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    How do we all wish that life was smooth like butter? But there are always loose screws to that squeaky cupboard or that leaky tap? Or is it that colony of insects that reside in the sofa? Ugly, right? Have you too discovered such painful instances? And moreover have been just clueless as to how to deal with them? With the Zimmber App, leave all these worries far behind you!

    Zimmber brings to you reliable solutions to all your day-to-day needs by selecting your required service from the list of services that include Repair services for your appliances, salon at home, pest control, carpentry, carpet and automobile spas and home deep cleaning services. And this is just not it. There is so much more to choose from. The people or like they call it, Zimmber Champs for any service are trained professionals and they are experienced. The service is on time, reliable and transparent. The services are currently available in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

    The Zimmber App on PlayStore is already a famous app. With more than 100,000 installs, it has over 5,000 customer reviews and comes with an average rating of 4.0 out of a 5. With this App, you can add services to your cart, book with very simple steps, track your orders and have them efficiently delivered to you.

    Zimmber Offers :

    Zimmber other than being an amazing service, also brings to our disposal tons of offers. You get signup wallet money to start using Zimmber and amazing cashback offers for home cleaning and all cleaning services.



    Coupon Code

    Download Zimmber App

    You get Rs. 500 as signup wallet money to start using Zimmber.


    Home Deep Cleaning

    Get flat 10% cashback plus an amazing 10% off on your first order home deep cleaning services.


    First Order

    Avail Rs.300 cashback right away on your first order with Zimmber


    All Services

    Grab flat Rs.200 cashback on site wide services like washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, etc.


    Top Zimmber Offers

    • Download the Zimmber App to get Rs. 500 in your wallet

      You can get a flat Rs. 500 as your signup wallet money to start using Zimmber. You can avail it on Zimmber services to save money. This offer is valid for first-time app installs only. On downloading the app and applying the coupon code “ZIMNOW” you will receive Rs.500/- in your wallet.

    • Get flat 10% cashback and 10% discount on Home Cleaning services

      Zimmber uses high quality equipment, post service guarantee and trained champs to make your home look spic and span. Get your kitchen, washrooms cleaned. With this offer all this comes to you at an amazing offer. You get 10% cashback on your billing charge and 10% discount on your bill. You can avail this offer by applying the code “NEWZIMX”.

    • Grab flat Rs.200 cashback on all Zimmber Services

      Avail a grand Rs.200 cashback by booking any service from Zimmber like home deep cleaning, sofa spa, bike spa, pest control, AC service and many many more. To avail this offer, use the coupon code “CB200” before making the payment and grab this wonderful cashback.

    • Flat 10% Cashback + 10% discount

      With this offer, you can avail any cleaning services and apply coupon code before you checkout and pay. This Zimmber offer will get you flat 10% cashback and extra 10% discount on your services booked. This offer is only valid for new users and applicable on weekdays only. You can avail this offer by applying the code “NEWZIMX”.

    Deals you need to definitely try:

    Office Deep Cleaning

    This Deep Cleaning service from Zimmber gives a 360 degree spa to your office interiors and it gives an Office Spa experience. You can either avail for a complete office cleaning or just chairs cleaning or carpet cleaning. The inspection charge is Rs. 0.

    • Complete Office Cleaning includes cleaning of chairs, pantry cleaning, commercial floor cleaning, complete cleaning of workstations and inside premises washroom cleaning. It also includes the cleaning and scrubbing of floors, shampooing of Sofa, Chairs and Carpet. The rate card is according the the areal configuration of the office. The time taken for these services depends on how large the office space is.

      Area of Office


      Upto 200 sq ft

      Rs. 12 per sq ft

      501-1000 sq ft

      Rs. 10 per sq ft

      1001-2000 sq ft

      Rs. 8 per sq ft

      More than 2000 sq ft

      Rs. 6 per sq ft

    •  Chair Cleaning is done using special cleaning agents. The cleaning agent used is foam based for fabric chairs and wax based for leather/rexine chairs. For this cleaning the complete drying may take upto 4-5 hours. The rate card is according to the number of chairs you get cleaned.

