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“Poor experience”

Food Ordered : Pancakes
Pancakes Ordered : 15-02-2019
review date : 19-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    I ordered food from McDonald's through Doordash app. I didn't receive everything from my order, few things did not come in the parcel. I was very unsatisfied with not getting my entire food from McDonald's so I may not order from them again. I ordered online and they should have seen everything but they still forgot to send some of my food items.

Reviewed By “Atasha Wells”


“Food on the move”

Food Ordered : McChicken
McChicken Ordered : 09-02-2019
review date : 16-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    My overall experience with Doordash is good. I ordered McChicken through Doordash. I always order from there only as I am a huge fan of Doordash. Though it is convenient and fasts I haven’t joined any loyalty programs yet. I ordered 50 piece nuggets and six chicken sandwiches my food arrived on time in less than five minutes this is the only online food service I use. I love Doordash and would recommend others as well.

Reviewed By “Tavaraus”


“Doordash review”

Food Ordered : Pepperoni Pizza with jalepenos
Pepperoni Pizza with jalepenos Ordered : 08-02-2019
review date : 15-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    Well, it has been snowing in Seattle and we ordered from Doordash for dinner. Mind you this has been the worst snowstorm that has hit Seattle in nearly 30 plus years and the roads have been covered in snow and ice from the last week. The Doordash from where I ordered our pizza was there in just 25 minutes and we live on hills, so the fact is it was made correctly and on time delivery amazed us, with all the snow falling. I felt bad for the driver so I gave him $10 for a medium pizza mainly cause of what he had to do to get it here, but that alone has influenced my review to 5 stars. I am happy that I ordered from them!

Reviewed By “Robert”


“Bad Experience”

Food Ordered : Burger
Burger Ordered : 11-02-2019
review date : 15-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    My food was excellent that I ordered from Doordash. I ordered 2 whooper meals one with onion rings and Pepsi that tasted like Alka Seltzer. The other was with fries and slushie. Get all the way to my destination to find out half my food is cold. The beverage was horrible went back to the location to find they were closing and the gentleman was very rude and wouldn’t listen or see what I wanted. I don't like Doordash at all.

Reviewed By “Latrice Huston”


“Doordash Delivery Review”

Food Ordered : McDonald's Food
McDonald's Food Ordered : 07-02-2019
review date : 13-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    I decided to try Doordash because someone recommended it. I also had a coupon for $10 off which was added at checkout. Operating the app was easy and they had all the food items I wanted. One thing I didn't like was I had a coupon for McDonald's app but I couldn't use it on Doordash. I ordered my food and it got delivered around 30 minutes. I honestly think I would have gone to the McDonald's and got it quicker myself but it still came quick enough that the food was still hot. I do like Doordash more than others because from the different places you can have food delivered at your place. I also think of how far the delivery people are willing to go to bring people the things they crave is awesome. I will use it again for more food.

Reviewed By “Joshua Oneal”


“Expensive Prices”

Food Ordered : Continental Food
Continental Food Ordered : 01-02-2019
review date : 12-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    Recently, I ordered Continental Food from Doordash. Though it is a little expensive as far as the delivery fee is concerned but overall good experience and good service for food delivery, especially for late night deliveries. I used a few of delivery services like Uber Eats, Postmates, but Doordash had been always a great so far. I will give them 4 stars out of 5.

Reviewed By “Mohit Mittal”


“Doordash is best”

Food Ordered : Chilli Corns
Chilli Corn Ordered : 03-02-2019
review date : 10-02-2019
store : Doordash
  • overall experience

    It was awesome that the Chilli Corns I ordered from Doordash came fast and was still super hot. The delivery boy was very nice gave him a tip. The price was reasonable I am getting the full restaurant experience while staying at home. I mean who wouldn't want that? Overall I think Doordash is an easy app and a very smart invention I will be ordering with them again. Thanks, Doordash!

Reviewed By “Tyree”