Toyota Glanza 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Saurav Kumar - Senior Editor Mar 09 2020 Share this blog

When manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai were raking in huge numbers in the premium hatchback space, Toyota was a mere spectator, despite being the largest MPV maker. While Innova Crysta and Fortuner have been cash cows for Toyota, the need for a premium hatchback was the need of the hour. Though they had the Etios Liva, which wasn’t very impressive on its own, Toyota’s India portfolio was quite barren in terms of hatchback offerings.

Toyota and Suzuki signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2018, where there will be cross-sharing of platforms and powertrains. And the first product to come out of this joint venture was Maruti Suzuki Baleno........err, Toyota Glanza. Sure, it is a Suzuki on the outside, and inside as well, save for the Toyota badges in and out. Heck, even the powertrain and gearbox is the same as the Baleno.

2020 toyota glanza front view

On paper, the Glanza is nothing but a rebadged Maruti Suzuki Baleno, albeit with fewer variants and limited engine options. Toyota seems to have taken a feather out of the Nissan-Renault playbook for the initial phase of this joint venture.

Toyota Glanza offers the same set of petrol engines, that do the duty in Baleno. However, there is more to it than just your regular badge engineering. Toyota offers warranty coverage of 3 years, whereas the regular Baleno comes with warranty coverage of 2 years. This gives the Glanza a slight edge over its sibling. Moreover, to make this a car look a more value-for-money proposition, Toyota has priced it slightly lower than the Baleno. With Suzuki’s peppy engines and reliability, and Toyota’s badge, the Glanza is expected to further strengthen the ties between these Japanese giants and be a game-changer for Toyota Bharat.

What will impress you:

  • Fuel-Efficient and BS6 Certified Petrol Engines
  • Loaded to the gills with features
  • 3 Year/1,00,000 km Warranty
  • Good Handling
  • Well-Tuned Suspension
  • Class-leading fuel-economy figures

What Won’t:

  • Absence of Diesel Engine offered in the Baleno
  • Doesn’t have a separate identity when pitched against the Baleno
  • Limited to only two variants, the regular Baleno is available in 4 variants
  • Absence of the enthusiast-friendly 1.0 Boosterjet engine

What’s New in the 2020 Toyota Glanza?

The Glanza is an all-new car in Toyota Bharat’s portfolio. However, it does share the changes that were seen in the Baleno facelift, that was launched early this year.

  • New Diamond Cut 16 Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Redesigned Front Bumper
  • Redesigned Taillight Assembly
  • Smart Play Studio Infotainment (named Smart Playcast in the Glanza)

Where the Glanza differs is by having a Toyota badge and a slightly altered front grille.

What are the various variants on offer?

The Toyota Glanza is offered in only two variants, namely G and V, which correspond to the Zeta and Alpha variants of the Baleno, respectively. Unfortunately, there is nothing for the budget-constrained buyers. The Baleno can be had in lower variants as well, namely Sigma and Delta, which get a few lesser features. However, they are priced according to the need of the buyers. Both the variants can be had with the tried and tested 1.2 litre, four-cylinder engine, better known as K12B.

The other engine on offer is the DualJet motor. This engine is BS6 compliant and comes with a mild-hybrid setup. To differentiate it from the regular K12 motor, Suzuki has named this engine as K12C. Both the engines are mated to a 5-Speed Manual Gearbox, and to cater to the urban audiences, Toyota offers a CVT transmission, albeit only with the K12B engine.

The Baleno in itself is a feature-loaded car, and it’s the same case with the Glanza. It comes loaded to the gills with features, with several first-in-segment features as well.



G Hybrid




Price(Avg. Ex-Showroom)

Rs. 6,97,000

Rs. 7,21,900

Rs. 8,29,900

Rs. 7,58,200

Rs. 8,90,200


  • Automatic Climate Control

  • Smart Playcast Infotainment System with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink

  • Coloured Multi-Information Display in the Gauge Cluster

  • Steering Mounted Audio Controls

  • Centre Armrest

  • LED Projector Headlamps

  • Keyless Entry with Push Button Start
  • 16 Inch Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

  • Fog Lamps and Parking Sensors

Same as the G Variant

Same as the G Variant

All Existing features of the G variant and:

  • UV Tinted Glass All-Around

  • Rearview Camera

  • Automatic And Follow Me Home Headlamps

  • LED DRL’s

Same as V Variant

On the Safety Front, The Glanza comes with dual-front airbags, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, seatbelt reminders for both front passengers ISOFIX child seat mounts and rear parking sensors as standard. All of these features are in line with the Government of India’s proposal to make basic safety features as standard on all cars on sale in the Indian market. That said, availability of only two airbags even in the top variant is kind of a sore spot, as the competition offers up to 6 Airbags.

Which trim should you go for?

