FreshToHome Offer Codes For December 2020: Save Up To 55% On All Leading Categories!

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By Deepankar Singh - Content Writer Dec 08 2020 Share this blog

Are you the one who wanders off in the markets to pick a fresh stock of meat, fish, Steaks, Mutton and others in the category? Well, it's about to change that. Visit FreshToHome now and explore myriads of safe and chemical free meats and seafood at up to 55% discount

FreshToHome Offer Codes: Zoutons Recommendation

FreshToHome Offer Codes
Up to 55% Off | All Users
On Specific Categories
Rs. 75 Cashback And Free Delivery
Free Delivery | Selected Cities
Free Sambhar Cut Vegetables
Get 20% Cashback On All Orders
Enjoy Rs. 50 Cashback

FreshToHome Offer Codes 2020 : Most Redeemed

Yes, the FreshToHome Offers are quite appealing, but they do have some terms and conditions which needs to be followed. Well, for your fate, they are not tough.

Up to 55% Off | All Users

1. Up to 55% Off | All Users

  • A discount of 55% at FreshToHome can surely increase the taste of your meal today. Full the easy-to-go conditions and grab it:
  • A discount of 55% is availed of the following categories:
    • Saving of up to 55%: On Chicken
    • Save Rs. 150: Mutton
    • Saving of up to 18%: Prawn, Fish & More
  • The minimum transaction value for FreshToHome offer is not demanded
  • The FreshToHome Offer Code is not required during checkout
  • All users have the accessibility to the offer
  • FreshToHome Website or app can fetch the benefits to you
  • All payment modes are eligible for the offers
  • September 30, 2020, is the last date of validity

2. Rs. 75 Cashback And Free Delivery

A cashback offer of Rs 75 is availed at FreshToHome and much more interesting is the free delivery that you can have hand-in-hand.

  • Cashback offer of Rs 75 and Free delivery is availed on the following categories:
    • Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Spreads & More
  • The Offer is availed for Mumbai and Pune city only.
  • The FreshToHome Offer Code cannot be merged with other offers.
  • The FreshToHome Offer code required at checkout page is “FREEFTH.”
  • The benefits can be fetched by new users only.
  • FreshToHome Website and App are the only platforms that are eligible.
  • The Offer will remain valid till 30th September 2020

Free Delivery | Selected Cities

3. Free Delivery | Selected Cities

Some selected cities have the opportunity to get the deliveries of Livestock produce and vegetables for free. Find out can you get it or not:

  • Rs. 499 is the minimum threshold value needed to be fulfilled
  • The cities that can have the benefits are:
    • Chennai, Mumbai & Pune
  • The orders under FreshToHome offer can be made on:
    • Fresh Cut Vegetables, Seafood, Mutton & More
  • All users can get the benefits from the FreshToHome offer
  • FTH4” is the required FreshToHome Offer Code
  • The Payment Modes eligible for the offers are:
    • Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets, & UPI
  • The order from FreshToHome’s Website and App is mandatory under the offer
  • September 30, 2020, is the expiry date for offer’s validity

Free Sambhar Cut Vegetables

4. Free Sambhar Cut Vegetables

You may like to fill your refrigerator with vegetable as FreshToHome is serving free Sambhar Cut Vegetables on the fulfilment of some requirements.

  • Free 500 Grams of Sambhar Cut Vegetables is availed of Rs. 99
  • Minimum order of Rs 599 is required to make on the following categories:
    • Chicken, Fish, Shell Fish, and more
  • Users from the following cities can enjoy the offer:
    • Bengaluru & Hyderabad
  • The free items could be fetched by all users.
  • Free items can be added with the help of FreshToHome Offer code that is “FTH88.”
  • App and Website of FreshToHome can fetch the benefits.
  • Any of the payment modes can be used under the offer.
  • The FreshToHome offer will not be valid after 30th September 2020

Up To Rs. 1000 Off | On Salmon Fillet

5. Up To Rs. 1000 Off | On Salmon Fillet

Before this offer goes off, you need to make orders and get Rs. 1000 off of Salmon Fillet as many times as you can.

  • A discount of Rs 1000 is availed under the offer
  • The categories involved in the FreshToHome offer are:
    • On 250 Grams Salmon Fillet: Rs. 1000 Off
    • On 500 Grams: Rs 960 Off
  • Minimum transaction value is not needed to fulfil
  • The FreshToHome Offer can be accessed through its App and Website
  • A FreshToHome Offer Code is not required during checkout
  • Any of the available payment modes can be used to order
  • The offer will remain valid till 30th September 2020

Free Delivery | All Orders

6. Free Delivery | All Orders

The free delivery at FreshToHome is available for all also, though the threshold value for this is more.

  • Free delivery for all cities and on the following category is availed:
    • Chicken, Fish, Mutton, Eggs & More
  • The minimum threshold value required is Rs. 799
  • The free delivery benefits will be added automatically to the orders without FreshToHome offer code.
  • FreshToHome’s App and website are eligible under the offer.
  • All payment modes are accepted under the offer.
  • The validity for the offer will go off on 30th September 2020

FAQs About FreshToHome Offer Codes 2020

1. Can a FreshToHome offer be clubbed with another offer from the same platform?

Answer: A single FreshToHome offer cannot be merged with another one though free delivery benefit automatically gets added to the order once the threshold gets fulfilled.

2. What is the minimum threshold value needed for free delivery?

Answer: If you are the resident of Mumbai, Pune and Chennai then you can get the free delivery option at just Rs. 499, with the help of FreshToHome offer code while for other locations the threshold value is Rs. 799.


So, is there a non-vegetarian dish on the menu today at your home? Well, that would be much more comfy and reasonable if it's coming through the stock of FreshToHome, right? Well, as the benefits are not limited your order also shouldn’t be. Just grab the most of the benefits without postponing the plans and get all the livestock products which are rare in your localities at ease. Have A Happy Meal!