Yamaha MT 15 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Jan 21 2020 Share this blog

Yamaha has always been bold with their decisions and we can’t be more grateful for it. This attitude from the Japanese giant has given us an array of beautiful machines and these have managed to change the way we Indians see motorcycling as a whole.

2020 Yamaha MT 15

The latest entry is MT 15 which is the naked cousin of R15 V3. It thus is devoid of the back-breaking riding posture but still provides with the same blasting riding experience. It is priced at Rs. 1.36 lakhs and has an eye-popping design language. It takes on the likes of KTM 125 Duke and Bajaj Pulsar NS160.


  • Insane looks

  • “wow “ build quality

  • Extremely peppy engine

  • Impeccable Yamaha engineering


  • A Pricy fun machine

  • Seating is not comfortable

What’s New

  • BS6 norms compliant

  • New Ice Fluo Vermilion colour

  • Standard rear radial tyre

  • Side stand engine cut-off

  • Price bump of Rs.4000

What’s at the heart of the 2020 MT 15?

Do performance and Efficiency go hand in hand?

Yamaha will never disappoint you in terms of sheer performance. The MT 15 shares its heart with the R15 V3. Yes, it is the same explosive pot and in the same state of tune. This makes way for a thrilling ride as the engine never runs out of energy. It is a high revving unit which is backed up with a unique variable valve timing(VVT).

2020 Yamaha MT 15 VVT engine

Let’s just say that this helps you get a laid back experience, literally, after 8000 RPM. And believe me, you will never get over it! It's addictive and so much fun. This engine is pure fun as it revs up to the redline of 11000 RPM and the exhaust note sounds glorious!

There are no vibrations from the high revving engine and you can keep the throttle pinned down, all day long. All of this exhilarating attitude might give you the wrong conception of a not so efficient ride, but that's where you are wrong. The VVT feature helps you have a guilt-free riding experience. This helps conserve fuel when sober and only give out the needed juice when it senses you twisting all the way.


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

Rs. 1,36,000

Rs. 94,195

Rs. 1,32,000


155cc Liquid-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine

160.3cc Oil cooled twin-spark SOHC single-cylinder engine

124.71cc Liquid-cooled single-cylinder DOHC engine


19.03 bhp

@ 10000 RPM

15.28 bhp

@ 8500 RPM

14.71 bhp

@ 9250 RPM



@ 8500 RPM

14.6 Nm

@ 6500 RPM

12 Nm

@ 8000 RPM


Fuel injection

Fuel injection

Fuel Injection

ARAI Mileage figure(kmpl)




Fuel tank capacity(Litres)




Yamaha makes impeccable engines and its long list of immortal engines are a testimony for dedicated Japanese engineering. This engine has a fine balance of extreme performance from a puny 150cc motor and fuel efficiency to not put a hole in your wallet. This feat is tough to attain and is visible from the competition’s struggle.

How quick is the MT 15 from 0-60?

An engine this energetic loves to be revved hard! You feel the whole rev-band through all of the sleek 6-speed gearbox which helps propel this motorcycle forward with a mouth wide open.

2020 Yamaha MT 15 acceleration 0-60

The MT 15 takes just 3.78 seconds to cross the 60 kmph mark and it is downright insane. Even well versed 200cc offerings sweat it to record such insane times. The 10 kg less kerb weight is what gives this Yamaha the edge to sprint at such a pace.


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125





0-60 kmph

3.78 s

5.35 s

5.56 s

Top Speed(kmph)




Top speed is also impressive at over 118 kmph which will surely get your adrenaline pumping hard. Yamaha uses the same engine setup from the already quick R15 V3 minus the fairing. So, same power and less weight equals a heavenly experience. The competitors are nowhere near this level of performance and Yamaha has finally achieved the highest state of tune in the 150cc segment unless KTM or some other mental manufacturer plans to blow us off!

How sure-footed are the brakes?

Braking is top-notch on the MT 15 as it gets the same braking setup as its clothed brother. Disc brakes at both ends and lower kerb weight helps the MT 15 stop quickly and thus instil confidence for the rider.

2020 Yamaha MT 15 single channel ABS

It gets a single-channel ABS unit but we wished it to flaunt the same dual-channel ABS that has been added to the R15 V3. But we will have to wait for it. Braking is spot on and the bite is strong with this one. Brake levers are properly modulated and you will not need time to get a hang of things.


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125

Front / Rear




Front Rotor Size(mm)




Rear Rotor Size(mm)




80-0 kmph(m)




ABS (Single or Dual Channel)




This is a short motorcycle and so you won’t have situations of skidding off-line. You will be able to get things back in control easily. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 also shares its brakes with its big brother but it is also plagued by the soft suspension-strong brake combo that makes it ride like a horse, not so comfortable. KTM has a very good set of brakes but Yamaha has it all sorted out here without any room for complaints.

How does handling and comfort complement each other?

This is where this Japanese offering stands out. We know that R15 V3 is a very potent handler. It changes direction with the slightest flick and stays put to the road even in aggressive cornering. The only downside of R15 V3 was its extremely dedicated riding position. It was too aggressive for the likes of common men. People used to get sore backs after a day's ride. Now, the MT15 is all of what the R15 V3 was minus the extremely uncomfortable riding posture. This is a hoon to ride and you won’t even feel a twitch.

