Top Books Coupons And Offers 2021: Up to 85% Off Via Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Jul 18 2020 Share this blog

Hark! All you bibliophiles, as a part of the new year offer, Flipkart is offering an implausible, up to 85% discount on various genres like Literature, Fiction, Science, Rhymes and more. The treasured worthy books aren’t restricted to any one language. One would find books in Hindi, English, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, and many more. Not just that, there are many other ongoing discounts by Amazon, FirstCry, Snapdeal, Adda247, etc. 

Upcoming Books 2021 Coupons And Offers

There are hundreds of reasons to not read books and among many, let us offer just one reason to hoard your favorite books. 2021 has kickstarted with a few really enticing book deals for the readers. We are listing the best coupons and discounts for your nerdy soul. 

Books Offer Description

Books Offer

Flipkart: All categories @ Up to 85% Off

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Flat 30% Off @ First Cry (Coupon code: AF30BKSS)

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Amazon: Fiction Novels @ 50% OFF

Activate Deal

Romance Genre Starting at Rs. 99

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Game of Thrones Books @ 269

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School Books @ 50% OFF

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Top Books Coupons And Offers

Save Up to 60% on Indian History Books

If you have a thing for history, then you should know that Amazon India is offering a whopping up to 60% discount on Indian history books. You may chance upon popular books like Sapiens, An Era of Darkness, India’s Ancient Past. 

  • History lovers can redeem the offer on the Amazon app and website. 

  • The offer is valid for all the old and new Amazon users. 

  • The shoppers can pay through various payment options like debit & credit cards, wallets, and more. 

  • There is no need for any minimum order amount to access this particular Amazon offer. 

Buy Romantic Fictional Books At Just Rs. 99

Feel the happy flutters of butterflies in your stomach, Flipkart is supplying a sublime up to 50% off on romantic fiction. Books like Her Last Wish, Beyond a Heartbeat, Love a Little Stronger, are available at a throwaway price. 

  • The discount is available on the Flipkart app and website

  • The maximum discount goes up to 50%

  • The multiple payment options are cards, net banking, wallets. 

Grab Game of Thrones Books at Just Rs. 269

If you are still stuck in the elusive loop of Westeros, then head to Amazon and buy G.R.R Martin’s raging mythological saga Game of Thrones. These prices of these books start at just Rs. 269. This offer doesn’t need any promo code. 

  • All forms of payments are accepted for this offer. 

  • Get this exciting offer on the Amazon website and app.

  • The offer is available for both existing and new users. 

amazon discount coupons

Best Coupons & Deals On Amazon Books

There is a wide range of books for arduous readers to choose from. We are picking up five top picks from each store to give your inner reader an extra push. We will also be mentioning the books from each store. Don’t miss out on your reading for lack of decent discounts anymore.  

Amazon Book Offers

These are the book deals that Amazon has to offer at the moment. Choose the best of the lot to buy your favorite physical books and electronic books. 

Amazon Deals


All Users @ Free Books

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All Categories: Up to 70% OFF

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Kindle Subscription at Rs. 169

Activate Deal

1. Amazon Users Get Books For Free: 

All Amazon users would get free ebooks exclusively for Amazon prime members. The available categories of books are Encyclopedia, fiction story books, and additional books. 

  • This offer can be redeemed on the Amazon app, website and m-site. 

  • All modes of payment are valid for this Amazon offer.

  • No minimum order value is required for this offer. 

  • No Amazon coupon is needed to activate this offer. 

2. Maximum 70% OFF on Books of All Categories:

Amazon users can grab a huge up to 70% off on genres like Literature, Science, Fiction, Mathematics and more. This particular deal doesn’t need any promo code at the checkout. 

  • The offer is valid on the Amazon app, website.

  • This deal can be redeemed by both new and old users.

3. Bibliophiles Get Kindle Subscription At Rs.169: 

Read your heart out with Amazon kindle subscription at just Rs.169. The offer is valid on existing and new users. 

  • All options of payment are available. 

  • The Amazon Promo code is not required at the payment page. 

  • The offer is valid on one month of Amazon kindle subscription. 

Top Books on Amazon 

  • Sita: Warrior Of Mithila 
Myntra offers

Amish Tripathi’s absorbing continuation to the Ram Chandra series, where the book primarily focuses on Sita from the epic of India called Ramayana. Get this for just Rs.399 Rs. 227.

