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By Aman Rabha - Content Strategist Jan 03 2020 Share this blog

Having a business entity that defines you is a driving force towards getting the best results for your business, and with the upsurge of online space impacting the business having a perfect domain name is important. Now you can get the perfect domain name to suit your business with GoDaddy accompanies with some of the most exciting and exclusive offers with discounts ranging up to 30%.

GoDaddy Offers

GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupons: discount up to 60%

Lately, users cannot find any GoDaddy renewal codes since the company has stopped issuing such coupons and codes. But that doesn’t mean there aren't any coupon codes available for the users. Some of the users do get discounts and deals to save more while relishing quality services from Godaddy. Occasionally, GoDaddy customizes specific renewal code which can be used by specific users only. 

  • Meanwhile, users can also receive a GoDaddy promo code by just signing up with GoDaddy.
  • Join GoDaddy Discount Domain Club and save up to 60%.

How to renew your GoDaddy domain?

Creating and managing your own website can be very challenging and at the same time is rewarding to the owner. Your website can act as your silent business partner and thus it is very important to make sure it’s up to date. Most importantly, you need to make sure that your domain does not expire.

Renew your website from your GoDaddy profile manually

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Account and visit Domain Control Center.
  • Select the domain you want to renew.
  • Select Renew, then Renew again.
  • Select your renewal settings, then proceed to complete the process.

Expired GoDaddy Domain - renew domain name before expiry

Renewing of an expired domain name depends on how long it's been since the domain expired. It is better to renew your domain as early as possible(within 18 days) to avoid any additional fees charged later.

Day 1 to 18
User can renew the domain at standard cost up to the 18th day after expiration
Day 19
After 18th day, standard renewal fees plus additional redemption fee will be imposed for renewing your website
Day 25
Domain is put up for domain name auction. Users have an option to manually recover their expired domain name or place a bid on the domain name through auction
Day 36
It is the last chance to register the domain name before it is returned to the registry. Place a bid on the domain name through auction
Day 41
Domain will no longer be available to renew or bid on. However users may be able to register the domain name again if the registry has cleared the domain name

GoDaddy Domain Renewal price and charges

While it is quite easy for any user to get a required domain name from GoDaddy at a very lower price, but registering your domain is not enough to run your website for long. There will be some additional costs as well for renewing your website after its expiry or completion of the trial period (which is usually 1 year). Generally, the cost of renewal of domain for your site is higher as compared to the registration price. It can be more than 80% of your registration price for most of the domain names. 


How to check the renewal prices for your owned domains at GoDaddy

1. Visit the My Products section and open Manage all.

2. Sort your products by clicking the beta icon

3. Select renewal price column

4. The renewal price of owned domains will appear on your dashboard

Get your own domain at 30% off

Avail this super saver offer and get up to 30% discount on the purchase of Domains from GoDaddy.

  • Starts at Rs.149/-
  • Discounted price for one-year
  • Minimum registration for 2-years required
  • Additional years cost Rs.1049/-
  • Use coupon code to get discounted fare

Check out the latest offers and deals on the most popular domains

dot in (.in) - Starting at Rs.199.00 was Rs.599.00
  • Use .in domain for website based in India
  • Target half a billion internet users from India and connect them with your website or blog.
dot com (.com) - Starting at Rs.199.00 was Rs.1,049.00
  • .com domain has a reputation for being the world's most popular and most practiced domain
  • Hundred millions users worldwide setting up their online presence
dot club (.club) - Starting at Rs. 129.00 was Rs.1,249.00
  • Open your clubhouse to everyone from anywhere with .club domain
  • Build an online community for customers and users passionate about an interest or hobby
dot info (.info) domain - Starting at Rs. 219.00 was Rs.1,709.00
  • Reach to a global audience and with .info
  • Start sharing knowledge and provide information and details using this domain

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