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Zoomcar Zap SUBSCRIBE AT RS.350: ALL USERS (Sep 24-25)
Krishna Bajpai
Krishna Bajpai
store : Zoomcar Zap
review date : Jul 16 2020
Service Availed : Zoor Car
Zoor Car availed : Jul 11 2020
4.8 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.9 Payment Process
4.3 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“Fun Car Zoom Car”

  • overall experience

    Since it’s lockdown and I have not stepped outside for a while, therefore on 11th July 2020, I went for the option of subscribing for Zoomcar which all came for a price of Rs 5999 for 4 days extendable up to 5th day.

    Zoomcar Aravali drive

    Living in Gurgaon I saw a place which is not too far away but from where the Aravali hills start so I thought of visiting that place and have a look at it and campaign in a nearby location.

    All this would have not come true if I would have not got my Zoomcar with me which came at a quite affordable rate with sufficient gasoline in it. The condition of the car was quite good and looked well serviced.

    User Rating: 4.8/5