Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
    Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 09-11-2017
    review date : 11-03-2018
    store : Freecharge
    • Selection Experience

      As i don't have time to visit airtel store to recharge the no soo i decided to do online recharge and chose freecharge for the same and the experience is good i liked it as it does not take much time of mine and was done in just 2-3 minutes so it helped a lot and saves the time as well in today's busy life .

    • Coupon Availablilty

      I only choose to make mobile recharge payments through freecharge as other bills are paid by my dad i only go for online recharge and online shopping to make payments of the things i shop and for making online recharge it is really good as it shows all the good offers that are available for the no.

    • Payment Process

      It was really fast like i entered the card no and it was done just in a moment without any pause and interruption as interruptions make the experience worst but in free charge it is not like that its really good payments can be made without interruptions at all and it makes whole experience a worth.

    • Refund/Cashback Process

      There is no such issue like the failure as it was good there was no interruption in between the only interruption leads to failure but there is no disturbance in between making the payments or checking the best offers available for the no and opting according to the usage of the no it shows all the offers without any pause . 

    • User Interface

      I have made payment to Bharti Airtel through this app and there is no such difficulty in finding it and it is renowned and used by many to make online payments so there is no such difficulty in finding it and i think i could i have searched for any other service provider it could have been same as all the categories are available over here .

    • Overall Experience

      The overall experience was good as for the first time i used the app and it really worked well to go for online recharge and will definitely use this app in future as well to make online payments for sure and will suggest this app to my family members and friends as well to use the app to make online payments . 

    Reviewed By “Charu sharma”

    Top Reviews

    • 4.7/5

      Easy to use

      Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
      Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 22-11-2017
      • I use EasyMobileRecharge for mobile recharge. I chooses EasyMobileRecharge because it gives maximum cashback than other wallets. There are deals section in freecharge, hence we can buy any deal at low prices and get highest discounts or cashback than any other wallet. Always new offers are came and it was great.

      Reviewed By “Vaibhav Pawar”

    • 4.8/5

      Good and best

      Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
      Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 30-12-2017
      store : BHIM
      • Yes BHIM gives us the best cashback offers and suppose. If it is failed, so we can complain and after complaining they solve our problems as soon as possible. They take care or their customers. I have already referred many people about using the BHIM app.

      Reviewed By “Banda Manish Krishnahari”

    • 4.8/5

      Tata Sky packs a full charge

      Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
      Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 30-12-2017
      store : Tata-Sky
      • Tata Sky has been an amazing app. Its simplistic and less complicated. It is very user friendly and payment method is also very secure. This is exactly what the current economy needs and as a good platform for all the payments, I will always prefer Tata Sky over any other payment gateway.

      Reviewed By “Abhishekh Ganesh”

    • 4.3/5

      Look quick for mobikwik

      Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
      Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 20-11-2017
      store : Mobikwik
      • Mobikwik is easy and fast way to do recharges and also offers great vouchers on payment ! It's server is very fast ! I did not face any problems while using it !

        Yes mobikwik offered me great discount and cash back then other apps!

        It's very useful and fast recharge app!


      Reviewed By “Amisha”