Best My Protein Flavours | 13 Flavors For India 2023 | Special Launch

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By Pragati Kathuria - Content Specialist Jan 04 2023 Share this blog

Did you ask for the Best My Protein Flavours? Get in the best shape with the Best MyProtein Flavours. Quickly pick up the Whey Protein, Isolate, etc. You will have 10 tastiest options to get fit.

MyProtein flavors taste makes your haste ideal. 

Best MyProtein Flavors

Best MyProtein Flavors

Whey Protein Flavours

Clear Whey Protein Flavours

Best My Protein Flavour (Keventers Special Launch)

What if you get your Christmas gift on My Protein? It has launched a special flavor of Whey Protein. And it tastes better than its name ‘Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor’.

Yes, it’s a limited edition for you. 

You can get it with extra discounts via MyProtein Upcoming Sale 2023.

Product Details:-

Energy:92 kcal

Protein: 21g

Carbohydrates: 1.43g

Fat: 0.21g

Best MyProtein Whey Flavours 

This time, don’t miss out on buying the best flavor of Myprotein. Get from the below-revealed flavors in India:

Flavored MyProtein Whey Protein Powders

1. Chocolate Brownie: 

Mix the bland milk with the Chocolate Brownie flavor. It is among the best MyProtein Flavours in India. The gap between your energy and workout will fade away. A synonym for the assurance of taste with effect.

2. Kulfi:

If you care for your body, then you must drink KULFI. Yes, totally right! It’s time to try kulfi flavored Whey Protein by MyProtein. You will get all the nutrients packed in it.

The product will be inclusive of an Artificial Flavoring Substance. 

3. Mango: 

Missing your delicious Mango Shake? MyProtein’s Best Flavours added Mango flavor for your benefit. Purchase it now online with MyProtein Whey Protein Coupons. It will contain Artificial flavoring essence.

4. Chocolate Smooth:

A tribute to Chocolate lovers for their fitness journey. My Protein launched this best flavor of Whey Protein. It will contain Sucralose, Cocoa Powder, artificial substances for Chocolate flavor, etc. A perfect match to start your day with.

5. Strawberry Cream: 

Put some focus on the best MyProtein flavors. Did you see Strawberry Cream? Get your dream body and muscles. Drink the extraordinary Whey Protein in India. It is loaded with Permitted Natural Color (Beet Red). The strawberry taste will come due to the artificial flavor essence. MyProtein gives Students Discounts, get it now.

6. Cookies And Cream: 

Don’t have time to eat peanut butter and jam? Are you waiting for some unique best MyProtein Flavor? Try the Cookies And Cream flavor. It will be containing the following ingredients:

Whey Protein Concentrate (97.3%), Sucralose Sweetener, Soy Lecithin Emulsifier, and Artificial Cookies and Cream flavor. 

Best MyProtein Clear Whey Flavours 

1. Chocolate Mint:

Fill your MyProtein shaker with milk and Chocolate flavored protein powder. It is combined with Natural substances like:

Whey Protein Concentrate Milk (96%), Sucralose, Flavoring, and NATURAL MINT in the chocolate flavor. 

2. Vanilla:

A remarkable natural essence of the best MyProtein’s best flavor i.e. Vanilla becomes essential. It’s simply tasty and healthy at the same time. You can never say no to Vanilla. Do you want a quick MyProtein 33% Off code?

3. Banana:

What about blending raw bananas with MyProtein’s best flavor Banana Whey Protein powder shake? An assurance from renowned Fitness Trainers and Celebrities. Drink it as it contains no artificial substance.

4. Orange:

Do you know that you can drink orange in your protein shake? It is among the best flavors for My Protein. Prefer buying in the Festive Sale season. You will save extra on this healthy muscle buddy. NO ARTIFICIAL flavor is included. 

5. Coconut: 

Don’t only eat the coconut rather mix it into your Protein intake. Know how you can do this. Get the MyProtein Whey Protein Powder of Coconut flavor. Shake it with milk or water and enjoy every sip.

6. Pineapple:

Are you among those who like Pineapple? If yes, purchase MyProtein’s best flavor i.e. Pineapple whey protein powder. You can’t miss it. Get it to enjoy all the nutrients with taste. Get this with MyProtein Free Shipping today.


My Protein’s best flavors cannot be taken for granted. It became India’s NO. 1 Brand due to the quality of its flavors. Take up the value of all the protein and healthy fat. Make it the key contributor to your fitness journey.

More flavors are to be disclosed for 2023. Till then, get the above-mentioned. 

Enjoy discounts on each purchase. You will get a FREE METAL SHAKER worth Rs. 1,299. 

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