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  • 4.8/5

    Trustable Store

    Product Purchased : Philips Avent Toddler Cups Spout Cup
    Philips Avent Toddler Cups Spout Cup Purchased : 21-05-2015
    review date : 10-08-2017
    store : Flipkart
    • I have purchased many products in flipkart like iPad cover, baby feeding bottle, Chicco baby toy, baby shower cap, office file, ladies purse. Flipkart is like a shopping market for every online shopper. Why I purchased only from flipkart? The answer of this question is I feel Flipkart is one the trustable online site that delivers genuine product with lenient price. After choosing a product to buy I will search for the reviews about the product and then I will compare with other online stores. I compared all the things like price of the product, shipping time means in how many days I will get my product in my hand. After comparison, I always found in flipkart as the best site as it will always best result. It has reasonable price and I can trust on goods delivered safely. So, I always go with flipkart for these reasons.

    Reviewed By Saranya

  • 4.2/5

    Amazon India Review

    Product Purchased : Mobile
    Mobile Purchased : 08-08-2016
    review date : 09-08-2017
    • I did search for coupons on the internet and found many coupons too but the discount could not be combined with any other offer. So I was not able to use any coupon.

    Reviewed By Aditya Burde

  • 3.5/5

    Amazon review

    Product Purchased : Book
    Book Purchased : 03-12-2016
    review date : 08-08-2017
    store : Amazon
    • yes my product booking was very fast compared to other websites, payment through debit cards are the biggest headache for the customers , mostly I prefer cash on delivery basis only, no refunds are with in 48 hours , it is another problem with online eCommerce websites , if they gives us r`returns then we may continue shopping as soon as possible

    Reviewed By Pvvs Chowdary

  • 2.7/5

    They do not keep their commitment

    Product Purchased : mobile
    Mobile purchased : 26-11-2016
    review date : 03-08-2017
    • the option to pay through Amazon wallet. I got the product delivered in just 2 days. Product quality seemed to be okay when I got the delivery, everything was well managed. But when I started using the device, it started getting discharge quickly and takes a lot of time to get full charged around 4 to 5 hours. Delivery person was not that polite and active, he called me up and started making excuses that he was not willing to deliver on the same day as it was Saturday. It was such a bad experience with the amazon delivery. It was just a waste of money and time.

    Reviewed By Uday

  • 5.0/5

    Amazing Amazon

    MOBILE PURCHASED : 27-12-2016
    review date : 02-08-2017
    • It is very user friendly - I prefer the website and it is logically / intuitively arranged Out of the all sections I use; amazon India is definitely one of them. It is smart, useful and does exactly what I want. In this age of the proliferation of apps, this is one that is useful - has an interface that is user centric and puts the needs of the user (me) - cant say enough good things about it. They also provide filter options. Other sites also provide this option but the filtering ranges which amazon gives is incomparable. Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce site and they are providing that kind of facilities to their customers. The user interface is just as simple as it is possible. Very happy and a loyal customer for sure - for the past 2 years

    Reviewed By Aveesh Kumar

  • 4.8/5

    Unique Tensionless Experience

    Product Purchased : Mobile
    Mobile Purchased : 18-11-2016
    review date : 24-07-2017
    store : Flipkart
    • Shopping with Flipkart is a heavenly experience because of the quality of its products which are FLIPKART ASSURED and also because returns policy was also very easy and convenient. I used to shop from a different site before but now I have sticked with Flipkart because of the good experience that I have. I will definitely shop with flipkart and highly recommend this site to other since quality of products are upto the mark and easy refund and replace policy. I would be grateful for flipkart coupons and I hope flipkart keeps a different page for browsing history Sometimes I get an email saying a product has discount but when I go to flipkart site I don’t see the discount. User-interface that created by flipkart was so easy to use even a new user can use it without taking any help. New user as well as old user can easily interact with flipkart.

    Reviewed By Rekha

  • 3.8/5

    Nice product in budget price

    Product Purchased : mobile phone
    Mobile Phone Purchased : 23-02-2017
    review date : 22-07-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • Swipe Konnect Neo 4G, Black [ 4G VoLTE mobile phone it was on discounted price and in a good price one will get 4g supported sim . best for JIO offer. This product is good for our parents as well as who gives more time to on surfing.and it is also be supportive for each and every one who gives more the in the internet. and it showed the best deal at the best price with the good quality and should be used by intrested one.

    Reviewed By Nitin dhyani

  • 4.5/5

    Flipkart Shopping Review

    Product Purchased : Mobile
    Mobile Purchased : 31-12-2016
    review date : 14-06-2017
    • I bought Apple iPhone 6S from Flipkart. When I wanted to buy iPhone 6S, I searched for many stores and also went through many online shopping stores. But amongst all Flipkart was offering the best deal which was Rs.4000/- discount on the price of the phone, which is a huge discount as no other e-commerce website or no other store was offering even a small discount. Although the I had money to pay for a single shot but then I got to know about the EMI scheme that Flipkart provides for its customers, so I preferred buying the phone with installments rather than paying full amount at once. And Flipkart was giving a 12 month EMI wherein I had to pay no interest and had to pay only my phone’s installments. After knowing the offer details I instantly decided to buy the phone and I bought this and I have saved approx Rs. 4000 and I am totally happy with my decision.

