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Do you want to learn a new language? Try enrolling for GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs. Purchase them today at a 50% off discount. This will make you get a certificate and your desired job. 

C++ GeeksforGeeks Coupons | Trending Now

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GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs Module

Here is some additional information available for C++ GeeksforGeeks programming module. Check them out and get into a world of smooth programming with GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs:

  • Fundamentals of C++ Programming available.

  • Major C++ Iterators available.

  • Containers, and Functions in-depth coverage along with research available.

  • STL Functions employment for the C++ Interviews available in the module.

  • Complex Data Structures with C++ Programming available in the module for solving.

GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs Offer Details

Here are the details of the C++ GeeksForGeeks Offer available right now. You can buy the certificate course that was priced at Rs.3999 at the discounted price of Rs.1999.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The course incorporates the following topics:

    • Introduction, Variables, and Concepts

    • Arrays, String, Pointers & Reference

    • Flow Control, Function & Loops, and more

  • Avail the GeeksforGeeks coupons to get lifetime access to the course 

Advantages Of The C++ GeeksforGeeks

Here are some of the advantages you can avail on switching to C++ GeeksforGeeks. Waste no time and avail this offer before it goes away.

  • Learn C++ STL for just Rs.2,000.

  • New users can avail additional sign up offers. 

  • Get C++ interview questions GeeksforGeeks questions to enhance your skills.  

  • Download and enjoy learning with video lectures available on GeeksForGeeks. 

  • Professional guidance and real-time projects to practice are available. 

  • Daily practice is easy with a special problem of the day option available on GeeksForGeeks official website.

GeeksforGeeks C++ Interview Questions

Go through some of the most popular GeeksforGeeks C++ interview questions that would for sure be useful for you the programing freaks in the long run. Go through the questions along with the answers and leave nothing behind while preparing with your geeksforgeeks c++ interview questions

1.  What are the differences between GeeksforGeeks C and GeeksforGeeks C++ program? 

Here are the basic differences between C and C++:

  • C++ is a kind of superset of C, almost all C programs except for a few exceptions work in C++ as well. 

  • C is a procedural programming language, whereas C++ gives support to both procedural and Object Oriented programming. 

  • Well, C++ supports object-oriented programming, it supports features such as function overloading, templates, inheritance, virtual functions, and friend functions which are not available in C. 

  • C++ supports exception handling at a language level, whereas in C handling is carried away in the traditional if-else style. 

  • C++ supports references, C doesn’t. 

  • Well in C, scanf() and printf() are mainly used for input/output. C++ mainly makes the use of streams to perform input and output operations. cin is the standard input stream and cout is the standard output stream.

2. What are C++ access specifiers ?

Access specifiers are used to define the member’s functions and variables that can be accessed outside the class.  

  • Private: Members which are declared as private are accessible within the same class only. They cannot be accessed outside the class they are declared. Child classes are additionally not allowed to access private members of parents.

  • Public: Members declared as public are accessible from anywhere.

  • Protected: Only the class and its child classes can avail access to the protected members.

3. What is the difference between Function overloading VS Operator Overloading?

Function overloading is a feature available in C++. Well, this function helps two or more functions to have the same name but different types of parameters and  different numbers of parameters. Well, Overloading of functions with different return types is not permitted. 

Operating overloading lets us make operators work for user-defined classes. For instance, programmers can overload an operator ‘+’ in a class like String so that the concentration can lie between two strings by just using +. 

Features Of The GeeksforGeeks C++

Here are some of the main features of the GeeksforGeeks C++ programs. Take a look at them with full concentration:

  • Object: Objects are basic run-time entities in an object-oriented system. They are examples of a class that are defined as user-defined data types.

  • Encapsulation and Data Abstraction: The amalgamation of data and functions into a single unit is called encapsulation. The data is not available to the outside world. Well, only those functions which are wrapped in the class can access it. This insulation of the data from direct access by the programs is known as data hiding or information hiding.

  • Data abstraction: Providing only information that is required to the outside world and hiding implementation details. The advantage of abstractions is that they can change the implementation at any point, so users of Complex class won’t be affected as the method interface of theGeeksfor Geeks C++ programs remains the same. 

  • Inheritance: Well, inheritance is the process by which objects of one class grab the properties of objects of a different class. It gives support to the concept of hierarchical classification. Inheritance provides reusability. Well, this means that we can add additional features to an existing class without modifying it.

  • Polymorphism: Polymorphism means ability to take more than one form. An operation may bring up 2 different behaviors in different instances. The behavior is basically dependent upon the types of data used in the operation.

  • Dynamic Binding: In dynamic binding, the code to be executed in response to function calls is decided during the runtime. C++ has virtual functions to support this.

  • Message Passing: Objects tend to communicate with one another by sending and receiving information to each other. A message for an object is a request for execution of a procedure. Henceforth, this will invoke a function in the receiving object that generates the desired results. 

Other Trending GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs Coupon Codes

1. GeeksforGeeks Interview Offer: Save up to 35% on your GeeksforGeeks interview preparation. Time to gear up with tons of c++ interview questions GeeksforGeeks is here:

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  • Course details:

  • Original price: Rs.6999 | Discounted price: Rs.6299

  • Duration of the course: 12 months

2. GeeksforGeeks Competitive Programming Offer: Save up to 50% on GeeksforGeeks Competitive Programming category. The course incorporates a DSA course, quizzes, mock contests, live classes and lots more.

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  • Course Content: Prefix array, Fermat's theorem, modular inversion, and lots more.

  • All modes of digital transaction options are accepted on the app and website.

3. GeeksforGeeks Computer Science Offer: Avail instant 46% off on class 12 GeeksforGeeks Computer Science category.

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1. What is the purpose of GeeksforGeeks?

GeeksforGeeks come up with a variety of services for you to learn, thrive and also have fun! Free Tutorials, Millions of Articles, Live, Online and Classroom Courses ,Frequent Coding Competitions ,Webinars by Industry Experts, Internship opportunities and Job Opportunities.

2. How do you get goodies on GeeksforGeeks?

GeeksforGeeks lets you solve a problem within 24 hours to Earn one Geek Bit, and if you solve problems for 8 consecutive days at a stretch you will get 8 additional Geek Bits. Once you have earned more than 50 Geek Bits, you can redeem them to get GFG Goodies. Solve a problem to earn one Geek Bit.

3. Can I learn the GeeksforGeeks C++ programs?

For the beginners, start your C++ programs journey and strengthen your programming language skills with GeeksforGeeks C++ Programming Foundation – Self Paced course mentored by Sandeep Jain.


GeeksforGeeks is a well known computer science website for all the programming enthusiasts. It offers a vast collection of tutorials, articles, and practice problems on various topics incorporating C++. It also has a separate GeeksforGeeks C++ Programs blog section that provides a comprehensive guide on the language, from basic to advanced concepts, and includes topics such as data structures, algorithms, and standard libraries. Go and get yourself the best C++ learning.