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By Aman Rabha - Content Strategist Nov 14 2022 Share this blog

Unfortunately, GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupons are inactive at the present time. However, you can browse through other GoDaddy domain and web hosting coupons to get discounts. Create your website, get a domain name or renew it at GoDaddy internet domain registrar.

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GoDaddy Domain Renewal 2022 | Renew Your GoDaddy Domain Name

For the biggest stronghold of businesses to the most immediate up and coming startups, it all started with a domain name. With GoDaddy Domain Renewal coupons, renewing a domain name has never been easier and more affordable. Follow the steps below to know more.

What Happens When Your GoDaddy Domain Expires?

When a domain registration expires, your options for renewal vary based on when your domain expired. 

GoDaddy provides important information to Registrants about expiration notices, fees and redemption procedures throughout. You’ll receive multiple emails to notify you of expiration within 30 days prior and days after the expiration date of your domain.

GoDaddy Domain Expiration Timeline

Follow this GoDaddy Domain expiration timeline to understand what happens and what you can do to renew your GoDaddy domain name.

Days After Domain Expiration

What Happens and What you can do

+1 Day

You can manually renew your domain at the standard renewal price or you can set GoDaddy to renew it automatically

+5 Days

If another auto-renew fails, your domain gets parked and your site and email stop working.

You can still manually renew it for the standard price

+19 Days

Domain goes on hold, it is still in your account but inactive. 

You can manually renew it at a redemption fee

+26 Days

Domain goes to auction. You can still renew at the standard price + redemption fee or place a bid at the auction 

+30 Days

If no active bids in the auction, the domain is still in your account but is expired. 

However, if there is an active bid at the auction, the domain cannot be renewed

+41 Days

Domain goes to final closeout auction. 

You can still manually renew the domain with a standard renewal price + redemption fee

+72 Days

The domain is finally removed from your account and you can’t renew it anymore.

To get the domain back, you’ll have to wait until the domain is released back in the registry and register for it again

How to Renew a GoDaddy Domain?

Steps to Manually Renew your GoDaddy Domain:

  1. Sign in with your GoDaddy account and go to your GoDaddy “Renewal & Billings” page

  2. You’ll see a list of active products you have at GoDaddy

  3. Select the checkbox for the domain you wish to renew

  4. At the top of page, select Add to Cart

  5. Pay the standard renewal price and complete your purchase

Steps for Auto Renewing your GoDaddy Domain:

  • For Auto Renewal, after Step 4, select “Auto Renew On”

  • Your changes will save and the auto renew date will display under billing date

Note that after this your products and subscriptions will automatically renew on their expiration dates. The auto renewal will be done for the same length of time as the most recent manual renewal. 

GoDaddy Domain Renewal India | Learn About The Largest Registrar of Domain Names

At GoDaddy, you can explore new domain extensions, register bulk domain names at once, or transfer a domain name from anywhere. Learn more about Domain names and register with GoDaddy Domain Renewal and give your online growth the flight it deserves. 

What is Domain Name Registration?

A domain name registration is the process of finding a web address and then signing up to use it. Technically, you don’t own the domain, but once you register for it, you’re free to keep it as long as you continue paying the annual registration fee.

Find Your Perfect Domain

Finding a perfect Domain name can go a long way in grabbing people’s attention about why you are online and boost your sales. Choose from a variety of domain name extensions at GoDaddy Domain Registrar and make some pretty cool combinations. 

Reasons To Choose GoDaddy For Your Domain Name

GoDaddy has over time become the largest registrar of domain names. With over 20 million active users and 84 million-plus domain names, the chances of you getting your perfect domain registration are pretty good.

Reasons to choose GoDaddy for your domain registration and renewal:

-One-Stop Tech Shop: Find all the tools you need to succeed online at GoDaddy’s website.

-State of the Art Technology: Get tools to fulfill all your online endeavors. Be it domains, websites, cloud tech or email marketing, GoDaddy is affordable and easy to use

-Award-winning customer support: GoDaddy’s web pros are standing by 24/7 to pickup the phone or chat boxes and answer all your queries.

-Worldwide Community: With over 20 million active customers from around 58 countries, you can exchange your ideas and communicate with professionals from around the world.

-Multiple Domain Extensions: Check the availability of all the most popular domain extensions and register or renew them at discounted prices with GoDaddy Domain Renewal coupons.   

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Godaddy Domain Transfer (Additional Option)

You can transfer your domain with Godaddy. Only these few steps need to be followed

Step 1.
 Access your present domain at your present office (organization).  
Step 2.
 Find out your Domain using the tool named 'Godaddy'.
Step 3.
 You need to fill in the authorization code for domain transfer.
Step 4.
 The maximum duration for Domain Transfer will be 7 days.

GoDaddy Domain Tools

With over 84+ million domains under management, GoDaddy knows what it takes to get serious with domain investing. We have the tools that can help you become a successful domainer.

1. Domain Broker Service: GoDaddy can negotiate a domain purchase based on your budget.

2. Domain Transfer: Officially (and simply) move a domain name to a new owner.

3. Bulk Domain Transfer: Save time (and money) by transferring up to 500 domains at once.

4. Domain Value Appraisal: Get a free expert opinion on your domain’s value.

GoDaddy Coupons & Promo Codes 2022

1. Buy .in Domain at Rs. 149 | GoDaddy Domain Coupons

Kick start your journey of conquering the digital world with GoDaddy. With the GoDaddy domain coupons, and buy the most popular .in domains at starting price of just Rs. 149.

Buy .in Domain at Rs. 149 | GoDaddy Domain Coupons

Read the terms and conditions below:

  • Min registration period of 2 years is needed

  • Get .in domain for Rs. 149 for the 1st year

  • Use GoDaddy coupon code: CJC141ID

  • Get access to all GoDaddy website building tools and 24/7 customer support

Also checkout Webhosting coupons and save up to 70% on next domain purchase 

2. Get Domain Name Search Starting At Rs.199

With GoDaddy, you get access to the most popular domains to thrive your entrepreneurial self. Avail the GoDaddy domain coupon and get the most popular domains starting at Rs.199.

Look up the offer details below: 

  • Domains available:
  • Make payment online via bank cards, net banking etc

  • GoDaddy Coupon Code For Domain : CJC99COM

Also, check out the GoDaddy domain coupon to get .org domain at just Rs.99

GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupons | Similar Store Discount On Domains

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FAQs | GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupons 2022

1. Is there any discount on domain renewal at GoDaddy?

Unfortunately, at the present time, the GoDaddy Domain Renewal coupons are inactive. However, you can avail multiple discounts on domains, web hosting, and tons of other services provided by GoDaddy by browsing through GoDaddy coupons at Zouton.

2. How do I renew my GoDaddy domain?

You can renew your GoDaddy domain manually or set it for auto-renewal. To renew your GoDaddy domain, go to GoDaddy “Renewal & Billings” page, select the domain you want to renew, and pay the standard renewal price.


3. What happens if my GoDaddy domain expires?

Once your GoDaddy domain expires, it is set up for an auction. The highest active bidder in the auction then registers the domain in their account. However, if left unbidden, you can still renew it by paying an extra redemption fee.


GoDaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. Apply the GoDaddy Domain Renewal coupons, get a discount on Domain renewals and attract customers with website building tools, one-on-one guidance, and much more.