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Ubereats Referral Codes, Deals: Earn $10 on Each Uber eats Referral

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27 Dec 18
Written by Barkha Bali

Uber Eats always accompanies a good deal with its referral code offers. With best in class service and discounts there are number of variety that it caters. There are a wallet offers and other exclusive offers that one can avail while ordering the favorite meal via the Uber Eats Referral code and get up to $10 off, let’s have a look

The Ubereats Referral Codes

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Uber Eats Referral Code: Earn $10/Referral
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ubereats referral codes

Ubereats referral codes are active for all users. Every user will have their own unique referral code in the "free food" section of the account, that you will have to share with new users. It can get you a chance to win free food when used by referred user and additionally get up to $5 credit.

Uber eats Referral Code Offer for Existing User 

  • You can earn a credit of $5 and additionally a chance to get a free email.
  • Also, you can earn $5 when your referral makes his first requisite transaction through the Uber Eats Free Food Code.
  • The maximum earning you can get through this deal is $10 and also a free meal.
  • The medium to share the referral link are via whatsapp, email, bluetooth etc.

Steps to avail the Uber eats referral code for existing users-

  1. Open your app or web and hop to the "free food" section of your Uber Eats account, you will find a unique referral code under the section there. 
  2. Copy this referral code and share this referral code with a new users and ask them to sign up from your referred link. 
  3. You can get a fair deal to win one free meal from Uber Eats. Additionally your referral code can also get you and your friend $5 discount on your subsequent food order.
  4. You can also share your referral code directly with the “Share referral code” option under your referral code and ask your referred friend to sign up from your shared link and apply it under “Apply Referral Code” option.

Ubereats Referral Codes Offer for New User –

New users have to sign up using the referral link and apply the referral code after the sign up and get up to $5 on their first order.There are a number of discount coupons available for new users like FIRST50, Free Delivery, $5 off on first 2 orders, $30 off on American Express Banks, etc.

Steps to avail this Uber eats Referral codes for new users -

  1. Ask your existing user friend to share his/her referral code and download the Uber Eats app from the shared referral code.
  2. After signing up, you will see a pop up of “Have a referral code”, tap on the pop up and enter your referee’s referral code and get a credit of $5 which can be used on your first food order.

Ta-da and you are done! Not a rocket science right? Enjoy your free meal and discount credit.

Uber is one of the most economical yet the tastiest place to fulfill your long suppressed cravings and when deals like these come in the picture there is no holding back! Be it for a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, Uber always has the best in the picture – taste-wise or money-wise. So why not tell your friends about it?