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North indian : Food Ordered
Food Ordered Date : 09-12-2017
review date : 03-03-2018
store : freshmenu
  • Selection Experience

    Freshmenu has the best and fast food delivery service in India. I recently ordered a veg paneer handi and Tandoor and Roti. They called me for the confirmation of the order. Contrary to most of the experiences shared here, mine was really good.

    I had never used Freshmenu before in any city and my first experience of using it was here in Bangalore. Freshmenu was providing a discount of Rs 100 on orders above Rs 400 and hence I decided to go for it

  • Coupon Availablilty

    Freshmenu gives the best offers andWhile placing order, I have to pin point the exact location of my house with a marker on a map, on the Freshmenu site. Still, I get calls from delivery boys, to explain me how to reach my home. I mean, what's the point of all this. Can't they just use that? I have marked the exact location on the map. Why ask for it, when you don't use it. discount coupons for their customer. There is no minimum order value for any customer. You can order as much you want.I had seen the discount coupon on Freshmenu app of 33 percent off on 1st order.

  • Payment Process

    A few days back I had ordered some food from Freshmenu during evening hours. As per the promise, the order was fulfilled in fair time and I was happy with the delivery effort.

    The delivery bikes don't have any boxes or containers, like the ones Dominos or Pizza Hut have at their back, to carry the items.

     The delivery boys usually carry it in their hands.Delivery boy forgot the restaurant bill.But Freshmenu still had a soft copy of that.

    1. They dont provide restaurants bill to you
    2. They provide only their own receipt via email
  • Refund/Cashback Process

    Ordered from Freshmenu for dinner at 9 and promised delivery at 9:48 Pm. And the agony starts.

    1. 2 calls for followup
    2. Food came at 10:30
    3. Order Paneer Handi and Tandoor Roti
    4. Mailed their customer care to confirm the order.
    5. The difference amount is put into Freshmenu wallet! I paid cash on delivery.
  • User Interface

    Freshmenu is not worth and can not stand in this increasing competition of food ventures. They must know by just opening a site is just not enough, atleast they must teach their executives how to talk to customers and treat them

    My worst experiance occured when i ordered from this site.

  • Overall Experience

    I have been using Freshmenu for a while now. I should say, I was really happy with the deliveries when the app first rolled out. They were promtly delivered. But, more recently, I'm beginning to experience a level of discomfort with the services.

    Firstly, the deliveries take forever! The delivery guy calls over 3 times every time for the exact location. For God's sake it is pinned on the map and my address is very easy to find. Moreover, the delivery guy asks me to give him a good rating.

Reviewed By “Prasad Dhamane”

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