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Based on 2 reviews
store : Saavn
review date : Sep 21 2019
Service Availed : Membership
Membership Purchased : Sep 09 2019
2.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
1.0 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
3.0 User Interface

“Keeps Buffering!”

  • Overall Experience

    I have been using Saavn since it was established. The audio quality and speed never affected my enjoyment but after its tie-up with Jio, the app keeps lagging and performs slow! Consequently, the collection of songs has also declined. As compared to its competitors, they are not doing good in the market.

    When Saavn merged with Jio, I was already a paid member of Saavn. I was enjoying the services because the collection was good. I had downloaded about 500+ songs and had about 5 playlists of different genres. The old users were told that after updating the app. The data will remain the same. I have to just download them again. I updated the app, but the songs on downloading, in which half of the songs couldn’t be downloaded because they are not on the app anymore.

    So, they had deleted a lot of songs and updated new lists! Updation was of no use because my old collection was all missing. Out of 500+ songs, only 350 are left! I switched to another app where I got my collection and they are much more better than them!

store : Saavn
review date : Sep 02 2019
Service Availed : Membership
Membership Purchased : Aug 29 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Beneficial for JIO users!”

  • Selection Experience

    Since JIO and SAAVN merged, it got easier and convenient for the SAAVN users! With the access of Jio, now the users can sign in with their Jio numbers and enjoy free access to the app! 

    Now the app contains a great collection of music of different genres. However, in Saavn, the user couldn't download their favourite music until they were a paid user. Also, Jio Music allowed free downloads but had a limited collection. With the merging, it was a golden moment for music lovers. 

    The application works fine but has some bugs in it that makes it slow. It takes time for the app to open, though I keep it updated but still! However, the playback speed also varies with the music sometimes. I have complained about the same issue on the app store too but they didn’t review the problem. 

    With the new update, the problem still persists but happens only a few times now! Overall, the app is amazing! It has almost every song and songs of different languages. On comparing it with other apps, JioSaavn is a better option to choose.