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Kids Movies on Netflix: Get 6-Months Unlimited Netflix Streaming

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25 Jan 19
Written by Barkha Bali

Netflix is the topmost Video-On-Demand service currently available in the market. The service is capable of catering a wide variety of audience is it an adult or a kid. Yes, the service also has a great range of shows that are available under Kids Movies on Netflix like Peter Rabbit, The Emoji Movie, Dear Dracula, and many more. Therefore, in order to check them out read more.

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kids movies on netflix

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a new kids movie on Netflix in which the story revolves around the mischievous rabbit and the farmer. The movie will make your kid laugh, cry, and learn new lessons in life. Firstly in the movie, there is a dispute between the rabbit and the farmer. But afterward, he starts to fall in love with a rabbit. This animated flick is perfect for preschooler kids as they can learn about nature and the importance it holds in our life. One can also read Netflix student discounts to grab 45% discounts for students

Director: Will Gluck

Stars: James Corden, Fayssal Bazzi, and Domhnall Gleeson

The Emoji Movie

Emojis are the today's time most favorite smartphone characters and also being loved by everyone from adults to kids. Let your child witness all the emoji characters roaming live in the town by making them watch Netflix movie "The Emoji". In this animated flick, there are numerous emoji's in which everyone has some specific facial expression. But among those, there is an emoji named as Gene who doesn't have power for showing any expressions. The storyline changes when he met with an emoji Hi-5 who later on turn his best friend in the movie teaches Gene to behave like other emoji's. All in all this film will worth you and your kids time.   

Director: Tony Leondis

Stars: T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris

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Super Monsters Save Halloween

Super Monsters save Halloween is the one of best kids movie on Netflix. This movie is best for preschool going kids because it is a funny, spirited, and very compassionate. This movie showcases mini monsters who do a tremendous job to help out a little boy to overcomes from his fears. The super monsters helped him to acknowledge the real difference between real and duplicates monsters. The message conveyed by this movie is solid and firm which makes it perfect for preschoolers to watch it. Get Netflix Free Trial to get access to the best kids movies on netflix.

Director: Steve Ball

Stars: Elyse Maloway, Alessandro Juliani, Vincent Tong

Dear Dracula

Dear Dracula is counted among the best kid movies on Netflix. It's a kids friendly movie based on a graphic novel. Basically, the movie focuses on a friendship between a shy boy and kindly Dracula Count. The emotional bond of boy and count makes the movie heavy on comedy and light on fright. This Netflix flick is just best for parents who are looking to find digital content for their kids between the age of 5 to 10. Because it depicts the value of friendship and the satisfaction of self-esteem. Besides this, the theme of self-confidence and kindness makes the story more funny and heartwarming rather than frightful. View best netflix original movies and get 6-months streaming for free.

Director: Chad Van De Keere

Stars: Ray Liotta, Emilio Estevez, and Ariel Winter

Stick man

Stick man streaming on Netflix is a story about an animated twig who lives with his stick lady love and their children. One day, he met with a boy who throws him on a dog to fetch. Afterward, some children playing out their uses him to built a nest far from his home. Then, the story got a twist when after a year the twig met with a Santa Claus. He helped him a lot to get him back to his home and finally he had celebrated Christmas with his family. And, this theme of the movie makes it a family friendly movie.

Director: Jeroen Jaspaert and Daniel Snaddon

Stars: Martin Freeman and Jennifer Saunders

Dancing in the light: The Janet Collins Story

The movie is about a dedicated and passionate black dancer who has been offered to dance in a prestigious Ballet Russe. Just because she has black skin, the concerned authorities asked to turn her skin into white. She denies and juggles to get her identity as a minority on the basis of her talent. 

It is a good entertainment option for the school going child as the movie is about the lingering effects of slavery. Back to the movie theme, it is full of dedication, and practice of an art form. And combinedly makes the girl achieve success and triumph his ambitions during the time when ballet is only meant for white people. 

Director: Saxton Moore

Happy Feet

Happy feet is an animation, adventure and funny film which has a plethora of catchy music. Basically, the storyline showcases how humans are intruding into natural habitats. It is an ultra cute kid flick and best for children above the age of three. Because it displays the messages of social acceptance, integrity, and don't ever hesitate to show your own uniqueness.

Moreover, the movie also has an emperor Penguins, who find their soulmate by singing a song. Albeit, the story get twist when a penguin born who won't be able to sing but he can tap his feet for a dance. 

Director: George Miller and Warren Coleman

Stars: Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, and Hugh Jackman

Thunder and the house of Magic

Thunder and the house of Magic Netflix movie is a charming yet adventurous animated flick for kids. The movie is about an abandoned cat who finds a new home in an elderly magician. The movie has so much of amazing content which can appeal kids a lot because it has silly slapstick humor and cute magic tricks. It is a good pick for kids even parents can also enjoy.

Director: Jemmy Degruson and Ben Stassen

Stars: Cinda Adams, George Babbitt, and Brianne Brozey 

So, every weekend just sit with your kids in your living room with some popcorns and enjoy a movie. All the aforementioned movie are comedy, funny, emotional and have some genuine messages to convey. This will also help parents to teach their kids some life lessons to their kids very smoothly and in a friendly way. Enjoy the show.