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“Perfect for bullet journaling”

Product Purchased : Journal
Journal Purchased : 14-02-2019
review date : 22-03-2019
store : Hobby Lobby
  • overall experience

    After watching a number of YouTube videos on bullet journaling, I decided that the Lemon Dotted Grid Journal was the best option for the price I was willing to pay. I bought this from Hobby Lobby. The appearance of the journal is very sleek, and the contrast between the brown leather texture and the grey spine makes the journal very pleasant to look at. It is somewhat professional, yet somewhat casual—definitely a fashionable choice for people who take the appearance of the journal into consideration. Another reason I chose this journal was also that the pages are thicker than any journal, which means no bleeding or ghosting between pages. The paper quality of the journal is smooth, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your pens because of the rough/scratchy paper. This is a very good option for anyone looking to get a journal for bullet journaling or just journaling in general. The journal comes protected with its own box and plastic wrapping, so you can be sure the product is new whether you get in in-store or online.

Reviewed By “Sandy Jiang”


“Amazing crafts”

Product Purchased : Art Supplies
Art Supplies Purchased : 17-02-2019
review date : 16-03-2019
store : Hobby Lobby
  • overall experience

    My overall experience with Hobby Lobby was extremely well! I ordered some Art supplies and I found what I needed. It turned out cheaper than other art supplies stores. I tried to search for some coupons but unfortunately, I have not been able to find Hobby Lobby Coupons. But I received a fantastic cashback on my purchase. I am satisfied with the products and services of Hobby Lobby.

Reviewed By “Alisa Bryant”


“Very Good Quality”

Product Purchased : Scented Candles
Scented Candles Purchased : 31-01-2019
review date : 14-03-2019
store : Hobby Lobby
  • overall experience

    I love shopping at Hobby Lobby because it gives you very good quality and good products. I bought Rose petals and Scented candles. Also, it has a very fast delivery service. Their customer service was on point. The shipping services are from 3 to 5 business days which is just very standard and the product itself is very good quality and they pack it up very nicely.

Reviewed By “Katrina Wright”


“Hanging up memories”

Product Purchased : Corkboard
Corkboard Purchased : 13-02-2019
review date : 08-03-2019
store : Hobby Lobby
  • overall experience

    It was easy for me to shop through Hobby Lobby. Recently I ordered a Corkboard from Hobby Lobby. Also, I compared a few styles, ordered quickly, and got it a few days later. It is a great addition to my room. I use it to hang various cards and announcements, write messages, etc. I needed something to create more usable space. It is a nice size too. The delivery time was of 7 days but I received it less than a week.

Reviewed By “Brian Kim”


“Unbeatable shopping platform!”

Product Purchased : Velcro Strips
Velcro Strips Purchased : 01-02-2019
review date : 13-02-2019
store : Hobby Lobby
  • overall experience

    I never go wrong with Hobby Lobby! Free, two-day shipping on items at a great price is irresistible. Compared to other websites, Hobby Lobby is unbeatable in the number of items available, customer service, and price. It is hard to find a better price than on Hobby Lobby, and on the top of that, there are often additional deals and coupons to use directly on the website. I prefer shopping online because it allows me to sit down and carefully compare products so that I can make sure I choose the best one. Hobby Lobby makes it easy to do that with its community of reviewers. Checkout and payment is a breeze. Credit cards can be saved in a quick click of a button. The customer service is spectacular. If I do not like an item, or if the item is defective, I can always return it. I am provided with a shipping label that I can print out. I am always refunded quickly. Having the ability to track the delivery is also a plus. Estimated time of delivery is shown, along with a map showing where the item is each step of the way. Truly an amazing shopping experience.

Reviewed By “Connie Bronner”