Click here to buy now
  • Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone 

Myntra offers

J.K. Rowling’s first book in the Harry Potter series is one of the most comforting books you might ever come across. Hop onto the train to Hogwarts, and experience the magical world of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Get it for Rs. 672 Rs. Rs.399

Click here to buy now
  • Steppenwolf (Penguin Modern Classic) 

Myntra offers

If you enjoy the conundrums of existentialism, pick up Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf right away and find the absurdness of human existence. Buy it for Rs.599 Rs. 342

Click here to buy now
  • The Master and Margarita: 

Myntra offers

Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita soothes your wretched soul when Devil comes down to Moscow and starts proving the existence of God to two stern atheists. Buy your copy to know how it ends. Grab it for Rs.399  Rs.389

Click here to buy now

flipkart coupon code

Top Flipkart Books Coupons & Deals


Coupon Code

Game of Thrones @ 50% OFF

View Deal

Up to 85% OFF On All Genres

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Extra 10% OFF@ All Books

Activate Deal

1. Get Up to 85% OFF Across All Genres: 

Pave your literary way to books, as Flipkart’s ongoing book sale would let you earn up to an enormous up to 85% off across all genres. The offer is valid for both existing and new users.  

  • Available genres are  Literature, Fiction, science, rhymes and many more.  

  • Books are available in various languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi & more. 

  • The different modes of payment are cards, bank transfers, wallets, 

  • This Flipkart offer is available across the platform. 

  • The deal is valid for both old and new Flipkart users. 

2. Get the Entire Game OF Thrones Series At 50% OFF: 

All you ardent Game of throne fans can relive the adventure, only better with the GoT book set, that too at a 50% off. The book series is now available at a reduced price of Rs.2099.

  • This Flipkart deal is applicable for both existing and new users.

  • The offer is available on the Flipkart website and app.

  • All methods of payment are accepted here. 

3. Flipkart Gives Up to 45% OFF on Non-Fiction Books 

Flipkart looks like a haven for the best book deals in 2021, as readers can like to keep their fiction at a check, and get a maximum discount of 45% on non-fictional books. Buyers don’t need any minimum order value to redeem the offer.

  • The offer is valid for both existing and new users. 

  • This ongoing Flipkart offer can be redeemed on the Flipkart app and website. 

  • All modes of payments are accepted for this deal. 

  • The books included under this offer are, The Wealth of Nation, The Prime Minister is Dead, Prisoners of Geography, etc.

Zoutons Recommended Books On Flipkart 

  • Game Of Thrones: The Story Continues :
Myntra offers

The most popular contemporary book series Game of Thrones tells the story of nine royal families waging wars over Westeros. G.R.R Martin’s heart-piercing tale of love, betrayal, familial politics with the perpetual coldness of magic. Get the whole set for Rs. 4199 Rs. 2519

Click here to buy now
  • Em and The Book Hoom (Jerry Pinto) : 

Myntra offers

Jerry Pinto is a renowned Mumbai based, poet, writer, and a journalist whose personal memoir tells the lives of his mother and father and how they were gradually subdued by the hush of mental illness. Get it for  Rs.399 Rs.282

Click here to buy now
  • Rasidi Ticket: Amrita Pritam (Hindi) 

Myntra offers

The great poet and writer, Amrita Pritam, decided to write about her life when an acquaintance told her that the story of Amrita’s life could be written on the back of a tiny bus ticket. Read it for a soul-stirring narrative of a poet’s personal life. Buy the hindi translation of this book for Rs.180 Rs.175

Click here to buy now
  • Norwegian Wood: 

Myntra offers

The Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s book Norwegian Wood became quite a rage in Japan and became quite a favorite among his loyal readers, across the world. The sublimity of this love story breaks and heals your heart, at the same time. Grab this timeless book for just Rs.399 Rs.157.

Click here to buy now

snapdeal coupons

Snapdeal Book Coupons and Deals



School Books at 50% OFF

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Competitive Exam & School Books: 50% OFF

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1. Snapdeal Users Get 50% OFF On School Books

Readers can get school books from Snapdeal starting at Rs. 99. The books included under this offer are Reference books, Sample paper books, guide books and more. 

  • The books can be ordered through the Snapdeal app and website. 

