Vespa VXL 125 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Feb 12 2020 Share this blog

Many customers today might not know this but Piaggio has been one the oldest two-wheeler manufacturer to exist in the Indian market. Piaggio licensed the production of its Vespa range of scooters in India in the 1960s to Bajaj Auto. Unfortunately, their partnership was not renewed but it gave birth to one of India’s most popular scooters, the Bajaj Chetak. In 2012, the Piaggio re-entered the Indian market and launched its Vespa range of scooters. One such scooter is the VXL 125, which is also the most popular scooter in its range.

Vespa VXL 125

Piaggio has facelifted the Vespa VXL 125 and the new model, though mechanically similar, gets a number of cosmetic changes coupled with beefier tires and combined braking system. It is priced at Rs..92,977 (Ex-Delhi) and goes up against rivals such as TVS Ntorq and Honda Grazia 125. This Vespa is only available in one variant like the other scooters in the Vespa range. The Vespa VXL 125 follows the same old retro design philosophy which seems to not be aging at all. But with the entry of modernly designed new scooters like the Ntorq and Grazia, its time now to see how far the VXL 125 can really last.


  • Tried and tested motor

  • Great retro looks

  • Robust build quality

  • Neutral handling


  • Not as feature-loaded as some of the competitions

  • Priced on the higher side

What’s New

  • Beefier tires and CBS

What are the various variants available in Vespa VXL 125?

The Vespa VXL 125 is available only in one variant now which comes with the Combined Brake System (CBS). It is available in 4 different colors namely, Yellow, Red Matt, Black Maze, and Grey White. It also gets the beefier 10/70  11 inch front and  120/70  10 inch rear, tubeless tires. Priced at Rs. 92,977, the VXL 125 certainly would cost you more than the Ntorq and the Grazia.



Ex-Showroom Price(Delhi)



Combined brake system

Chrome Exhaust Cover

Electric start system

Digital odometer

Front disc brake

Removable storage compartment

Front storage space

Justifying the premium price of the VXL 125 is its metal-clad body instead of plastic or fiber panels. It also comes with a break-resistant headlamp and three coated paint. The body of the VXL 125 is a unibody construction unlike some of its rivals and it also comes with the biggest disc brakes and tires in its segment.

What is the power source of the Vespa VXL 125?

The powerhouse of the Vespa VXL 125 is the same 125 cc single-cylinder motor which powers the other Vespa family members as well. The engine produces 9.9 bhp of power at 7500 pm and 10.6 Nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm. In terms of the rideability the Vespa VXL 125 fair pretty well due to its power and torque figures being slightly better than its rivals. Within the city, the engine feels adequately powered and it is easy to nip around in traffic due to ample lower end torque on offer.

Vespa VXL 125 engine

On the open roads or highways, the Vespa runs begins to lose its breath quite quickly. While the Vespa performs admirably in the lower side of the rev band, the heavier weight of the Vespa dulls its performance on the top-end. Although the power delivery is quite linear and most users would not find anything to complain about its performance.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)


Rs. 59,462

Rs. 62,025


125 cc, 3-valve

124.7cc, 3-valve

124.9cc, 2-valve


[email protected] RPM

9.5bhp @ 7500 RPM

[email protected] 6500 RPM


10.6Nm @ 6250 RPM

10.5Nm @ 5500 RPM

10.5 [email protected] RPM





ARAI Mileage figure(kmpl)




Fuel tank capacity(Litres)




Vespa’s VXL models continue to offer class-leading fuel tank capacity but lack behind its rivals in terms of mileage. Vespa’s have never been known for mileage figures but the VXL is only slightly behind its rivals in this department. It offers lower mileage figures due to its heavier weight. The Honda Grazia takes the cake in terms of mileage figures and should be your choice is the mileage is your prime concern.

How quick is the Vespa VXL 125 for your daily commuting needs?

When it comes to crawling through city traffic, nothing can beat a comfortable gearless scooter. We are glad to report that, the Vespa VXl 125 is exactly that kind of scooter. Within the city, closing in on the gaps in traffic is easy due to its good power delivery lower down the range. The throttle response is quick which reduces your grind with the handlebar. 

Vespa VXL 125 driving and riding

When it comes to being quick, the VXL 125 can do a 0-60 kmph sprint a lot faster than its rivals with the help of its higher performance figures (well, you'd think that but it's not all the way true). The VXL is fast but because of its high kerb weight, it falls a little slow than the rivals.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia





0-60 kmph


9 s

9.03 s

Top Speed(kmph)




The TVS Ntorq is the fastest scooter in the comparison due to its slightly higher torque and linear power delivery. Hence, if you want better performance in this segment, the TVS Ntorq would feel the best. But we can assure you that for your daily commute, no scooter in this comparison will be a disappointment.

How sure-footed are the brakes?

When it comes to braking performance, it is hard to beat the Vespa VXL 125. It not only offers a Combined Braking System but the biggest front disc brake in its segment. It offers more than adequate stopping power and the brakes feel confident even at high speeds. The brakes also don’t judder unlike some of its rivals and offer good feedback. Even with a pillion rider the brakes in the Vespa perform admirably and are the best in the business.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia

Front / Rear

Drum or Disc/Drum

Drum or Disc/Drum


Front Rotor Size(mm)

220 mm (Disc)



Rear Rotor Size(mm)

130 mm



80-0 kmph(m)




ABS (Single or Dual Channel)




TVS Ntorq and the Honda Grazia get a smaller front brake rotor than the Vespa VXL 125. But as they are lighter you would not be left wanting for more braking prowess. Overall, the braking performance of all scooters is satisfactory but the Vespa performs the best especially under hard braking.

