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By Deepali - Senior Content Specialist Feb 03 2021 Share this blog

Every time you spend a dime on a meal; save some! Employ Zomato Piggy bank referral code and load up your savings account for a future meal. 

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code 2021 | Exclusive

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code 

Referral Code 

Get Rs. 100 in your Piggy Bank

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Zomato Piggy bank

What is Zomato Piggy bank?

Zomato piggy bank is a form of rewards points program, which warrants users to avail a cashback of 10% of your entire bill amount paid via zomato, into your zomato piggy bank account as z coins. Using these points, you can pay 10% of the value of your next order on a wide selection of exclusive top rated restaurant partners.

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code 2021 | All You Need To Know

Zomato has unchained the Zomato piggy bank referral code, enabling the users to secure offers and discounts on every referral. Below is an outline of the scheme and the steps to wade through it: 

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code 2021

  • Users with Zomato piggy bank will receive the referral code in the mobile application

  • The code can be shared with friends to make referrals

  • On receiving the code, the referred person can copy and paste it wherever required

  • This code activates 100 piggy bank coins in the wallet of both the referrer and the referred 

What are the benefits of Zomato Piggy bank?

Piggy bank offer from zomato is a customer loyalty program which lets you scrape out savings on all food orders. Place orders for a minimum of 5 times in a month via zomato, and you will be entitled to avail a 10% cashback in the form of z coins. These z coins can later be redeemed in combination with rupee payments. 

Also, it is imperative to note that the zomato piggy bank offer can be stacked with other zomato discount offers as well, and the customers can avail both simultaneously. 

In addition to that, Zomato has attached a philanthropic benefit of using the piggy bank as well, in the form of donations on each order off the Piggy bank. Every time an order is placed via the Zomato Piggy Bank, zomato has sworn in to donate Re.1 to the Akshaya Patra foundation, an NGO committed to deliver free food to school kids. 

How does Zomato Piggy bank work?

The cashback earned is deposited into the user’s piggy bank accounts in the form of ‘z coins’; where 1 z coin equals 1 rupee. Users can stock all the accumulated cash in the piggy bank in the form of z coins and can easily make payment on Zomato for their order via the same. 

Zomato gold users are eligible to avail the zomato offers & coupons and also gain pre access to this reward program, as zomato is making the Piggy Bank available for only 10,000 users first on a trial basis. The eligibility criteria solely rules out on the basis of location as well as the customer loyalty. Once it is deemed successful, the feature will be rolled out pan India. 

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code | Special Terms & Conditions 

  • Available only on zomato mobile app for now

  • Zomato piggy bank can be accessed only on restaurants that have partnered with zomato 

  • Cashback can only be earned if the user places an order for a minimum of 5 times per month and makes the payment via the zomato piggy bank

  • Membership for the zomato piggy bank will be doled out by zomato itself, or through a referral code for now. In about two months, zomato is planning to convert it into a paid subscription program with a flat fee of Rs. 299 per year. 

Zomato Piggy Bank Referral Code | FAQs

Q. How to earn zomato piggy bank cash back?

Ans. You need to order at least 5 times a month to avail zomato piggy bank referral code. To increase the savings on your food bill, click here.  

Q. How to access zomato piggy bank?

Ans. If for some reason you did not make it to the launch invitation list which gets access to zomato piggy bank, you will have to be referred by someone who already has piggy bank to access the offer. 

Q. How much is Zomato piggy bank subscription expected to cost?

Ans. Zomato piggy bank membership offer is expected to cost around Rs. 299 in about two months from now. 

Wrapping Up 

Satiate the pining of your cravings via zomato’s fastest food delivery services. Zomato’s rewards based program makes ordering an economical affair. Extending the membership program to only its loyal food ordering customers across India, you’d be fortunate to get a piece of the action. So speed up, sign up for the zomato piggy bank offer today!