Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020 Review: Prices, Offers, Mileage, Specs & Pics

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By Rahul Hans - Automotive Journalist Dec 27 2019 Share this blog

The Arabs say if you want to go into the desert, get a 4x4. If you want to come back, get a Land Cruiser. And that saying has never been proven wrong. The legendary SUV from Toyota is here to please everyone who is loyal to the name Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser has an off-road heritage spanning for more than 65 years now and that is quite something to stand by with pride.

This version of the Prado is the 150 series in its fourth generation and it has been available for a decade (since 2009) now. The Prado is the top-selling SUV in 10 European countries and in Australia for a long time because of its legendary toughness. A person who is willing to shell out a good sum of their money on this car knows what they are buying it for. One cannot explore the far outer-reaches of this car in a city drive or a school run. This car is designed to take some beating.

The Prado is still old school being built on a ladder frame chassis which makes it good for off-roading but not-so-good for on-road. If you are looking for an SUV that is comfortable enough to live with and that can take you inside and bring you back out of an uncertain place, the Land Cruiser Prado is the choice for you.

What will impress you?

  • Toyota’s robust dependability

  • Spacious cabin for 7 passengers

  • Off-road capabilities (wading depth, approach & departure angle, etc.)

  • Off-road tech (crawl control, multi-terrain select, cruise control, etc.)

  • Easy maintenance

  • Leather interiors

  • Multi-terrain monitor (4 camera surround check)

What won't?

  • Outdated infotainment

  • Vintage design

  • Only one variant available with one power option

  • Lack of updates digital drivers display

What’s New in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?

  • Redesigned front

  • Improved Wading depth

  • Automatic climate control with 3-zone independent control

  • Heated seats

Land Cruiser Prado Variants & Features

As a purpose-built luxury off-roader for sheer enthusiasts who know what this car is built for, Toyota has kept it fairly simple and straightforward for them. It offers just one variant of the Land Cruiser Prado, the VXL diesel version. People who stay loyal to the Land Cruiser brand won’t be interested in cosmetic upgrades, but a good choice of powerful engines should be made available given the kind of terrains this juggernaut will be tackling through.


VXL Diesel

Price (Ex-showroom)

Rs. 96.30 lakhs


Projector-type full LED auto headlamps with headlamp washer

Heated and ventilated seats

Cup holder with cooling box

18’’ Alloy wheels

Illuminated door entry system

Adaptive variable suspension

Active headrest

Off-road features

Crawl Control (5-speed select)

Multi-terrain select

Multi-terrain monitor

Panoramic view monitor

Wading depth - 0.7m

Slapping a price tag of almost a crore calls for different features. Apart from climbing mountains, the Prado is also going to be used to school runs and airport pickup of family members. Toyota has ensured Prado is a family-friendly car. With seating capacity for 7, it comes with heated/ventilated seats, cup holders with a cooling box and automatic 3-zone independent climate control for air conditioning to make sure the elderly don’t complain about the comfort.

The Prado strikes through all the basic needs of a rugged off-roader like Hill-start assist, hill-descent assist, crawl control, multi-terrain selector, an impressive wading depth of 0.7m and a lot of others too.

Land Cruiser Prado Engine & Performance

The lack of different power options dwarfs Prado’s stance in front of its competitors. It’s bigger brother, Land Cruiser, sports a thundering V8 while Prado owners are left to make do with just a 4-cylinder In-line. Common Toyota! At least a V6 next time! Under the hood lies Toyota’s robust and widely familiar D-4D turbocharged diesel engine. The 3.0L diesel engine coupled with a 5-speed automatic gearbox throws out a peak torque of 410nm between 1600-2800 rpm and peak horsepower of 172hp at 3400 rpm. All the power sent to the all-time 4WD system makes sure there is enough power to have fun when there aren’t any roads.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

Price (Ex-Showroom) 

Rs. 96.30 lakhs

Rs. 96.90 lakhs

Rs. 88.92 lakhs

Engine (Diesel)