How comfortably can you be seated while taking on the roads?

If you are planning to use your scooter for your daily commutes then comfort is certainly of paramount importance. The Vespa VXL 125 does not get telescopic forks at the front and gets a hydraulic suspension. But where some scooters are softly sprung and can end up feeling a bit mushy, the Vespa provides the best ride quality in its segment. 

Vespa VXL 125 seating

At slow city speeds, it feels like a big scooter due to its bigger wheels and fatter tires. It soaks in most bumps and potholes quite well. It feels composed at high speeds and offers a great ride even if you ride it hard on broken roads. The handling feels sharp making the scooter feel light on its feet. The seat cushioning might feel a bit hard for some but it has been done to provide better comfort on long journeys. It feels premium and offers excellent support for everyday city rides.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia





Tyre-Wheel Size(Front)




Tyre-Wheel Size(Rear)




Front Suspension

Hydraulic Double-Telescopic Fork

Telescopic forks

Telescopic forks

Rear Suspension

Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Hydraulic Type Coil Spring Shock Absorber

3-Step adjustable spring-loaded Hydraulic

Seat height(mm)




Ground Clearance (mm)




Kerb Weight(kg)




Starting System




Piaggio has done an excellent job of tuning the suspension for Indian road conditions. The fatter tires help the Vespa in dealing with badly patched roads and it feels quite planted. It also gets the longest wheelbase at 1,290mm which helps in providing better stability and handling.

All scooters get exactly the same ground clearance hence do not have much to differentiate on that front. But you sit on the Vespa VXL 125 due to its higher seat height. While this helps in clearing obstacles easily, it loses some of the agility that the rivals have on offer. 

How well does the 2020 Vespa VXL 125 look?

Styling of the scooters seems to have evolved quite a bit in the Indian market. But even with the modern-looking scooters getting launched into the market every day, the Vespa VXL 125 maintains its retro-style language that it is known for. It gets chrome finished rearview mirrors and silver colors brake levers which render it a premium look. The rounded headlamp at the front lends it a retro touch. On the side, the Vespa VXL 125 gets a curvy look and it looks quite proportionate from every angle. 

Vespa VXL 125 exterior design

The amount of chrome used is generous as you can find it in places like the rear body grab rail, headlight casing, wheels, and the exhaust muffler. It manages to stand out with its looks which seem to have still been working with a charm.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia

Length (mm)




Width (mm)












The paint job of the Vespa feels a notch above its segment. In this comparison, the Ntorq and the Grazia are styled quite similarly and the Vespa VXL 125 manages to stand out. Overall the Vespa still looks elegant, attractive and fresh. The retro design seems to be doing its round with its other rivals like the Hero Pleasure Plus as well now. 


What are the various features of the offer?

With scooters like the Ather 450 X giving on-screen navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, the Vespa VXL 125 does not come with any of those gizmos. However, it does get a small detail cluster now. The speedometer gets a retro look which is still analog. The digital cluster shows information like low fuel warning and time. It misses out on the USB charging port which the rivals now offer. The storage box is connected to the main lock which comes in handy in everyday scenarios.


Vespa VXL 125

TVS Ntorq 125

Honda Grazia


Combi-Braking System

USB charging port

Disc brakes

Glossy compact panel

High-speed alert

Telescopic Front Suspension

Front disc brakes

Disc brakes 

3-step rear adjustable suspension

Chrome Muffler Cover

Split grab rail 

Split grab rail 

The Vespas have always stood for its design and experience rather than features but Piaggio could certainly give it certain features like the USB charging port. In this comparison, the Ntorq gets the most advanced set of features and information clusters. The Honda Grazia also offers a full digital cluster but does not get as many connectivity options as the Ntorq.

Available Features

  • Front storage compartment

  • Alloy wheels

  • Low fuel warning

  • Self-start system

  • Multi-function digital meter

  • Removable storage compartment

How does the competition stack up against Ntorq 125?

Vespa VXL 125 vs Honda Grazia

Vespa VXL 125 vs Honda Grazia

The Honda Grazia is one of the most advanced scooters in its segment. It is designed to attract the younger audience. The LED headlight is designed with sharp edges in order to give it a sporty stance and it is a head-turner. It also gets a tried and tested the motor with more mileage on offer. The Grazia should be your pick if you want more bang for your buck but the Vespa VXL 125 is a more stylish scooter with better power and better build quality.

Vespa VXL 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125

Vespa VXL 125 vs TVS Ntorq

TVS Ntorq is one of the most popular scooters in the 125cc segment and for all the right reasons. It seems to offer quite a bang for the buck too in this comparison. Ntorq comes with the most contemporary styling and modern features. The Ntorq is also priced quite attractively and is aimed at the young generation riders. In comparison, the Vespa VXL 125 takes us to the old days with its retro appeal. It offers better build and rides quality. But if you are looking for performance and an expansive list of features then the Ntorq is the scooter for you.

Does the Vespa VXL 125 stand a chance against the segment leaders?

With more and more scooters bringing new features and design to the table, the Vespa VXL 125 continues to stand by design philosophy and experience. It is certainly priced at a premium just like the other Vespa scooters. It offers a great ride and showcases top-notch build quality. But with the other scooters offering more for the price, you should go with the Vespa if you want to make a style statement. With that, the Vespa VXL 125 also offers a premium riding and ownership experience which its rivals cannot match in its segment.