2020 Yamaha MT 15 cornering

Seating is on the harder side but isn’t the uncomfortable type. You sit higher and it might be a bit of an issue for shorter riders. Pillion seat is not so pillion friendly. It's much better than the one on R15 V3 but is still uncomfortable. Riding posture is upright and you sit relaxed. No vibrations are creeping in and you will be as jumpy as a pup after a whole day of riding.


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125




Steel trellis

Tyre-Wheel Size(Front)




Tyre-Wheel Size(Rear)




Front Suspension

Telescopic forks

Telescopic forks with anti-friction bush

WP upside-down forks

Rear Suspension

Swingarm link suspension

Nitrox mono-shock absorber with canister

WP monoshock

Seat height(mm)




Ground Clearance (mm)




Kerb Weight(kg)




Starting System




MT 15 uses the same potent delta box frame from R15 V3 and so no complaints there. The ride is very nimble, courtesy of its low kerb weight. The suspension is soft but not too soft to get you all airy. It is performance-oriented and so stiffness comes standard. The competition is well versed but doesn’t provide with the amount of sheer fun you experience on the “Dark side of Japan '' except for the orange monster!

How insanely cool does the 2020 Yamaha MT 15 look?

Oh, man! You would just stare and stare and stare. That's how insane the MT 15 looks. It has design cues borrowed from the likes of MT 07 and MT 09 which are beasts from the dark side. The highlighting feature is the sinister-looking headlamp setup which has a single LED unit for both high and low beam and gets angry looking LED DRLs on top, more like a glowy-eyed ninja! It flaunts the naked look beautifully with the tall tank complementing the streetfighter look.

2020 Yamaha MT 15 LED headlamp

The negative LED instrument cluster is crystal clear even in harsh sunlight and shows a dozen pieces of information. The top has a solo indicator for when the VVA comes into play and remind you of the oncoming rush. The rear tyre gets a hugger so that you don’t have to wash your attire every single day. The design is front-heavy as the rear has a minimal approach.

Aesthetic Features

  • Sinister headlamp assembly

  • Uni-seat

  • Full digital negative LED instrument cluster

  • Rear tyre hugger

  • Tall tank des


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125

Length (mm)




Width (mm)












The short wheelbase gives it a compact look and thus helps you filter through the densest of traffic with ease.KTM Duke 125 is the other one in this lot that has a similar character and look. Bajaj Pulsar has a bulky approach and can be named as the elephant in this room.

What are the safety and class-leading features available?

Yamaha has incorporated MT 15 with a set of features that gives the rider immense confidence to take the roads ahead. It gets single-channel ABS and a standard slipper clutch. These two features make it possible to exploit it to the maximum without a second thought.

2020 Yamaha MT 15 negative display

The full LCD instrument cluster helps you keep an eye on all the important stuff and a small light blinks to remind you of upshifts. The lean angle sensor helps during your weekend track days and keeps you safe.


Yamaha MT 15

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

KTM Duke 125

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

Rs. 1,36,000

Rs. 94,195

Rs. 1,32,000


Unique delta box chassis

High revving Twin-spark engine

Trellis frame

Variable Valve Actuation(VVA)

Rear Nitrox mono-suspension

Aluminium swingarm

Assist and slipper clutch

Digital-analogue instrument cluster

Multi-information instrument cluster

LED headlamp

Petal disc rotors

Underbelly exhaust

KTM Duke 125 has a similar set of upmarket features that includes a trellis frame, aluminium swingarm and a neatly tucked underbelly exhaust which still doesn’t cover up for the amount of features on the Yamaha. The standard slipper clutch is enough to pull you towards the dark side. Bajaj has a dull list and we want Bajaj to get back in the game before it's too late.

How does the competition stack up against this dark force?

Yamaha MT 15 vs Bajaj Pulsar NS160

2020 Bajaj Pulsar NS160

Bajaj tried to take on the leaders in the 150cc segment with a similar approach as KTM. It slapped on a 160cc pot onto the same body of NS200. This sounds good on paper but is very sluggish in person. Yamaha offers much more than the NS160 and the added premium you pay is well worth it. You will surely have a lot of fun without breaking a sweat.

Yamaha MT 15 vs KTM 125 Duke

2020 KTM 125 Duke

Now we are talking! The only other motorcycle in this segment that can stand head to head with the MT 15 in this trio. KTM has always been explosive in its offerings and the 125 Duke is nothing different. But it is, in fact, the most subtle offering in the KTM stable. This is a tough one but Yamaha is the one to go for here as it has more firepower and thus will give you a wider grin!

Whom will the 2020 Yamaha MT 15 cater to?

Yamaha has struck the right chords here with the MT 15. It is for that set of riders who loved the performance and riding dynamics but was let down by the much aggressive riding dynamics of the beast. This is the perfect ride for those who would enjoy every moment on the saddle and its flexible nature allows it to be done in a lot of ways. The 2020 Yamaha MT 15 is truly the dark side of Japan that will give you a bright time!