Since the base G variant of the Toyota Glanza is based on the Zeta variant of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, it comes with a host of features as standard. Moreover, you also get the Harman-Kardon sourced Smart PlayCast system, which is one of the best in this segment. This variant offers maximum bang for the buck proposition, and loses out only a few features, in comparison to the top-end V variant.

March 2020 Deals and offers

Toyota has pitched in an interesting discount listing for all the variants of 2020 Glanza. The detailed split-up is listed below.

Ongoing Offers
Across the range
Rs 35K Benefits (Rs 15K Exchange Bonus + Rs 5000 Corporate Discount + Rs 15K Benefit if taking finance through Toyota Finance)

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What is the power source for the 2020 Toyota Glanza?

The Toyota Glanza features the same engine options, that are available in the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Base engine on offer is the K12B 1.2 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT), capable of 82 bhp and 113 nm of torque. No two ways about it, this engine is a jewel and is considered one of the best in its segment. Performance on offer is good, thanks to the lower kerb weight. This car boasts of a power to weight ratio of 77 bhp per tonne, which is the highest in this segment. Low-end performance is great, and city-drivability is a breeze.

Power is sent to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox. Just like the engine, this gearbox is a gem, with well-defined gates. Moreover, the gearbox is slick-shifting. All of this, combined with the light clutch makes city driving easy. On the highway, this engine can deliver brilliant performance, when kept on the boil. The Achilles heel of this engine remains the flat mid-range, which can be a deterrent for some of the potential buyers.

2020 toyota glanza engine

The other engine on offer is a K12C, dual VVT engine, that comes with a mild-hybrid setup. This 1242 cc engine works in tandem with a lithium-ion battery (placed under the front passenger seat), and power output is rated at 90 bhp, which is 8 bhp over the regular K12B engine. Torque output, however, remains unchanged, at 113 nm. Now, this engine additionally offers Torque Assist and Regenerative Braking. This engine is available in some of the European markets as well and is highly rated for its drivability, performance and efficiency. This engine too is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

For the convenience cravers, Glanza can also be had with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Expectedly, this gearbox offers smooth shifting and will satisfy the needs of the regular audience. That said, this gearbox does suffer from rubber-band effect, or in easier words, the gearbox doesn’t respond to throttle inputs in the higher rev range. The revs keep climbing, but the speed doesn’t!


Toyota Glanza

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

Price (Ex-Delhi) in INR

Rs. 7.05 Lakhs

Rs. 5.53 Lakhs

Rs. 7.45 Lakhs

Rs. 5.87 Lakhs


1.2L K-Series VVT    4-cylinder

1.2L Kappa Petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated

1.2L i-Vtec petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated

1.0L MPI Inline-3 Naturally aspirated


5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

Power (bhp)










Coming to the NVH levels, the Glanza is splendidly refined. Roll up the windows, and the outside world stays outside. Engine noise does creep in post 3000 rpm, but that’s not bothersome. What’s bothersome is the road and wind noise, which prominently creep in post speeds of 70-80 kmph.

The biggest bummer here is, that the Glanza is NOT available with a Diesel engine. Moreover, the enthusiast-friendly 1.0-litre turbocharged engine is not offered either. This does put the Glanza a league behind the Baleno.

How swift is the Glanza from 0-100?

The Glanza’ s Petrol Engine was never designed to throw you into the back of your seats if a kick in the belly is what you crave from your hatchback, the Baleno’s turbocharged petrol engine might excite you. However, that does not take away from the fact that the Glanza is the fastest premium petrol hatchback from dead to 100 and is, definitely going to plaster a wide grin on your face with the free-revving nature and butter-smooth shifts.

2020 toyota glanza acceleration 0-100

The acceleration figures are all thanks to the lighter chassis and generous torque in the lower  RPMs, that might even see some wheel chirp even in the second gear. The Glanza can do the Ton in about 12.3 seconds which is 0.6 seconds quicker than it’s closest competition in the form of the Honda Jazz, even though the Jazz has more power.


Toyota Glanza

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

0-100 KMPH

12.3 sec

13.99 sec

12.9 sec

16.00 sec


1.2L K-Series VVT 4-cylinder ( 82 Bhp and 113 Nm of torque)

1.2L Kappa Petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated(82 Bhp and 117 Nm of Torque)

1.2L i-Vtec petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated(89 Bhp and 110 Nm of Torque)

1.2L Dragon Petrol Inline-3 Naturally aspirated(75 Bhp and 95 Nm of Torque)

This face-off is particularly interesting as all four cars are powered by similarly specced engines and so it all comes down to refinement and gearbox selection. Kerb weight also plays an important role in deciding a car's acceleration. But Volkswagen Polo over here takes 16 seconds to the 100 kmph mark despite being on the lighter side. For the record, it produces the least power among petrol engines.