3.0L In-line 4-cylinder turbocharged

3.0L TD6(V6), turbocharged

3.6L V6 Pentastar diesel


5-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

8-speed automatic


172 bhp @3400rpm

255 bhp @3750rpm

239 bhp @3600rpm


410 Nm @1600-2800rpm

600 Nm @1750-2250rpm

570 Nm @2000rpm

The Toyota Prado doesn’t have a straight-on rivalry as such in India, but there are the few SUVs at this same price bracket who fight for a place in the customer’s garage even though one or more cars focus on other things that the Prado doesn’t - The Land Rover Discovery and Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. The Discovery is priced similar to the Prado and even though it focuses on luxury as well it is an extremely capable and reliable off-roader. The Jeep Grand Cherokee might be cheaper than the Prado but its build quality and its reason for existence resemble the Prado’s. These 2 cars carry a thumpy V6 along with them putting the Prado’s 4-cylinder in-line to shame. The power delivery of the Prado seems ample and on-point for off-roading conditions but when you are bashing through the city overtaking and almost breaking the speed limits you are left with the thought that Prado could use more power. Both the competitors delivering considerably larger amounts of torque and horsepower prove to be fun and powerful to drive inside the city too. The D-4D engine feels sufficient around city conditions but it certainly isn’t quick in any way. The loss of grunt is most noticeable at highway speeds. 


While quarter-mile times don’t say a lot about these brawny powerful SUVs, a good acceleration time of 0-100kmph says a lot about its character. The Prado is capable of hauling itself from a standstill to 100kmph in about 11 seconds while its competitors are a good 3 seconds faster.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

0-100 KMPH

10.9 secs

8.1 secs

8.3 secs


3.0L In-line 4-cylinder turbocharged

3.0L TD6 (V6), turbocharged

3.0L V6 diesel

These acceleration timings are quite evident from the fact that the other 2 cars have a V6 engine delivering more horsepower at a similar rpm range as the Prado. The 5-speed automatic does its best at delivering all the 410nm of torque but it is not enough as the 8-speed automatic of others does a better job. Had Toyota fitted the Prado with a 7-speed automatic, it’d be capable of delivering the same amount of power a little more quickly and in a more refined way.

Ride and Handling

The Prado is a heavy SUV and the car does nothing to subtly hide it. The weight of the car feels through every maneuver. The massive weight of the car also helps in keeping it planted to the ground at high speeds. The road-noise is excellently isolated as you can typically expect from a car in this range. Overall, it’s always comfortable and refined. Toyota’s own Adaptive Variable Suspension(AVS) provides immense ride comfort, handling, and stability allowing the driver to choose from different modes such as comfort, normal and sport. A similar height control switch increases/decreases the suspension between high, low and normal depending upon the terrain you are present on. While driving on rough terrain, the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) works its magic to suppress the body roll to ensure vehicle stability. The Multi-terrain select with active traction control works in a variety of off-roading driving conditions like Sand, loose rock, mud, rock & dirt to control the braking and acceleration power to maintain vehicle stability. The ladder chassis along with permanent 4WD and differential locks ensures immense stability.

The adaptive suspension does a fantastic job of smoothing out bumps and rough surfaces. The sport mode doesn’t give you a sudden burst of power that the car has quietly stashed away but instead, all the smart active systems start to sing along harmony with the throttle response to give you the best ride possible. Gliding along bumps, rapid direction changes, multiple overtakes and hitting hard on loose rocky surfaces becomes a no-brainer.


Toyota Prado gets ventilated disc brakes in the front and the back and it does the proper job of stopping the heaviest car of the lot properly. In 2020, the addition of automatic emergency braking would have been good. Additionally, while off-roading with Crawl Control enabled, the acceleration and braking are taken care of by the car itself without driver input.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

Front Brakes

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brakes

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Curb Weight 

2725 kgs

2419 kgs

2455 kgs

Fuel Economy

Other than its rugged dependability if there is one more thing the Prado is known for, it must be its capability to quaff litres and litres of fuel. It is a true gas guzzler. Running on full-time 4WD, the engine is thirstier than you would expect when pushed to keep up with fast-flowing or continuous start-stop traffic. The rear-mounted spare tire has found its way underneath the car hence reducing the size of the fuel tank to 87 litres. The Land Rover Discovery is the most efficient of the bunch while the Jeep carries the biggest fuel tank with a capacity of 93.5 litres.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel


