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Dominos Christmas Hours, Deals, Products: 25% Discounts on All Orders

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17 Dec 18
Written by Anandita Hore

For all the pizza lovers out there!! Dominos is here with a whole lot of deals and offers under Dominos Christmas Hours. Grab and pizza of your choice and get huge discounts and cashback.

Exclusive Offers under Dominos


Discount offered

Pizzas up to 25% off

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get 15% off on Pastas

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avail 10% discounts on Bread

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Desserts at maximum 5% off

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Get 15% discount on Beverages

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Mousses up to 10% off 

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dominos christmas hours

Dominos Christmas hours

Dominos is here to help you beat that odd time hunger with a yummilicious slice of cheesy pizza or hot garlic bread during Christmas with its extended hours. The restaurant will deliver food till 1:00 AM at night with no extra charges on food delivery on 24th December and 25th December 2019. 

Sitewide Offers on Dominos 

30 minutes or free

One of the most interesting offers that a dominos offer to all its customers to wish to get their food delivered at their doorstep is the 30-minute offer.

  • Get your pizza delivered in 30 minutes or get it for free
  • This offer is only valid on weekdays
  • Minimum order of $50 is mandatory
  • Offer valid only on home deliveries

Add a topping for $2 only

Now you can add any topping of your choice to your pizza for only $2 extra by using TOPITUP as your promo code

  • This offer is valid only on vegetarian pizzas
  • Only 1 extra topping can be added
  • You cannot change the crust of the pizza
  • Offer not valid on veg-supreme and veggie delight

Get a free coke on take away

Visit your nearest dominos outlet and order your food with take away option and get a free coke mobile on every order.

  • No minimum billing amount has been fixed by the store
  • You do not require any promo code for this offer
  • Offer applicable only on weekdays
  • Festival days are excluded from this offer

Select a crust for only $5

Now your pizzas will become more yummy and more mouth devouring with a crust of your choice for only $5 extra from dominos Christmas eve hours

  • You can select a crust of your choice from options available
  • This offer is valid on vegetarian as well as on non-vegetarian pizzas
  • Offer valid on dine in orders only

Top 10 products on this store

Veggie paradise for 15% discount

Veggie paradise is a mouth-watering pizza which includes golden corn, black olives, capsicum and red paprika as its toppings. Add it to your cart for only $69 with a 15% discount on its retail price on $99

BOGO offer on pastas

Order a pasta of your choice and get the other one for free. You can select from red sauce, white sause, pepperoni or Mexican pasta from dominos hours Christmas day

Choco lava cake for $15

Grace your taste buds with a mouth devouring treat from dominos. Now get your favorite choco lava cake for only $15 from dominos Christmas day

Buy 5 pepper pizza and get garlic bread free 

As the name suggests this pizza has capsicum green, yellow and red bell peppers, jalapeno and red paprika. Add it to your cart and get garlic bread free along with your order

Stuffed garlic bread for 10% discount

Add stuffed garlic bread to your order and relish it with your friends for only $15 with a 10% discount on its retail price of $29 only under dominos Christmas eve hours

Mexican green wave pizza for $89

This pizza is a complete delight for vegetarian people. This pizza contains Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Fresh Tomato, Jalapenos sprinkled with exotic Mexican herbs. Grab it for only $89

Chicken dominator for 20% discount

This pizza is considered as a paradise for all non-vegetarians out there. It includes chicken tikka, peri chicken, double barbeque chicken, and grilled chicken rashers. Add it to your cart for only $120

Cheese burst pizza for $99 only

The finger-licking cheese burst pizza that comes loaded with three different types of cheese can be hogged on for only $99 from the dominos Christmas hours.

Chicken wings for 10% discount

Hog on to amazingly delicious barbeque chicken wings from dominos for only $20 with 15% discount on its retail price of $45 under dominos Christmas hours

Chocolate crème mousse for $45

A nutty chocolaty and frothy mousse can be purchased from the dominos Christmas hours for only $45. You can also avail a mousse free on ordering 4 large size pizzas from the menu.

Popular categories from Dominos Christmas Hours 2019

Pizzas on Dominos Christmas Hours

Dominos is a paradise for pizza lovers as it offers amazing pizzas with finger licking toppings and softest crusts and affordable prices. Invite your friends and loved one to your place and throw a pizza party and get your pizzas delivered till midnight from the dominos Christmas hours. Most loved pizzas under this category are: veg supreme and chicken dominator


Discount offered

Vegetarian singles

Up to 25% discount

Vegetarian doubles

Get 15% off

Non-vegetarian singles

Avail 10% discount

Non-vegetarian doubles

Maximum 5% off

Supreme pizzas

Get 15% discount

Cheese burst pizzas

Up to 10% off

Major products under this category:

Non veg supreme for $120

Grab this supreme pizza which comes loaded with black olives, onions, capsicum, mushrooms, peri peri chicken, chicken rashers and pepper barbeque chicken available for only $120

Veg herbie delight for 10% discount

This pizza is a perfect blend of herbs and spices and gives your taste buds a complete treat with every bite. Add it to your cart for $110 with 10% discount on its retail price of $140

Chicken dominator cheesy burst for $99

The different varieties of chicken and spices give this pizza a smoky and spicy taste. This pizza will give you full satisfaction with the different flavors for only $99 from dominos Christmas hours

Cheese margarita for 5% discount

Enjoy the best cheese pull with this simple yet yummy pizza from dominos Christmas hours for only $65 with 5% discount on its original price of $89

Breads and Parcels on Dominos Christmas Hours

There are a variety of sides available on dominos Christmas hours to make your pizza a mouth devouring deal. You can grab garlic bread, salads, mousse, chicken wings or you can simply grab a bottle of coke o quench your thirst. Avail an overall discount of 15% on this category and hog on to your meal without spending much from your pocket.