How nimble is the handling characteristics of Toyota Glanza?

This is where the lower kerb weight of the Glanza doesn’t help its cause. The Glanza, similar to it’s Suzuki cousin, offering the perfect blend of comfort and refinement. Suspension setup is an area where the Glanza shines, as the dampers are soft enough to not send a jitter through your spine every time you encounter a rough patch.

2020 toyota glanza handling

The stiffness though does help in high-speed stability, and the Glanza can cruise at triple-digit speeds all day long. Handling, however, is not the Glanza’s forte. The steering has some slack in the centre-head position, is light, and weighs up well as you build up speeds.

How sure-footed are the brakes?

The biggest let down in the Toyota Glanza has to be its braking. The car gets ventilated discs up front and drums at the rear that get Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as well as Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

2020 toyota glanza braking

However, the relatively spongy brake pedal and lack of initial bite progression lets down the otherwise flawless drive. The lower kerb weight thus comes as a strong demerit as the braking distance of the Glanza is also higher than it’s competitors. This does hinder the high-speed confidence. This issue should have been resolved in the facelifted version of the Baleno, however, the issue persists.


Toyota Glanza

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

Front Brakes





Rear Brakes





Kerb Weight (kg)





Kerb weight plays an important role in better braking performance as it helps decrease the laden force which needs to be stopped. So, this is a positive pointer for Toyota as Glanza weighs in at the least. All of the competitors flaunt a disc-drum setup which provides a fine balance of braking performance and budget-friendliness.

How mileage centric is the 2020 Toyota Glanza?

When it comes to the “Kitna Deti Hai?” battle, you know that an MS product is going to come out as the winner. Here too, the Baleno is the winner and its badge-engineered sibling Glanza is no exception. It rakes in class-leading fuel economy figures by a margin of over 3 kmpl over it’s nearest rival, according to ARAI figures.


Toyota Glanza

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

Mileage (Kmpl)





Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)





Range (Km)





Even in real-world conditions, the Glanza is expected to deliver fuel economy of 14-15 kmpl in city, and around 19-20 kmpl out on the highway. The Glanza may have the smallest fuel tank at 37 litres but still offers the second-longest range right after the VW Polo which has the largest at 45-litres.

What are the exterior characteristics of the 2020 Toyota Glanza?

The Toyota Glanza is the longest and widest car in its segment, in lieu of, its proportions. The longer and wider proportions thus translate into more cabin space. Ground clearance is rated at 170 mm, which is the norm in this segment.

2020 toyota glanza side view

The Glanza is a handsome looking hatchback in itself, it might not be as muscular as the Elite I20 or as timeless as the Volkswagen Polo, it still does hold it’s own. The front fascia lends the car an aggressive look, and the twin-slat chrome grille looks upmarket. The 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels though look amazing and look much better than the pre-facelift Baleno’s wheel cap Esque alloys.


Toyota Glanza

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

Kerb weight (kg)




















Ground clearance (mm)





Wheelbase (mm)





The rear three-quarters of the car is the controversial and polarizing, the kit’s a hate it or love it design. Overall, the design is bulbous than curvy which is unlike any of its competitors which undertake a more sharp and edgy design philosophy.

Exterior Features

Some of the notable exterior features are:

  • LED Project Headlamps and LED Taillamps
  • Power Operated and Foldable ORVMS with Indicators
  • Twin Slat Chrome Grille
  • 16 Inch Diamond Cut Alloys
  • UV Treated Glass(Factory Tinted)
  • Request Sensors on Front Doors
  • Chrome Accents

How polished and feature-laden is the cabin?

Being the longest and widest car in its segment does help the Glanza in interior space management. The Toyota Glanza features a spacious and feature-rich cabin on the inside. 6 Way manually adjustable driver seat provides a comfortable driving position to any building type. Moreover, the front seatbelts are height-adjustable, providing a wholesome experience to the driver.

2020 toyota glanza dashboard

All the controls are neatly laid out, with no-fault whatsoever in terms of cabin ergonomics. The front centre armrest is appreciable, for it provides supreme comfort during the long highway journeys. The longer and wider proportions of the cabin help open out an ample amount of headroom and legroom, making the rear seats one of the better options in the segment.

2020 toyota glanza rear seating

The UV Tinted Glass on the V variant also helps to keep the interior cool and is a very nice addition. That aside, the rear bench is F-L-A-T, with no under-thigh support. Moreover, it is too upright, and sitting there during long drives might pose an issue to the elderly. What’s remarkable though, is that the rear seats are accommodating, and seating three people abreast won’t pose any problems.

What are the various infotainment features on offer?

The dashboard of Glanza is adorned by 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment, that’s called Smart PlayCast in Toyota speaks. This infotainment system is the same unit as the Smartplay Studio in the Baleno. The infotainment is pretty intuitive with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, navigation and voice-command activation, however, is laggy to respond to inputs.

