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Aparna Rastogi
Aparna Rastogi
store : PGShop
review date : Jun 15 2021
Product Purchased : Beauty Products
Beauty Products Purchased : Jun 09 2021
4.0 Selection Experience
4.3 Coupon Selection
3.6 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
3.8 User Interface

“Herbal Essences Products”

  • overall experience

    Herbal Essences is a relatively new company in India, although I think it has been sold in other countries for quite some time. I was looking to switch up my shampoo and conditioner duo because I didn’t think they were making any difference to my hair, and I saw the Herbal Essences range on the P&G website and decided to try it out. I got the full size versions, mainly because I read a lot of great reviews about the products and also because I figured someone else in my family would use it if I wasn’t. The full sized shampoo and conditioner come in a bundle that’s available at a discounted price. 

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    I’ve used this duo a few times now, and my hair definitely feels glossier and softer than it did before. Even others in my family who’ve started using the shampoo and conditioner have felt a noticeable difference in the quality of their hair. I don’t know if it does anything for hair fall, because I don’t suffer much from it, but it has made my hair quality better. I would want to try out the other lines of Herbal Essences as well in the future, and I think anybody looking for a decently priced product should try this company out.