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Recharge Category : Electricity Freecharge
  • Why did you choose FreeCharge over MobiKwik and Paytm? Also, Write if FreeCharge offered better discounts/cashback?

    Whenever i have wny pending bills of mobile, landline or electricity I first go to freecharge for cashback offers because they always have the best deals. Noticed in some of the other apps the codes do not work always but with freecharge I have always earned the best cashback deals and also its pretty easy and fast. I highly recommend freecharge app to everyone and i have got a lot of friends and relatives using this app too now.

  • Did you find any coupons to apply on FreeCharge?

    Generally i get some coupons on my email since almost every month i pay my electricity and landline bills on freecharge. However, at times i do search for the deals on their app to avail better cashback offers. Most of the aps like book my show have the deals advertised with makes it easier for us to know there is a cashback offer on freecharge. Some of the coupons are sourced from coupon raja and other promotional sites after looking up on google.

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  • Was there any difficult in the payment of your recharge/bill payment on FreeCharge?

    Most of the times the recharge goes through in the first attempt however if the server is down at times the transaction gets declined. But generally the reacharge rate is pretty fast and within 5 mins the recharge i done. Also the cashback gets credited immediately which is very hassle free as you dont need to keep a track of what cashback is pending.

  • How fast was your refund/cashback, in case of payment failure/success?

    The cash back rate is much faster than other apps as i mentioned above as well. As compared to paytm where it takes 24-48hrs to credit the cashback freecharge does it immediately and thereby giving relief to customers as we dont need to keep a track of cashback amount rightly credited. I use the cashback amounts to pay mobile bills generally.

  • Tell us about the FreeCharge website User interface and App user interface? Was it easy to pay your bill?

    The user interface is very easy to navigate. Also i get reminders on a monthly basis along with my bill amount which makes it easier to remember that i have a pending bill payment. Every category is systematically bifurcated which makes it easier for customers to search which service they wish to avail.

  • Will you recharge again from FreeCharge? Will you recommend it to your friends? How was the overall experience?

    I am very happy with freecharge and i can say the max cashback i have earned from any app is from freecharge which is exactly what the customer looks for. Also all the bill payment categories are covered so i do not need to go to different apps for different bill payments. I really like that freecharge sends me codes on a monthly basis since i am a loyal customer and i would want them to continue sending me such codes so that i dont have to go through the difficult process of searching them on google. Thank you freecharge for making some things in life easy :)

By Beshtarna Mehta

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  • 5/5

    honest review

    Recharge Category : Mobile recharge Freecharge
    • it is easy to use, minimum transaction time, quick refunds if order fails, also rewarding many times in way of cashback..also interface i just love..and the wallet option they have come up with recently is amazing..u can pay offline to various merchants, even while ur internet is down..so thats very cool u see..

    By rakesh kaushik

  • 5/5

    freecharge is the best

    Recharge Category : DTH Freecharge
    • Freecharge is my first choice when it comes to recharge my DTH accounts, pay landline and mobile bills and also for shopping online. As I have a registered freecharge account, transactions are just a matter of seconds. Compared to its competitors, freecharge offers better discount/cashback offers. And they credit the cashback very fast. Till now I have not faced any issue during payment. Its fast and very easy. Best things I like about freecharge is their speed and offers.

    By Ambili Sandeep

  • 5/5

    Freecharge the Ultimate Boss

    Recharge Category : Mobile recharge Freecharge
    • Really, Freecharge is one of the best app for doing any kind of bill payments. You can pay majority of your bills on this app. As it provides Prepaid as well as Postpaid mobile recharge, Gas bills, Light bills and many many more... Not only it offers variety of services but it also has huge cashbacks and offers on every single thing. The cashbacks especially for new users as well as for existing users are so amazing that you will love it as compared to other providers in the market. And not only it settles by giving one time offer but day by day it is coming with many many cashbacks and offers which will surely insist everyone to do transactions through Freecharge only..


  • 5/5

    Recharge App

    Recharge Category : Mobile recharge Freecharge
    • Freecharge is better app its give cashback on its recharge portal i get Rs20 cashback on Rs20 Recharge on 11 dec 2016 for 2 times.Freecharge is better than paytm ,Hdfc payzapp etc.Freecharge App gives cashback offer time to time for their customers.The App give notifications time to time for updates n offers about app.

    By Akash Pandey

  • 5/5


    Recharge Category : Mobile recharge Freecharge
    • Beacause it offers good cash back and discount offers .So we always want to save our money . it is easy and simple way to reacharge . It gives offers on Add money also . Hence we like to recharge with free charge . Good part of it is it is offering benefits on Add money also . freecharge is simple and a child can also do the same . its a one step process if you have balance in your wallet. I suggest it should have interest facility like a bank saving accounts which influence us to keep more balance with their wallet .

    By Pankhil

  • 5/5

    Just want to let you know

    Recharge Category : Electricity Freecharge
    • I have been using this app from few months. Easy to access and queries of anything are addressed. Promo code application is easy and can also now the terms and conditions. All services are been available. In this cashless economy free charge is useful very much. Cashbacks and discounts offered from past few days are not offered by any other wallets or bank apps etc and we also receive an message with the validity of the cashback and will be alert when we can use it. After recharge also few times earned amount form free charge wheel which is not available in other apps for sure.