2020 toyota glanza infotainment system

A smoother UI would have made it one of the best in its class. Though it is still miles better than infotainment systems of other cars in this segment. Fun Fact: The Glanza is the first Toyota car in India to get both, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Infotainment Features

  • 7” Touch screen Infotainment system
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity
  • Bluetooth, FM, AM
  • Voice Command
  • Navigation with Live traffic update
  • 4 Speaker R&GO Audio System with 2 front tweeters
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Interior Features

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • 60:40 Split Rear Seat
  • Height Adjustable Driver Seat
  • Push Button Start
  • Coloured MID Gauge Cluster
  • Front Centre Armrest
  • Steering Mounted Audio Controls

How spacious is the cargo deck in Toyota Glanza?

The Cargo Space on offer on the Glanza is enormous, even by hatchback standards. It gets a humongous 339-litre boot, that can put some of the compact sedans to shame. What poses a big issue though, is the limited opening of the boot. The mouth isn’t very wide, and the high-loading lip means you’ll have to ‘lift’ your luggage.

2020 toyota glanza cargo space

But once you have managed to load your luggage, the extra space on offer will surprise you. A night lamp helps you with the luggage at night and the spare tyre along with emergency tools are neatly tucked below the floor.


Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Hyundai Elite i20

Honda Jazz

Volkswagen Polo

Cargo Volume with rear seats up (Litres)





But when it comes to the competition, Honda had mastered space management way back! Jazz has the best cabin and cargo space of the lot, but the fact that it is gravely outdated steals it away from the deal breaker.

How reliable is the new Glanza and what are the safety features on offer?

When it comes to Reliability, Toyota, as a manufacturer comes second to none. Having expertise in developing durable and reliable products, one can expect Glanza to be equally reliable. For it shares all its mechanicals with the Baleno which is a reliable product in itself, long term ownership is going to be fuss-free.

However, Maruti Suzuki has always faced a backlash from consumers due to the quality of sheet metal and lack of safety features on the base variants of their cars. This puts the Glanza in a tricky spot as though it has to deliver the Toyota Promise of quality, durability and reliability.

2020 toyota glanza safety features

The Glanza though features Dual airbags, ABS and EBD, engine immobilizer, ISOFIX child mount seats as standard but the structural rigidity of the car is still questioned by consumers due to the amount of flex in panels and the lack of solidity when shutting the door.

Euro NCAP crash tested the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, structurally the same car as the Glanza and gave the car 4 stars, which featured an extra safety package. However, the Baleno sold in India hasn’t yet been crash-tested by any of the agencies, and till the results are out, the overall build quality of the Baleno and Glanza will always be questioned.

On the reliability front though, both Toyota and Maruti Suzuki keep the consumers extremely satisfied and with the Glanza Toyota has one-upped Maruti Suzuki by offering a 3 Year/1,00,000 km warranty, as compared to the Baleno’s 2 year/40,000 km.

How does the Glanza pit against its strong competition?

Toyota Glanza vs Hyundai Elite i20

2020 hyundai elite i20
The Hyundai I20 is one of the strongest rivals to the Glanza. It offers a feature-rich and upscale cabin that feels a segment above the Glanza. The level of safety kit on the top variants (Availability of 6 Airbags) blows the Glanza out of the waters. The Glanza though hits back with much more rear legroom and comfort, a stronger performing engine that is also more fuel-efficient and lower running costs.

Toyota Glanza vs Honda Jazz

2020 honda jazz
The second generation of the Honda Jazz has proved to be a dependable, comfortable and powerful hatchback. The presence of a powerful engine, roomy interiors and great level of features has made it cement its place in the segment. Choosing between the Glanza and Jazz can be tough as the Glanza is the better performer but the Jazz provides a more reassuring drive in terms of solidity. The Magic Seats in the Jazz coupled with its class-leading boot should also be taken into consideration if gulping luggage is a priority.

Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

2020 maruti suzuki baleno

The biggest Glanza rival though ironically is it’s twin sister, the Baleno. The presence of cheaper variants and a diesel offering may push prospective Glanza buyers to the Baleno since they are the same vehicle. The upside to the Glanza though is the amazing 3year/1,00,000km Warranty.

So, does Toyota have a chance at the hatchback reign with the Glanza?

The Toyota Glanza is a solid offering from Toyota, though in reality it still is a Maruti product. With all of the upsides and downsides of the Baleno, the Glanza thus will have a tough time carving out its share as most of its sales will be cannibalized by the Baleno. The Glanza does make sense for people considering top variants of the Baleno, for you get additional warranty and better after-sales experience. However, cars like VW Polo and Elite i20 turn out to be more value for money offerings, simply because they offer better dynamics and safety kit.