  • Choose from the 3 Paytm Games:

  • Brainbaazi, BingoBaazi & PollBaazi.

  • Quick transfer of rewards into Paytm wallet. 


Download App

4.9 Ratings

37. PlayerzPot

Did you hear about Playerzpot? It's a Paytm cash-earning game app. Get it downloaded to play now. 

Top Highlights:

  • Select from the Multiple Games like:

  • Ludo Supreme, Sheep Fight, Chess, etc. 

  • Refer your friends to earn the referral bonus.

  • Win Paytm cash by redeeming the earned reward points. 


Download App

3.9 Ratings 

38. Ludo Ninja 

Ludo is the synonym for Paytm cash. You can earn and play limitlessly. A guaranteed 24 moves of yours will make this a reality. 

Try playing with the following conditions:

Key Details:

  • The least Deposit amount is Rs. 20.

  • A time of 10 seconds for a single move will be allotted.

  • Earn Referral Paytm bonus. 

  • 100% Safe and secured.

Ludo Ninja 

Download App

4.7 Ratings

39. PokerBaazi

Poker’s ‘P’ stands for Paytm cash. You will agree after playing poker with the best players worldwide. Players earned crores of Rs with PokerBaazi. You can be counted among them. 

  • Download the PokerBaazi app. 

  •  Certified gaming platform 

  • Earn free Paytm cash.


Download App

4.3 Ratings 

40. OneTo11 Games

Looking for the best Paytm cash-earning game online? Then, download the OneTo11 Games app. You will enjoy:

  • Big Competition

  • Extra Referral Bonus in Paytm wallet.

  • Get Rs. 100 Sign Up Amount.


Download App

3.5 Ratings

41. Earn Money Diamond Quiz Games App

Make money with this Best Paytm cash-earning game without investment. How can you earn cash?

  1. Download the Earn Money Diamond Quiz Game App.

  2. Play games online. 

  3. Earn Additional Paytm cash via Refer & Earn.

Earn Money Diamond Quiz Games App

Download App 

4.1 Ratings

42. AIO Games

Game lovers can’t resist AIO Games to win Paytm cash. You can get the option to play 24/7. Learn about what else you can earn below:

  • Earn Paytm bonus on Sign Up.

  • Additional Referral bonus of more than Rs.100.

  • Play popular games like: 

  • Ludo, Rummy, 8 Ball Pool, Cricket Fantasy, etc. 

AIO Games

Download App 

4.2 Ratings 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Que: Which are the best Paytm cash earning games?

Ans: You can play the Ludo game for Paytm cash. It can make you earn more than Rs.1000 every time. You also take part in other Paytm Cash earning Games like Winzo Gold Game,  Pokerbaazi, and more.

Que: Can I get Rs.10,000 Paytm games cash? 

Ans: Yes, you can earn Rs. 10,000 Paytm cash by playing online games. Also, refer your friends and family to multiply the amount. 

Que: Is there any game to win Rs.500 Paytm cash?

Ans: Yes, you can choose games like 8 Ball Pool. It will make you earn Paytm cash instantly. 


End of your drama for earning free cash today. Download the best gaming apps in India. They can make you earn unfathomably. To Boost your knowledge, answer the quiz questions. You will earn every correct answer. Call your friends to play the same and earn. Each friend can make you get a Referral Bonus. Gaming Players earned crores of rupees. You can be among them. Quickly download the best apps mentioned above.

Five times Extra bonuses are announced today for you online!