      Number of Chairs


      5-10 Chairs

      Rs. 150 per chair

      11-30 Chairs

      Rs. 120 per chair

      31-50 Chairs

      Rs. 100 per chair

      51-100 Chairs

      Rs. 80 per chair

      More than 100 Chairs

      Rs. 60 per chair

    • Carpet Cleaning includes the process of vacuuming followed by shampooing of the carpet. The carpet is thoroughly scrubbed and dried. The complete drying of the carpet may take up to 4-5 hours. The rate of the cleaning of carpet is according to the area of the carpet.

      Area of the Carpet


      Upto 500 sq ft

      Rs. 10 per sq ft

      More than 500 sq ft

      Rs. 8 per sq ft

    AC Servicing 

    A lot of times the AC develops problems and you may need urgent assistance to make it function smoothly. Zimmber brings to you the complete servicing of the AC. You can get wet cleaning done of your AC, or book a half yearly servicing, AMC Non-comprehensive. You could also get a new AC installed, or AV repaired or even gas charging done. The inspection cost of AC Servicing is Rs. 50.

    • Wet Servicing includes cleaning of indoor unit filters, coils, blades and outer panel. Also, the drain pipe would be checked for any leakages and the outer unit would be cleaned of debris and bird droppings. The rate card is according to the type of AC you have.

      AC type


      Split AC servicing (At Home)

      Rs. 600

      Window AC servicing (At Home)

      Rs. 500

      Breakdown Servicing for Split AC (At Workshops)

      Rs. 2500

    • AC Installation involves the standard installations with no alterations. The prices of this installation are according to the type of AC you intend getting installed. You will be charged additionally for the frame work.

      AC type


      Split AC

      Rs. 1200

      Window AC

      Rs. 500

    Pest Control Service

    Pests can be an unwanted wreckage to your home. They are unhygienic and a condition of pests in your home makes it uninhabitable. There are services like Termite Treatment, Cockroach treatment, Bed Bugs treatment and mosquito control. The inspection cost Pest Control Servicing is Rs. 50.

    • Cockroach/General Pest Control - Single Service includes control against cockroaches, black ants, red ants and silverfish. The chemicals used here are odorless and are more effective than the conventional spraying methods. These are mostly not harmful to human life. The rate card follows how big a home you have.



      1 BHK

      Rs. 800

      2 BHK

      Rs. 1000

      3 BHK

      Rs. 1200

      4 BHK

      Rs. 1400

    • Mosquito Control involves spraying of odourless repellant all over on walls and dark places within the house.



      1 BHK

      Rs. 800

      2 BHK

      Rs. 1000

      3 BHK

      Rs. 1200

      4 BHK

      Rs. 1400

    Zimmber Refer and Earn Offer :

    The Refer and Earn offer for the Zimmber App lets you get Rs.150 Zimmber Cash. To avail this offer, you need to firstly download the Zimmber App and install it. Sign up into the account and verify your number. On applying the referred code, you would get an instant Rs. 150 in your Zimmber wallet and the person who referred to you would get another Rs.150. If you refer this app to someone, that is, someone downloads this app and uses your referral code, then you can enjoy Rs. 150 per referral.

    Why should you download Zimmber app?

    The Zimmber App is your handy one-step solution to all your household woes. The Zimmber services are trusted and they include a range of help services that are aimed at making lives easy. You can book all services using the app, and get them done while also tracking the process. There are services available from a range of Home Cleaning, Salon at home, Carpet cleaning/spa, pest control services and so many more.

    You can cancel or even reschedule your orders while you are on the go through the App. You get constant promotional and discount offers which are advertised through the App.

    Also, on downloading the Zimmber App as a new user, there are many offers that you  can avail. There is signup cash of Rs.500 for such users. Also, you can use the refer and earn policy and mutually benefit by downloading the app and using the services.

    The App has a 4 out of 5 rating n the Google Play Store while it is rated 4+ on Apple Store.

    Ready to go Zimmber?

    The Zimmber app is user friendly and easy to operate. The services are too many to choose from and the best part is that it lets you enjoy so many offers at the same time. All of this makes your journey to getting these services all the more economical. So don’t delay yourself and go efficiently crazy with Zimmber right away.