“Aish without cash”

    product purchased : Shirts
    purchased on : 28-12-2016
    review date : 01-01-2018
    store : nnnow
    • Selection Experience

      Generally, I purchase clothing’s, footwear and electronics online. But, I trust Nnnow regarding my apparel’s. They offer finest deals with the quickest delivery. I just have this app for purchasing clothes and latest outfits on my smartphone. The main reason behind shopping online is to reduce the mental and pressure which are caused whenever we visit congested markets. Also, we get a complete range of any brands which are sometimes not available even at exclusive stores.

      We are able to locate products which do not even have a store. I mean the brands with are only available online.               

    • Coupon Availablilty

      First of all, Filters are completely applied by me in order to avoid scrolling. No, I just buy trusted brands so reviews are completely useless for me. When I see some of my favorite brand products in any of the stores, I quickly check there rate at this site before making a purchase because sometimes I find a huge difference between rates just like I discovered it on Nnnow were this shirt was of around 960RS. And at the store, the prices was 1200Rs. Reviews act to me are totally fake because they say branded items are not even lasting for few days which totally not accepted on my side.              

      I haven’t used coupons on nnnow cause they seem a bit irrelevant to me cause I am already getting the product at a discounted price.

    • Payment Process

      Booking can be done in a blink of an eye. Not any kind of difficulties is still faced by me As soon as I end my conversation regarding refund, it is transferred in my account all of my family members are very much satisfied by the refunds and exchange procedures of nnnow. They understand the reason very quickly and resolve the problem more quickly.

      They have so many payment options like bank transfer, visa payment, e-wallet usage. I ordered my product from my HDFC card which got me an extra discount on the product.

    • Refund/Cashback Process

      Shipment is quickest when you go for nnnow India Product quality is nice and well-packed Delivery person are Indians so I have habit of them Always they bring my product at my doorstep even after my address is too confusing Delivery persons are most of the time doing their job well Overall I can say delivery process does not require any changes.              

    • User Interface

      The user interface is a little bit messy as compared to Myntra Sometimes a little bit difficulty was faced by me while searching for the product that I have forgotten about earlier and want to view again. Categorization of products must be redone so that they are well organized like on other sites. 


      Also, the home page is not as good as of other interfaces. Sometimes searching products becomes difficult due to lack of arrangement of products. The product quality is good, the delivery time is also good but the UI is the thing which needs to be worked on.         

    • Overall Experience

      Overall, I am very satisfied with service of nnnow. According to me, you must make old customers feel privileged by giving them proper rewards time to time delivered to their doorstep instead of providing useless coupons and all. Coupons are not evenly used by customers all the time or I can say they require much time for searching and all, so they are skipped by me all of the times.


      I hope your team will work on the points I am refereeing to. And speaking of reference I have referred Nnnow to lots of my friends who are in search of good quality clothing.

    Reviewed By “Harsh Agrawal”

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    • 4.5/5

      Tempted to shop more

      product purchased : Shirts
      purchased on : 23-01-2017
      store : Myntra
      • I have bought shirts for my brother. The price were just awesome. I always compare other shopping sites before placing orders.

        This time myntra won my heart with amazing deals. Phone pe and bank offers help a lot to get nice discount.

        The mytra sale really had a great deal and discount. It looks like a sale.

      Reviewed By “Neha Kumari”