Discount offered

Garlic bread

Up to 20% discount

Stuffed corn and cheese bread

Get 5% off


Avail 5% discount

Non-vegetarian parcels

Maximum 15% off

Vegetarian pockets

Get 25% discount


Up to 10% off

Products to look out in this category:

Garlic bread for 5% discount

The soft, crunchy and cheesy bread is loved by most of us and is the most common side that is enjoyed with pizza. Add it to your cart for only $15 and complete your meal.

Salads for $20

Order a simple green salad with salt and pepper or you can also modify your order by adding some more veggies and topping it up with oregano. Order and enjoy your healthy salad for only $20

Stuffed garlic bread for 5% discount

Relish your taste buds with this soft and creamy corn and cheese bread available from dominos Christmas hours with 5% discount for only $20

Cheesy jalapeno dips for 20% off

A soft creamy cheese dip spiced with jalapeno can be your best companion while eating breads. Add them to your cart for only $5 with 20% discount only from dominos Christmas Eve hours.

Desserts and Beverages on Dominos Christmas Hours

Dominos is not going to disappoint you ever and thus it offers a wide variety of desserts and beverages to finish your meal. Order for yummy brownies or simply quench your thirst with a bottle of coke, dig in to choco lava cakes or simply relish on mousse everything is being offered from the dominos Christmas day with an overall discount of 20% on this category.


Discount offered

Hot chocolate brownie

Up to 10% discount

Nutty choco lava cake

Avail 15% off

Coke mobile

Maximum 15% discount

Butterscotch mousse cake

Maximum 15% off

Brownie with ice cream

Get 15% discount

Choco lava simple

Up to 5% off

Major products under this category

Butterscotch Mousse Cake for $45

A Creamy & Chocolaty indulgence with layers of rich, fluffy Butterscotch Cream and delicious Dark Chocolate Cake, topped with crunchy Dark Chocolate morsels available for $45

Lava Cake for 15% discount

Filled with delicious molten chocolate inside and topped with nuts this cake is going to be your favorite. Dig in to this dessert for $20 with 15% discount from dominos Christmas hours.

Brownie fantasy for $20

Sweet Temptation! Hot Chocolate Brownie drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce can be relished for only $20 from dominos Christmas day

Coke mobile for $10

Finish your meal and quenxh your thirst with a chilled coke available from the store for only $10 under dominos hours Christmas day.

Specialty Food on Dominos Christmas Hours

Dominos is not just about pizzas anymore. Turn your pizza into a complete meal by ordering yummy specialty meals from dominos. From potato shots to tacos and from cheesy pockets to crunchy chicken wings everything is available on the store with an overall discount of 25% under dominos Christmas day.


Discount offered

Chicken wings

Up to 10% discount

Wheat strips

Get 15% off


Avail 15% discount

Crinkle fries

Maximum 25% off

Cheesy potato shots

Get 15% discount


Up to 5% off

Major products to lookout under this category

Chicken wings for 15% discount

Chicken wings are the most loved sides for the chicken lovers. They are enjoyed with cheese dip or with BBQ sauce. Order these juicy wings for only $25 from dominos Christmas hours.

Nuggets for $35

The crunchy and juicy pieces of boneless chicken are best enjoyed with cheesy dip or with simple tomato ketchup too available for only $35 from dominos Christmas Eve hours.

Taco Mexicana vegetarian for $40

A crispy flaky wrap filled with Mexican Arancini Bean Patty rolled over a creamy Harissa Sauce is going to be your quick hunger savior. Buy tacos from the store for only $40

Crinkle fries for 10% discount

Crispy wavy masala coated fries served with a spicy tomato chilli sauce are everyone’s favorite from the store. Enjoy them for only $15 with 10% discount on its original price of $25

How to order these deals

The process to order your food does not require any rocket science. Invite your friends’ home and treat them with these dominos dishes. Order more and save more from your orders. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and your chicken would be in your plate within minutes.

  • Visit the store or download the app on your mobile.
  • Sign in with your mobile number or e-mail id.
  • Select your city and locality.
  • Select the nearest store.
  • Select your order from the variants available. You can place your order from a vegetarian and non-vegetarian category from dominos Christmas eve hours
  • Enter all your necessary details like mobile number, name, address etc. Enter the promo code (if any) of the offer you want to avail.
  • Select your mode of payment and submit.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Just confirm your order and it’s done.
  • Your order will be delivered to your place in a short while.

Order your favorite pizza from Domino's and lose yourself into a whole different world of cheese, veggies, and chicken. The pizza is served hot and is delivered within 30 minutes of placing the order. The food is cooked in a healthy and hygienic environment which makes it a must try food joint. Moreover, Domino's is always offering its customers with exclusive offers which make it a hard to miss chance for anyone to avoid giving it a try. Lastly browse online for different dominoes Christmas hours and enjoy your pizza at reduced prices.