    Reviewed By Kamal Lochan

  • 5.0/5

    One happy shopaholic

    Product Purchased : Dress
    Dress Purchased : 26-12-2016
    review date : 10-05-2017
    store : nnnow
    • Booking was quiet fast. I just had to select the size and add the product to cart. The product was booked at first instance. I paid through my credit card. No difficulties were faced during booking. I love this about nnow. The ful process of placing order is so user friendly and you get information about the valid coupons which can be used. The process is transparent and hasslefree. Also there werer no shipping charges levied :)

    Reviewed By Sonal sharma

  • 0.0/5

    best work

    Product Purchased : Baby Care
    Baby care Purchased : 03-12-2016
    review date : 10-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • delivery took about 2 weeks, i almost though they will never deliver the product. It was delivered at the mentioned address in the night time around 10 pm. It was very disturbing to deliver in night. courier guy was in hurry and did not even wait for me to check the product properly, very unprofessional. experience was not good for doing online shopping

    Reviewed By Kanahiya Agrawal

  • 4.5/5

    Satisfaction of shopping

    Product Purchased : Shorts and briefs
    Shorts and briefs Purchased : 30-12-2015
    review date : 10-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • It was very fast and the quality was very good I really liked the service provided by shopclues The product was delivered before time and the delivery persons behaviour was really good. If we are talking about the refund policy i have really no idea about that because i never return any shopclues products, but the cashback services was really good. The cashback amount always credited in the wallet before the estimated time.

    Reviewed By Suraj Chaudhary

  • 4.2/5

    An experience worth sharing

    Food Order : North Indian
    North Indian Order : 02-10-2014
    review date : 10-05-2017
    store : Foodpanda
    • Overall foodpanda is a pretty useful app as it offers variety of food, good discounts and convenient delivery. Initially I was skeptical about online payments but after my experience, I can say that my money is safe. one of my suggestion would be to add foodpanda expert review about the restaurents which would help customers decide which one to choose.

    Reviewed By Tushar Taneja

  • 4.2/5

    Best shopping

    Product Purchased : Chargers and watches and more
    Chargers and watches and more purchased : 12-10-2015
    review date : 08-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • Chargers and watches and more

    Reviewed By Farooq Hussain

  • 2.0/5

    Cost effective but poor customer support

    Product Purchased : Kishmish Black
    Kishmish Black Purchased : 18-01-2017
    review date : 08-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • Sometimes coupons are provided by Shopclues through e-mail. Recently Shopclues had came up with different games and depending upon score they provided discount coupons. Also discount coupons are available on various coupon sites, viz. Couponraja, Dealnloot, Freekaamaal.But they also use others schemes on clicking that coupons and discounts. And has to give feedback on every products and the services that you buy from the shopclues and this is not at all necessary to give feedback on every products and the services that you have buyed from it . and i always read the reviews of customers before ordering a product because many times it gives low quality of products to the customers.

    Reviewed By Anil Patil

  • 3.5/5


    Product Purchased : Headphones
    Headphones Purchased : 01-04-2016
    review date : 08-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • Making payment at shoplcues is very easy. They provide so much option to do payment. The product was good quality & later when I purchased another product, which came in different. It was replaced with a week, so that was good. so, a pretty good satifaction with service provided & assurance for the next time ordering of any product.

    Reviewed By Vikrant Kakade

  • 4.7/5

    Shoplues is like a shoping mall

    Product Purchased : Perfume
    Perfume purchase date : 12-10-2015
    review date : 08-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • shipping is the the main problem while the booking some items are arrived very slow but some items are very fast,product quality is almost same but color of the product most of the time not match. Delivery person was not ready to understand that i had ordered different color. It is a big drawback. I hope shopclues make it better as soon as possible to be a better webiste.

    Reviewed By Nishadnl

  • 5.0/5

    Best online shopping site

    Product Purchased : Evana Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike
    Evana Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike Purchased : 25-12-2016
    review date : 08-05-2017
    store : Snapdeal
    • I purchased many products from snapdeal website earlier as well, without much of the hassle, Its Website quickly got desired results when searched for the products required. Price was more competitive when compared to other websites. The services are awesome and the customer service team really helps you better than other websites.

    Reviewed By Adnan

  • 4.0/5

    Online Shopping

    Product Purchased : Watch
    Watch Purchased : 14-11-2016
    review date : 06-05-2017
    store : nnnow
    • nnnow had good idea and wide variety of shopping .they also keep track of customer nned so time to time they can give little good offers on occassion althogh there shipping charges are high for products,what you get as customer is very important. on part of customer improvement, nnnow is doing well as well as customer satisfaction in terms of sstyle,variety and products variation is really good and it is overall I am happy customer upto date as I also use both mode of payment with nnnow(cod,and online).

    Reviewed By Dharmesh Modi

  • 3.8/5

    My Review on Shopclues Online Shopping

    Product Purchased : Mobile
    Mobile Purchased : 04-06-2016
    review date : 06-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • Shopclues offered better discount compared to other sites. I got the product link in my daily newsletter from shopclues with coupon codes. And also they has provided Cashbucks points which can be used futher for your shopping to get more discount on the shopping cart. Every time you shop on shoplcues they gives you the Cashbucks point which will credit to your accountand that was really good

    Reviewed By Raghu Nv

  • 4.7/5

    online purchasing

    Product Purchased : Headset
    Headset Purchased : 26-03-2016
    review date : 06-05-2017
    store : Shopclues
    • yes I check review of that product and aslo check out the discount offer running over the projet then make shopping and also check it to different site then make a check on the price list again when we get offer then I purchase it all. I got a coupon for my shoplcues shopping, saved me few hunderd bucks. really thank full for shopclues to save my money

    Reviewed By Puja Gupta