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Karan Saroha`
store : Zoomcar
review date : Oct 14 2019
Service Availed : Car Hire
Car Hired : Oct 12 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Best to book!”

  • Overall Experience

    This new car hire website has been the talk of the town since it established!

    Whether you want to take it for a long route or the short ones, hire a Zoom car and you are all set to go! I booked a Zoom Car for 4 to Nada Sahib from Kharar, Punjab. The amount payable was Rs. 1675 for 150 km and after that Rs.8/km.

    I booked the car and made the online payment of Rs. 1675. The pick up near my place. The car arrived on time. We were provided with guidelines from the owner, to take proper care and if there are any dents or scratches, we will be charged for it. 

    We took the car checked for everything. The car was clean and the breaks and all other things were properly taken care of. The car had all the required papers. The owner of the car was very kind and polite while giving us instructions regarding the same. 

    The trip was fun and we had completed 140 km. At the time of returning the car, the owner checked the car properly. And after satisfying himself, he had let us go. 

    It was an amazing trip and you must book Zoom Car!

Gaurang Sharma
store : Zoomcar
review date : Sep 03 2019
Service Availed : Car Hire
Car Hired : Aug 30 2019
4.0 Selection Experience
3.2 Coupon Selection
2.0 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“Not the one you should book!”

  • Overall Experience

    The concept of a car hire is good but the services are not up to the mark!

    I booked a Zoom Car from Kharar Bus Stand for 190 Kms. the pick-up was from the city bus stand only. The pick-up time was 8:45 PM and I had reached the location before time. The driver arrived at the given time and handed us the car keys. 

    In front of the driver, we checked the car and its accessories properly. There were two dents that we mentioned to the driver and he noted the same. As it was night, we could see anything more. We had hired a car for 3 days and made the payment of Rs.3500. 

    We took the car and the next morning, we noticed another dent on the backside. We contacted the driver and told him the same, which he had agreed at first but denied at the time of drop off. He charged us extra Rs. 500 for the same. 

    We told him that the car stood at the same place for a night, after the pick-up and we went on no drives. We even sent the driver a picture at that time. We showed him the proof and still, he didn’t accept saying that I hadn’t replied to this message.

    We paid him the extra handling charge! From now on, I am not booking Zoom Car again!