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Oyo Wizard UP TO RS.1600 OFF + EXTRA 33% OFF (Sep 28-29)
Saurabh Farhat
Saurabh Farhat
store : Oyo Wizard
review date : Aug 19 2021
Service Availed : Hotel booking
Hotel booking availed : Aug 01 2021
2.0 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.5 Payment Process
1.0 Refund / Cashback
1.5 User Interface

“I must’ve lost my mind”

  • overall experience

    The surface of it looked all good and advantageous, I don’t know what took over me, and decided to buy this crappy membership. I don’t even know where to begin with. The website basically cloaked the real stuff and showed only what a potential customer would want to see. Their services are fraudulent since, on purchasing the subscription, all I could see was the original prices of the rooms being doubled and then the discounts being provided on them to deceive the customers. Such a terrible experience!!! No one should fall for their traps.

Monty Chincholi
Monty Chincholi
store : Oyo Wizard
review date : Jul 09 2020
Product purchased : Oyo Membership
Oyo Membership purchased : Jun 23 2020
4.6 Selection Experience
4.9 Coupon Selection
4.4 Payment Process
4.6 Refund / Cashback
4.0 User Interface

“New Oyo Membership Subscription”

  • Overall Experience

    Since my job requires a lot of traveling it was time that I took the Oyo Wizard membership Gold plan which was for Rs 399. The benefits of choosing the Oyo Wizard gold plan was that I get Rs 3000 instant rewards in my Oyo money wallet, the membership validity of this is for 24 months and the Oyo money cashback on every stay is around Rs 200. In addition to this, I also got 40%+ 40% discount coupons in a gold membership.

    I just could stop myself from purchasing it as this was a limited time early bird price which could expire anytime soon.

    As for now, my travel will start again from July end 2020 and I am super excited to use this Oyo Wizard gold membership plan for my future stays from Oyo.