“My experience on ordering at ebay.”

Under armour shoes : Product Purchased
Product Purchased Date : 10-10-2017
review date : 04-03-2018
store : ebay
  • Selection Experience

    I ordered under armour shoes from eBay, because it was at the best price at that time from all other shopping websites and it was only present at eBay at that time. I have also ordered many other products from eBay like a egg boiler, Philips trimmer and many more.

  • Coupon Availablilty

    Before ordering the product I looked for how many percent of discount is available at the product and the perfect size and colour is available or not. After checking the perfect size and color I looked for any coupons present to be reedemed at that transaction . I also took part in some quiz organised for getting a chance to earn coupon and points.

  • Payment Process

    The booking time was very quick and I didn't faced any problems in booking the product at eBay. The process involved in booking product at eBay is very simple that it can be used by every age group of customers and it also provides steps of instructions also to book the product properly.

  • Refund/Cashback Process

    The product was delivered in around 3 to 4 business days and the quality of the product was very good and it matched all the qualities as mentioned on eBay. The behavior of the delivery person was good he behaved in a very professional way and asked for the due amount and also had proper change to give back to the customer.

  • User Interface

    No I didn't faced any problem in searching the product on eBay. And eBay also showed very helpful suggestions while searching for the product. It showed many similar products and also compared the prices of the product and showed which one is the best. The suggestion were very helpful while shopping on eBay.

  • Overall Experience

    Yes, I will shop again from eBay because the product's quality was very good and the delivering speed is also good.I would also like to recommend to shop from eBay to my friends and relatives because it delivers quality product and at a pocket friendly price also. The  overall experience on eBay was awesom

Reviewed By “Praveen Yadav”