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Akash Rathore
Akash Rathore
store : Testbook
review date : May 18 2021
Product Purchased : Study Material
Study Material Purchased : Jan 12 2021
4.0 Selection Experience
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3.9 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“Best Online Coaching At Testbook!”

  • overall experience

    I recently enrolled myself into the online study courses available at Testbook. I am preparing for Government Exams so every hour, every revision matters. I got the Testbook pass which has access to many courses and mock tests available at Testbook. 

    I got 60% discount on the Testbook pass and additional 15% discount by using Testbook promo code: VISA15 at checkout. The Testbook pass allowed me to access all the study videos offline and I also got detailed solutions for the mock tests in the course.

    I have been studying with Testbook for about 4 months now and I have seen my score improve gradually with the study material provided by Testbook. They have a lot of mock tests for every subject and you can use them check your score and overall improvement while studying. Testbook has been a serious help in my study routine and I would recommend it to everyone.