Watch & Download Delhi Crime Season 2 For Free: Exclusive Offers | Release Date | Latest Updates & More

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With having recently bagged the most prestigious International Emmy Awards 2020, Netflix’s Delhi Crime web series is gearing up for its second season, which apparently is going to be even “more overwhelming”. And we’re here with all the latest insights, Netflix coupons, and much more, so keep reading. 

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Watch & Download Delhi Crime Season 2 For Free : Exclusive Offers | Release Date | Latest Updates & More

Delhi Crime Season 2: Download & Watch Online

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What is Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date

What is Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date?

The Delhi Crime Season 1 was released on Netflix on 22 March 2019. The show was renewed for a season 2 with the main cast returning. The official release date has not been announced yet with COVID-19 hitting the country, but the Delhi Crime Season 2 must be out by the end of 2020.

What is the Delhi Crime Web Series About?

The show is based on a heinous crime that took place in 2012 in which six men had raped a young girl who was beaten up and tortured and finally passed away due to her injuries. The plot of Delhi Crime centers around the Delhi police case files that documented the investigation during that time. 

With specifics of the crime which were so brutal that it stooped mankind lower, the show is a procedural crime drama that has showcased the first six days after the rape case. Packed with emotions, politics, and outrage, Delhi Crime brings back memories of this unfortunate incident and tells us the story through the eyes of an investigation officer.

Delhi Crime Season 1: Episodes, Reviews, Cast & More 

Episode 1 

Witness a police team discovering two badly wounded victims, lying on the side of the road. DCP Vartika Chaturvedi (Shah) shortly receives a call, informing her about the incident. She leads the investigation of a heinous rape with an assembled crack team.

Episode 2 

With very few traces on the table, the cops call in and call out to reciprocate and inspect the bus that dumped the victims. Vartika herself stakes out the Ravi Dass slum where her efforts pay off and the first suspect, Jai Singh, is apprehended.

Episode 3 

Disturbing revelations about the night of the crime begin to come up when the bus driver Jai Singh confesses to the crime and provides a list of his five accomplices, two of whom are traced in no time.

Episode 4

The fourth suspect is captured. As public outrage mounted, Vartika and the Commissioner in charge of the crime must defend the fellow policemen against acts of misconduct. 

Episode 5 

Vartika's daughter Chandni gets caught up in protests as public outrage comes to a boil in Delhi. Sudhir closes in on the fifth suspect, while Jairaj and his team travel to Bihar, hot on the trail of the sixth.

Episode 6 

The male victim imperils the case by talking to the media while coercion continues to escalate as Vartika and Kumar are earmarked by the Chief Minister.

Episode 7 

The fifth suspect comes with a surprise(paradox) to the police. He turns out to be a minor. Protests outside the Parliament drive riots. The search for the final suspect avenues a chase in Naxal territory.

Delhi Crime Season 1 : Cast & Crew

Delhi Crime Season 1: Cast & Crew

Witness the startling roles these stars have fitted themselves in. The creator has hinted that the next season will have a slight or no difference in the cast, besides the main character, played by Abhishek Singh. Let’s recall the amazing cast and crew that has given us one brave depiction of a gruesome crime that happened in the country. 

Shefali Shah 
Vartika Chaturvedi 
Rashika Dugal 
Neeti Singh 
Yashaswini Dayama
Chandni “Chandu”
Rajesh Tailang 
Bhupendra Singh
Jaya Bhattacharya 
Vimla Bhardwaj
Anurag Arora 

Delhi Crime Crew Members 

Written By 
Richie Mehta 
Directed By 
Richie Mehta 
Andrew Lockington
Johan Heurlin Aidt 
Production Company 
Ivanhoe Pictures
Golden Karavan
Poor Man's Productions
Beverly Mills

Director's Word on the Making Of “Delhi Crime Season 1”

Richie Mehta, the director of the series, in an interview with South China Morning Post, said that he initially thought it'd be "unfitting for anyone" to make a TV series out of the cataclysm, but he eventually saw merit in the pursuit. He also told us about how the story is an extended exploration of other deep issues within India’s society. 

"The making of Delhi Crime has been a personally transformative journey; speaking to every individual involved, retracing the paths that the police took during the course of the investigation, and hearing of the determination that it took for the case to be closed, despite severe limitations. I hope that we’ve been able to provide context, catharsis and open once again a difficult conversation that must be had about the forces that enabled this brutality."

Delhi Crime Season 1: Reviews

Delhi Crime Season 1 : Reviews

While not all the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, that might not matter much if the show was picked up for two seasons right off the bat. 

No details of a second season have been revealed, but viewers can look forward to the same show taking on another India-based crime sometime after this one concludes its morbid tale.


The show has gained a lot of criticism from the victim's father, Badrinath Singh who claims it is an inconsequential distraction from the shores of justice for his daughter. Find out what he feels for the show

Simran Sethi, Director, International Originals at Netflix said: “Delhi Crime is an important story told with sensitivity and responsibility, and we are honoured to help bring this series to Indian and global members.It is honest and emotional and powerful. Shows like this bring a much-needed lens to the lived reality of women around the world. Watching this series is an affecting experience, and we are sure it will be as meaningful of an experience for Netflix audiences as it was for us.”

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What Will Happen In “Delhi Crime Season 2” ?

Series creators have yet to announce what case will be the focus of season two.

However, The Indian Express reports that Shefali Shah will reprise her role as Detective Vartika Chaturvedi.

Besides Sacred Games, which has been the most popular series on Netflix in India in 2019, Delhi Crime has also been able to invite a mass of viewers to the heart-wrenching tale of a heinous crime that kickstarted and established the epitome of a gross practice in the country. Delhi Crime Season 2 is expected to introduce another crime and what prompted the ghory case. 

The second season of a fundamentally acclaimed web series Delhi Crime will have a real life IAS officer, Abhishek Singh essay himself on the small screen. Abhishek Singh has held key positions in the administrative departments of the country and will now be seen in the Netflix series.

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Editor’s Perspective

The fact that this show is based on the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case makes it debatable because it raises the projections of viewers. This is not the victim’s riveting story, nor is it a soul-satisfying tale of justice. Director Richie Mehta, instead, aims his focus on a small group of police officers putting aside their lives to ensure the beguile of the criminals.

Shefali Shah delivers a spellbinding performance, stretched between emotional turmoil and the call of duty, she goes through all lengths to bring justice to the victim and her family under any circumstance, and so does Rajesh Tailang.

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FAQs ABout Delhi Crime Season 2 On Netflix

Will Delhi Crime Have Season 2?

The show will be back for a second season with the main cast returning early in 2021. 

How accurate is Delhi Crime?

Delhi Crime is now streaming only on Netflix. It's a fictionalized series based on the case files of the Delhi Police who arrested the six perpetrators of the gang-rape within five days. Though the show is accurate in terms of certain incidents that unfold during investigation, some viewers found it hard to relate. 

Is Delhi Crime Season 1 available for free on Netflix?

If you are a new user, the show is available for free streaming with your 30-days free trial prior to the monthly plan you wish to buy.