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TicketNew AVAIL RS.200 CASHBACK (Feb 21-22)
Sankalp Mehra
store : TicketNew
review date : Feb 13 2020
Service Availed : Movie tickets
Movie tickets booked : Jan 05 2020
4.8 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
4.3 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“Outstanding Store”

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  • Overall Experience

    This new ticket booking site is so cool.

    I was in a desperate search to buy 1 Malang movie tickets asap, & searching for the same I found my buy from Ticketnew store. So on 5th Jan 2020, I booked 1 ticket for the movie Malang at the Carnival Star X Shopprix Mall - Vaishali.

    Having to navigate at Ticketnew store I found the store user interface better than any other movie ticket store.

    There were also post dates sequentially mentioned for the ticket booking for a particular movie to be booked & such a concept was pretty much new & interesting to me.

    Nevertheless, I made my booking through google pay UPI  for which I even got an extra Ticketnew coupon & the booking confirmation for the same was given to me within minutes 

    I am completely satisfied with making my booking from Ticketnew store.

Abadi Yegatabadi
store : TicketNew
review date : Feb 11 2020
Service Availed : Movie Booking
Movie Booking Availed : Feb 07 2020
4.0 Selection Experience
4.4 Coupon Selection
4.5 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
4.6 User Interface

“No Convenience Fee With Ticketnew Coupons”

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  • Overall Experience

    Booking tickets online has become the latest trend for watching movies. It is safe and convenient. However, it has a downside, and that is the convenience fee that these movie ticket booking platforms charge. But not with Ticketnew. The best thing about them is you get amazing discounts on ticket bookings along with zero convenience fee! 

    This time I booked four tickets for me and my friends. We went to watch the movie "1917". I applied the coupon code TICKET100 and got a 100% cashback on convenience fee. I felt awesome! 

    We arrived at the theatre on time and made ourselves comfortable on our seats. Soon the movie began and it was something that we have never seen in our lives. The whole film was shot in a way to look like a single take. The film depicted the chaos of war in a pretty accurate way. 

    We loved the booking process on Ticketnew just as much as the movie. 

Tausif Raen
store : TicketNew
review date : Oct 09 2019
Service Availed : Movie Ticket Booking
Movie Ticket Booked : Oct 09 2019
1.0 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.0 Payment Process
1.0 Refund / Cashback
1.0 User Interface

“Fooling customers!”

  • Overall Experience

    I booked three movie tickets for 1oth October 2019. The payment of Rs. 750 was made online. The booking was confirmed. However, after successful payment, I didn’t receive any tickets. I waited for a few minutes, but upon not receiving anything, I tried to connect with their customer support. 

    Ticketnew’s customer support is said to be available 24/7, but when you need them, they are not reachable. The first payment was refunded to my account within a few hours. I was a little relieved. I decided to book a second time. 

    Again, I booked three tickets and the same was repeated, but this time, I didn’t receive any refunds. I contacted their online support and left a message along with the billing details. I received no message from their end. What kind of service is this? My money is stuck with them and I have no idea whether I will get a refund or not!

    Not at all recommended!

Divansh Khatri
store : TicketNew
review date : Sep 04 2019
Service Availed : Tickets
Tickets Purchased : Sep 02 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“No extra charges!”

  • Selection Experience

    Finally, a place where you don’t have to pay extra handling charges!

    It is not that they don’t charge internet handling charges, but the amount is less as compared to other service providers. I booked two tickets for Saaho at Carnival Cinemas, Raheja Mall, Gurgaon for Rs. 561, which is the cheapest that I booked!

    As I made the payment through my Paytm wallet, I received a cashback of Rs. 98. It was a great deal offered by Ticketnew.com. This website is my new favourite to book movie tickets from. I received order confirmation and tickets through email, message and on the application. 

    The process of booking the ticket and payments was smooth. However, at the cinemas, the process was easy. They scanned the barcode on the ticket and gave us the entry. No changes in the seating arrangement. We got our booked seats and the hall was quite big and clean. 

    It was an amazing experience!