  • All modes of payment are accepted here

  • No Snapdeal coupon code needs to be applied at the checkout.

2. Get Competitive Exam & School Books at 50% Discount: 

All the competitive exam aspirants can get their books at a flat 50% off. Books like UPSC book by Disha, BITSAT, PCMB book, and a lot more are available here. 

  • Snapdeal users have to pay half price for any of the school books.

  • Modes of payment: Bank credit or debit card, net banking. 

  • Save extra 10% by paying through SBI, HDFC debit cards. 

Top Three Books From Snapdeal

  • Great Expectations: 

Myntra offers

Charles Dickens’ magnum opus tells a coming of age story about an orphan named Pip. Get into the sootiness of Industrialization and fall in love with Dickens all over again. Get it for Rs.325 Rs.276

Click here to buy now
  • 2 States: The Story of My Marriage:
Myntra offers

The most popular Indian writer Chetan Bhagat, writes about the roller-coaster ride that his marriage was. This heartwarming tale of love makes you swing between the two gorgeous states of India. Buy it for Rs.250 Rs.171.

Click here to buy now
  • Wings On Fire: An Autobiography

Myntra offers

APJ Abdul Kalam, the immensely loved aerospace scientist and the 11th president of India writes an inspirational biography that tells the struggles of early life and how he paved his way to becoming the president. Get it for Rs.399  Rs.220.

Click here to buy now

firstcry coupons

Book Offers & Coupons On Firstcry


Coupon Code

School Supplies: Flat 30% OFF (Coupon Code:AF30BKSS)

View Deal

1. FirstCry Users Get Flat 30% OFF on School Supplies: 

This offer on FirstCry is offering a straight 30% discount on Books, school supplies, CDs, and more. The buyers need a minimum amount of Rs. 700 to get this offer. 

  • The FirstCry coupon code AF30BKSS is to be applied at the checkout. 

  • One must shop through the FirstCry app and website to redeem this offer. 

  • The modes of payment for this FirstCry deal are cards, net banking, wallets. 

  • The offer is valid for both old and new FirstCry users.

Zoutons Recommended Books

  • Sawan Board Books Alphabets Fruits Birds Flowers Set of 5: 

Myntra offers

Let the learning experience for your kids be super fun. Buy these books for the first special lessons about Alphabets, fruits, birds, flowers, and more.

Click here to buy now
  • Pegasus 365 Bible Stories: 

Myntra offers

This beautiful illustrated Bible would warm your heart and instill a sense of joy in children. It’s a collection of tales from old and new testaments.

Click here to buy now
  • BedTime Fairy Tales: 

Myntra offers

This collection of 16 world-famous fairy tales would bid your kids good night and let dream about the most beautiful stories of all time. 

Click here to buy now

amazon promo code

Amazon Books Vs. Flipkart Books:

Let us draw a brief comparison between the major online bookstores i.e Amazon and Flipkart, for the advantage of the buyers. Choose the best deal of the lot and read many life changing and soul stirring books.  

Amazon Book Offers 

Flipkart Book Offers

Fiction Novels at Up to 50% OFF

All Genres @ Up to 85% OFF

All Users Get Free Books

Game Of Thrones @ 50% OFF

All Categories Up to 70% OFF

Literature Books @ 80% OFF

Axis Bank Offer @ Up to Rs. 1000 OFF

Extra 10% OFF @ All Books

Why Should You Subscribe To Zoutons? 

One can rope in multiple benefits on being subscribed to Zoutons. It houses all the significant coupons and discounts in one for the convenience of the customers. Also, if you are a bookaholic and want to save decent bucks on your entire purchase then follow the steps below. 

  1. To start off, Zoutons keeps you updated about all the upcoming sales and discounts.

  2. You would always be the first one to know about the new running coupons and deals. 

  3. Get a significant cashback up to Rs. 200. 

As we have happily headed towards the bright tunnel of 2021, many bookworms must have taken the resolution to read more and more. Whatever your reasons are, if you are a quintessential reader who can’t get enough books, then  Zoutons has to be your happy place for now. All the major stores like Amazon, Flipkart are giving enticing deals on the books you have been wanting to read for a while. Make good use of the upcoming book coupons and offers 2021, Explore a few uncharted genres and widen the horizon of your reading habits. a