11.13 kmpl

18 kmpl

12.8 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity 

87 litres

85 litres

93.5 litres             





Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Exterior & Design

If you want to look down upon the peasants on puny little cars on the lanes beside you then you would make the right decision in picking the Toyota Prado. Of this big, brawny and hulk category of SUVs, the Toyota Prado is the one that offers a raw SUV look. The Discovery swings slightly towards the side of luxury. The Grand Cherokee lacks exterior character due to the absence of wide hunches and shoulder lines. The Prado looks and feels high raised on the road while the other two look mildly composed.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

Curb weight (kg)

2725 kg

2419 kg

2455 kg

Length (mm)

4840 mm

4988 mm

4828 mm

Width (mm)

1885 mm

2220 mm

1943 mm

Height (mm)

1880 mm

1846 mm

1802 mm

Ground Clearance (mm)

225 mm

220 mm

171-252 mm

Wheelbase (mm)

2790 mm

2922 mm

2915 mm

The Prado stands as the tallest of the group and offers a good high raised ground clearance of 225mm. The slight decrease in length and width shouldn’t give rise to questions about spaciousness because the Prado is still one of only a few cars out there which is a true 7-seater that can take in proper adults at the back unlike other cars which just label it as a “kids section”. Some might feel a car as big as this might be clumsy for an everyday city ride or difficult in tight parking spots but I would say that is subjective.

Design-wise, Toyota hasn’t deviated from any of the rugged looks. The front has gone through a redesign for a fresh look and sports a larger, wider grille with vertical slats. The grille now houses slits to improve cooling and the openings are moved to a higher place in order to increase the wading depth of the car. The sculpted hood now improves the car’s presence on the road as well as it helps in driver visibility upfront.

Exterior Features

  • Projector type auto headlamps (LED) with headlamp washer
  • DRLs
  • Front/Rear fog lamps
  • Rear spoiler
  • Aero-stabilizing fins on ORVMs
  • Moonroof
  • Illuminated car entry system

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Interior & Comfort

As big as it looks on the outside, space inside makes it a perfect go-getter car for even a large extended family. The interiors are focused on taming any terrain that comes your way in absolute comfort. Once you climb into the high raised doors, you get a taste of refreshed interiors drifting towards pure luxury compared to the previous models. The genuine leather upholstery on the seats gives it a few extra marks but compared to the soft-touch interiors and multiple touch panels of the Discovery, the Prado seems like it needs a lot of work done. Compared to the Cherokee which suffers from a dull-coloured interior, the Prado feels solidly laid out. It’s quite upright and airy for all 7 passengers but things like fake wood on the steering wheel don’t call for appreciation in 2020.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

Passenger Capacity




Both the front seats are heated, with an 8-way power-adjustable seat with memory function for the driver and a 4-way power-adjustable seat without memory function for the passenger. The outer seats on the second row which can be slid and reclined are heated as well. The first two rows are immensely spacious for fully grown adults with better headroom than its competitors. Even the 3rd row of seats will be comfortable for adults for short trips.

Overall, the interior design is aesthetically pleasing and no doubt comfortable but there is still a lot of room for improvement given the price tag of this car.

Interior Features

  • Two-row heated seats with power-adjustable for front row

  • Console box cooling

  • Automatic climate control with 3-zone independent control

  • Steering mounted controls

  • Parking assist

  • Cruise control

Infotainment System

The Prado still living in the third world in terms of interior tech. It certainly doesn’t feel like a car that can enter the next decade in the 21st century. When the folks at Land Rover are romping with Augmented Reality toys in their car displays, the Prado lacks basic Android Auto and Apple Carplay. It is a major let down when it is more expensive than its competitors. The Jeep also suffers a similar drawback but it hasn’t received an update in India for over 2 years so we can hope that Jeep brings in some cool features for the 2020 model.  In the center of the Prado, sits a not-so-intuitive 8-inch touch screen infotainment system along with a neat, symmetrical and intuitive layout of buttons around it. The infotainment system AM/FM, USB, Aux, CDs, so if your phone still has a 3.5mm jack you are good to go in style.

The driver's display is a multi-information display TFT screen with analog dials for speedometer and rpm meter but uses a digital display for all other information.

