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Puneet Kumar
Puneet Kumar
store : Ovenstory
review date : Jul 11 2020
Pizza Purchased : Pizza
Pizza Purchased : Jul 10 2020
2.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
2.0 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“Say "No Cheese" !”

  • overall experience

    Received a pizza with no cheese. Really. 2nd time received a mistake this bad. I called and they said they would send another one. Took an hour. Never ordering from here again. There are many more pizza companies out there. Ovenstory advertises that they take care of all the problems quickly and immediately, this however is not even close to the case, when you call with the problem first they will deny it and try to blame it on you, their app is subpar, as is their management, a couple of years ago they were moving forward, they are now on a downward slide.

    Call it laziness or lack of effort, do not believe they're advertising.