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store : paytm movies
review date : Oct 15 2019
Service Availed : Movie Ticket Booking
Movie Ticket Booked : Oct 10 2019
2.0 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.0 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“Less Discounts!”

  • Overall Experience

    On booking movies through Paytm, I received either a discount of Rs. 150 or Rs. 100 and not more than that. But, on other platforms, you get a ticket free or a bigger discount.

    Paytm cashback is also not that good. On booking 5 tickets, I received a cashback of Rs. 75. It would have been better if I had booked with any other movie booking website, I would have gotten more discounts. However, this time the tickets couldn’t be scanned at the theatre.

    We had to wait for 45 minutes, to get in contact with Paytm’s team and get the issue resolved. The starting of the movie was missed and we couldn’t get what was going on in the movie. It was the first time we booked and this happened. 

    Their services are so bad that one cannot rely on their customer service! They take a lot of time to respond and do not care about the situation of the user! 

    I will not recommend you book movie tickets through them!

store : paytm movies
review date : Sep 23 2019
Service Availed : Movie Ticket Booking
Movie Ticket Booked : Sep 12 2019
2.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
1.2 Payment Process
2.1 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“cashback not received”

  • Overall Experience

    I had booked two movie tickets via Paytm on 12th September 2019. After booking the tickets, I was entitled Rs. 150 cashback, which was to be credited in my Paytm Wallet after the payment was done. 

    I did the payment of Rs. 547 via paytm itself after applying the coupon code. The payment was successful. Booking was done and I had received movie tickets also. I checked my wallet for the cashback but nothing was credited yet!

    I waited for a day or two. I watched the movie, came back booked another movie show for the weekend and received no cashback yet! I received a cashback of Rs. 250 on my second booking right away but the first one has not been credited yet. 

    I contacted the customer support but received no response from them. The customer support is not at all supportive. They just say, ‘it will arrive in a few days’ and nothing else!

    I don’t recommend you booking via Paytm movies because they never credit you cashbacks!

store : paytm movies
review date : Sep 20 2019
Service Availed : Movie Ticket Booking
Movie Ticket Booked : Sep 18 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Fast and Convenient!”

  • Overall Experience

    Movie booking has become more easy and convenient with Paytm Movies!

    I had booked 3 tickets for Chichore in Inox Mall, Gurgaon. As it was a weekday, the tickets weren’t that expensive. I booked 3 premium seats of Rs. 100 each. I did the booking via Paytm movies. 

    After the booking was done, I proceeded to make a payment where I found a cashback offer. I entered the promo code and was eligible for Rs. 300 cashback. The ticket booking had cost Rs. 341 on which I received Rs. 300 as cashback!

    Paytm Movies Cashback

    Isn’t it an amazing deal? I made the payment directly through my paytm account. After the payment was successful, I received Rs. 300 as cashback in my Paytm wallet. I wasn’t happy that I got the tickets but what made me happy was the cashback. The tickets just cost me Rs. 41!

    Highly Recommended!

Kritika Kamra
store : paytm movies
review date : Aug 30 2019
Product Purchased : Movie Tickets
Movie Tickets Purchased : Aug 28 2019
3.5 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
4.5 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“Prakrit Jain”

  • Overall Experience

    I have never trusted Paytm due to the glitches that occur time and again in this application. But this time, a friend of mine asked me to book movie tickets using Paytm. I downloaded the app and booked 2 tickets for “Mission Mangal.” The tickets were booked for Fun Cinemas, Moti Nagar. 

    Though I was not really sure about paying from Paytm, still, I used a code and paid via Paytm. The total amount that I had to pay was Rs.450/- and to my surprise, an amount of Rs.225/- was credited to my Paytm wallet within next the next 30 minutes. 

    The great part about getting the amount directly in the wallet is that the amount can be spent on whatever I like. There are absolutely no restrictions. It is not necessary to use the amount for the purpose of booking movie tickets again.

    The tickets were booked very conveniently and the confirmation mail was received immediately after the booking was completed. Also, all the updates were being communicated to me via texts.      

    I did not face any problem in the entire ticket booking process. Since e-tickets were available, there was absolutely no need for any other details. 

    I had an amazing experience!