Infotainment Features

  • 8-inch touch screen

  • AM/FM, USB, Aux, CDs

  • Car monitoring read-outs (tyre pressure etc)

  • Parking camera display

  • Off-road terrain video feed from surround camera

Boot Capacity

You will have to give up a bit of boot space if you want to carry 7 passengers. But it’s still ample for short drives and 3-4 bags. It’s an entirely different story if you fold the rear seats because the boot space goes well above 620 liters. Mind you, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is only offered as a 5-seater hence the enormous boot capacity. 


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL

Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0L

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

Cargo Volume 

120 liters

228 liters

1025 liters 

If you are willing to ditch a couple of your friends or family members on a road trip in order to cram a boatload of stuff in the back, you know what to choose.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Safety Ratings and Reliability

A monumental proven off-roader like the Prado should also prove itself in terms of passenger safety. The Prado comes laden with safety tech support and a whole lot of airbags to keep your fun dune bashing safe and secure. The sides and front of the car are barraged with 7 airbags for driver, passenger, driver & passenger side, driver knee, curtain side airbags.

Safety Features

  • 7 airbags

  • Whiplash injury lessening headrests (front row)

  • Vehicle stability control (VHC)

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

  • Engine immobilizer

  • ABS with EBD and BA

  • Power windows with jam protection

  • Parking assist

  • Hill-start assist and downhill assist control

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Head-to-Head Competition Check

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

The re-designed new Jeep Grand Cherokee unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of 2018 hasn’t found its way to India yet even after almost 2 years. Jeep brought the Cherokee to India a little more than 3 years ago and it hasn’t given the car any serious upgrades since then. The build quality of the Grand Cherokee resembles that of the Prado which aims to be a tough off-roader all the while providing enough of everything a customer will require. Both these cars don’t provide anything excess or extravagant than what’s required for a car of this sort. 

The Grand Cherokee is priced a lot lesser than the Prado and that might just make customers swing towards it. The people who prefer cars like these two know exactly what they want and they have a real everyday use for them. Toyota has proven itself to be an insanely reliable car all over the world and even Jeep has a similarly rich heritage in building off-roaders in America. Both these cars are purpose-built and it will come down to the personal whims of a customer who is going to buy to choose among the both by scaling down to various other factors like service cost, ease of maintenance, cost to run, etc.    

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Land Rover Discovery

If there is one other large SUV that is well received among car enthusiasts as an off-roader is must be the Land Rover range of cars. The Discovery sits on top of the line having mastered all the tricks and stunts. Land Rover trying to save its brand/company currently is seriously working on making their cars better in terms of build quality and interior layouts. Priced at the same range as a Prado, the Discovery is one true head-head competitor for the Prado. On the luxury front, cars like the Mercedes Benz GLS and BMW X7 are built as luxury SUVs and then are given a bit of off-roading capabilities. But the Discovery is one car that is built like an off-roader and given some luxury SUV qualities to it. 

The Prado will take on obstacles exhibiting its rugged and resilient character. The Discovery will tackle those same obstacles knowing it like the back of its hand with a smug look on its face. As we have seen, the Prado lacks interior charisma and a customer could always do with more of it. The Discovery’s interior tech and material quality is well above the Prado’s and a little bit below the X7’s and GLS’s. That will be the proper point of satisfaction for a buyer. If there is one car the Prado should be scared of, it must be the Discovery. If a customer wants something more than what is offered in the Prado and Grand Cherokee, the Discovery is the default option to go for.

Final Verdict 

The Toyota Prado is a purpose-built off-roader that excites a very particular group of enthusiasts who understand everything about the car and know how to maintain it. The Prado, unlike any other SUV, serves a customer base that knows their product, how to use it and how to modify it. It will not appeal to everyone as an average bulky city SUV, because it is not. Clearly comparing it to the Land Rovers or even the German heavyweights as an everyday SUV, the Prado looks like a dying breed however it is still the king in its own turf. The Prado’s rugged dependability and Toyota’s bulletproof reliability still makes it the most popular SUV in certain parts of the world. You pick a Prado for the job, if you are going to travel on smooth road surfaces all the time, this is not the car. The noticeably good acceleration timings of other cars don’t matter when you are off-roading. They don’t seem to bother the drivers when they are battering around their country’s sparsely populated outbacks. That being said, Toyota must bring in some major upgrades in the future iterations of the Prado in terms of engine power and interior tech. But other than that, if you want care-free great rides on the great outbacks of your country, this here is the real deal.