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“Shopping for clothes is great”

Product Purchased : Clothes
Clothes purchased : 02-11-2018
review date : 21-02-2019
store : HM
  • overall experience

    I have used H&M and shopped at these other stores for years. I bought many clothes and the quality of clothes is always A1 but I had a few issues with H&M's delivery but so far the products have been good and I haven't had issues with returns or damages. I got a costume for my daughter for an event that month. It worked out perfectly! She loved it and we had a great time. I like H&M a lot and would recommend others as well.

Reviewed By “Kendra Gessel”


“Amazing Stuff”

Product Purchased : Clothes
Clothes purchased : 31-01-2019
review date : 12-02-2019
store : HM
  • overall experience

    I had a good experience with H&M. I purchased many clothes from H&M overall it has a good variety of products at low prices. Different categories of items with thousands of items in each one. It was so amazing. You can literally find good items under $10. H&M and Walmart have always been favourites of mine.

Reviewed By “Juanice Wanzor”