Domino’s Rs.100 Off Coupon Code | December 2022 | Save Rs.100 On All Pizzas

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Dec 01 2022 Share this blog

Peace emerged from the pizza cheese out of daily chaos. Get the tastiest pizzas with Domino’s Coupon Code for Rs.100 Off. Order any pizza and get FREE GARLIC BREAD. 

Domino’s Coupon Code For Rs. 100 Off 

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Get Rs.100 Off on each order |  All Pizzas

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First 3 Orders

Domino’s Rs. 100 Off Coupon (Save Rs.100 on First 3 Orders via App)

What do you get when you order your first pizza now? Domino’s coupon code for Rs. 100 off will save you. On your first three orders, enjoy a flat Rs. 100 discount. The terms and conditions are as follows:

Domino's Coupon Code | Terms & Conditions: 

  • No minimum order value is needed. 

  • Dominos First Order Coupons are applicable. 

  • Get Rs.100 off on each order. 

  • 3 orders can be placed to redeem the coupon code. 

**Top Exclusions: Pizza Mania, EDV Pizzas, and Combos 

How do you get Rs.100 Off on Dominos Pizzas?

Instantly save Rs. 100 on your first three orders. Domino's pizzas taste well with additional discounts. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: First of all, visit the official Domino’s website. 

Step 2: Select and place your order.

Step 3: Place items in the shopping cart and proceed to payment.

Step 4: Now, get a dominos coupon code for Rs.100 off.

Step 5: Copy the code and apply it at the checkout. 

Free Choco Lava Cake with Domino’s Rs.100 Coupon Code

Ever expect a free Domino’s Choco Lava Cake? Alongside your First Dominos Order, you can get it. Only new users are eligible for this treat. The key requirements for this are:

Major Details:

  • Dominos coupon code todayis applicable only for new users.

  • Shop for Rs.350 to avail the Dominos offer code.

  • Promo code can not be clubbed with other deals

  • Use Dominos Coupon Code FREECLC.

Which pizza is best under Dominos Rs.100 Off Coupons?

Image cannot be better than reality. Domino's pizzas taste better than they look. Place your first three orders on Domino’s at a 50% discount. Choose among the New Launches. Ready for the Christmas offers for India’s best pizza?

Below are the recommendations to redeem this Big discount. 

1. Domino’s Paneer Paratha Pizza

The only way to enjoy it is to eat Domino’s Paneer Paratha Pizza. You will get Rs.100 off on it. Get a free dominos coupon code hack and get it for free. Why do you eat this pizza? Know the reasons below:

  • Melting Cheese and Soft Paneer Pieces

  • Thin Wheat Crust 

  • Regular Pizza 


Domino’s Paneer Paratha Pizza

Get at Rs. 209

2. Domino’s Corn n Cheese Paratha Pizza

Add some cheese and corn to your daily parathas. Dominos made a fusion "Corn 'n' Cheese Paratha Pizza." The reasons to eat and refer this Domino's pizza are: 

  • Corn stuffed with cheese in the pizza

  • Pure Wheat Thin Crust

  • Regular Size Pizza 


Domino’s Corn Cheese Paratha Pizza

Buy at Rs. 179 

3. Dominos Chicken Keema Paratha Pizza 

Open up the pizza crust to savor the keema chicken in your pizza. You will not get the taste anywhere else. Place your order as soon as possible due to:

  • Cheesy Keema Meat Filling

  • Wheat Crust

  • Regular size pizza


Domino’s Chicken Keema Paratha Pizza 

Enjoy at Rs. 249 

4. Domino’s Chicken Maximus Pizza

Frame Domino's Chicken pizzas with coke. Step up to order today. You will save Rs. 100 on your orders right away. Get it loaded with cheese and unlimited chicken and sausage. 

  • Chicken Tikka

  • Chicken Keema

  • Chicken Sausage

  • Grilled Chicken

The best part is in your hands. Choose from the crunchy crusts, such as:

Wheat Crust, Fresh Domino's Pan Pizza, Cheese Burst, and Fresh Hand Tossed Pizza 


Domino’s Chicken Maximus Pizza

Order at Rs. 699

Dominos Rs.100 Off Coupon (Top Highlights)

Dominos Pizzas | New Launches
Original Price (Rs.)

The 4 Cheese Pizza

Rs. 639

Paneer Paratha Pizza

Rs. 209

Chicken Keema Paratha Pizza

Rs. 249

1 Regular Margherita + 1 Garlic Bread 

Rs. 198

Corn n Cheese Paratha Pizza

Rs. 179 

Domino’s Coupons For FIFA World Cup 2022 

Domino’s Coupons

Dominos Free Garlic Bread

Dominos Free Delivery

1. Free Garlic Bread 

In moments of solitude, watching the FIFA World Cup 2022? Take your joy high with Domino’s Free Garlic Bread on every order. The following terms and conditions apply to the same:

Free Garlic Bread

Terms & Conditions:

  • Place your orders on the Domino's App.

  • Select the pizza and place your order. 

  • Minimum order value must be Rs.300. 

  • Soon get the best Dominos coupon code for this. 

2. Free Delivery on Domino’s Pizzas 

In 30 minutes, Domino’s India can make you eat pizza for free. It’s a promise for your cheesy pizza. You will get them delivered for free anytime you want. If not, you can get your pizzas for free at Dominos.

Free Delivery on Domino’s Pizzas

3. Free Pizzas on Dominos

Place your first order and receive a FREE PIZZA surprise from Domino's

Step 1. Place your order worth Rs.350.

Step 2. Collect points of 600 points.

Step 3. Those points will act as Cheesy rewards. 

Step 4. Redeem them to get a FREE DOMINO'S PIZZA. 

Free Pizzas on Dominos

Domino's Coupon Code (EXTRA SAVINGS)

Dominos Coupon Code for Rs.200 Off


Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum cart amount should be Rs.750

  • Get 20% off up to Rs.200

  • Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

  • Dominos coupon code is not valid on EDV order, combos & meals. 


Frequently Asked Questions | Domino’s Rs.100 Off Coupon Code

Que: How do I redeem the Domino's Rs. 100 off coupons?

Ans: You can get Rs. 100 off on your first three Domino's orders. Place order now.

Que: What is the best pizza on Domino's for first order?

Ans: You can save Rs.100 on Paneer Paratha Pizza, Chicken Keema Pizza, etc. 

Que: Are my first three orders available with Rs.100 off in Dominos?

Ans: Yes, you can get an instant Rs.100 off on your first order. Take this benefit for the first three times on Dominos. 


Choose Free Delivery, Free Pizza, Free Choco Lava, etc? Get unlimited free sides for your First Order. Dominos Rs.100 off coupons will save you straight away. Enjoy cheese in the Paratha style. New Launches are a good opportunity to redeem this offer. Eat your fave pizzas in your fave crust. Place your orders now!