“Mobile free charge review”

Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 26-10-2017
review date : 05-03-2018
store : MobiKwik
  • Selection Experience

    Because offer the cashback by using coupon code..also I have paid on sale bhai..zoom in..myntra through Mobikwik and got cashback...due to low cash back on paytm and no new coupon I didn't use paytm.. I love the Mobikwik because it gave cash back instant and my account transaction are proof of it

  • Coupon Availablilty

    Yes...sometime searched like on desidime or grab on...and also uses some apps on play store for coupons code but didn't get anything..... on some sites or apps...before Mobikwik, I used amazon pay...but amazon pay is not available on all sites but free charge is available on most sites and mostly prefer it and love to use it

  • Payment Process

    Recharge transaction are fast when on 4g network but if on 2g it will take quite long time...otherwise the recharge procees is smooth..just easy and simple apply coupon code and get cash back..only work slow on 2g connection otherwise till know I didn't get any difficulty or error and got instant cashbacks and always love to use it 

  • Refund/Cashback Process

    Well till now I didn't get any failure issue...so don't know about the refund process but cash back is very fast and instant..if we apply 1 minute code that is for lucky customer ..that cash back we get after one day...otherwise all other cash back are fast..I mostly uses the cashback amount for recharges and for online transaction for online shopping 

  • User Interface

    Mobikwik is quite smooth and fast..and can recharge any network ..in past I used Amazon pay and paytm but know uses freecharge mostly for recharge and pos transaction  ...only slow on 2g transaction..otherwise on 4g it is quite fast and smooth and no doubt on that but should be fast on 2g  also 

  • Overall Experience

    My overall experience is amazing..I mostly use mobikwik for recharge and pos transaction for e-shopping eg sale bhaji, myntra, zoomin where I used mobikwik and using everyday for recharge.and cash back I received uses to other recharge or online transaction..the smooth and instant cash back..always impress it and loved it .but only thing u should have to improve is that app should be fast on 2g  network also..like on 4g..thanks 

Reviewed By “Ankur singla”

Top Reviews

  • 4.7/5

    Easy to use

    Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
    Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 22-11-2017
    • I use EasyMobileRecharge for mobile recharge. I chooses EasyMobileRecharge because it gives maximum cashback than other wallets. There are deals section in freecharge, hence we can buy any deal at low prices and get highest discounts or cashback than any other wallet. Always new offers are came and it was great.

    Reviewed By “Vaibhav Pawar”

  • 4.8/5

    Good and best

    Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
    Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 30-12-2017
    store : BHIM
    • Yes BHIM give us best cashback offers and suppose it failed so we can complaint and after complaining they solved our problems as soon as possible....they take care or their customers..I like to use BHIM app...and I told my dad to use this application and I refer many people to use this application because this is good and helpful application

    Reviewed By “Banda Manish Krishnahari”

  • 4.2/5

    Freecharge means really free recharge

    Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
    Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 09-10-2017
    store : Freecharge
    • Actually I came to know about free charge when it was recently launched and had an offer with good day biscuits to offer . From there my love towards freecharge developed as it gave a free recharge as it was promised to do and still continuing. It offered the cash back offers even better than Paytm.

    Reviewed By “Mandar”

  • 4.7/5

    Reviewing freecharge

    Mobile : Recharge/Bill Payment Done
    Recharge/ Bill Payment Date : 30-12-2017
    store : Freecharge
    • It is fast, easy and safe way for recharging my mobile.

      Regular cash backs, promo codes  makes me used to use freecharge. Loads of thumps up for the app. Also it runs smoothly on any phone.. It does not occupy much space..so it does not have any issue with running like hanging of phones or stopping of freecharge app

    Reviewed By “Prateek Aswal”