Toyota Corolla Altis 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Offers and Features

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Mar 30 2020 Share this blog

as Toyota Corolla Altis made its entry in the Indian market in 2001. While it might not have been the best selling car in India but it is certainly the best selling car in its segment. It has gone through many redesigns and changes since then.

Toyota now sells the 11th generation of the Corolla Altis in the Indian market which is also sold in the Australian market. With the earlier model, Toyota made sure that there was no resemblance to its previous generation. But the new Toyota Corolla Altis is merely a facelift with some cosmetic changes. 

2020 toyota corolla altis design language

Toyota has managed to create an image of a reliable car maker all over the world. Hence, it sells its products today by not only giving more features but also on the reliability of its cars and excellent after-sales service. Its cars like the Innova Crysta and Fortuner continue to rule the segment even when other carmakers provide more features in their cars. Toyota now is a name synonymous with reliability and practicality then, which syncs well with its premium appeal.

When Toyota entered the Indian market in 1977, there were not many competitors, but now its rivals are the cut short to the likes of Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia. The prices of the Corolla Altis start at Rs. 16.45  lakhs and go up to Rs. 20.19 lakhs for the top of the line variant. It is available with petrol as well as a diesel engine option. 

What do we like?

  • Best-in-segment ground clearance
  • Spacious Interiors
  • Reliable Engine
  • Low-cost of ownership

What we don’t like?

  • Not fun to drive
  • Cabin quality is mediocre
  • Boring infotainment system
  • Lacklustre diesel engine

What’s new in the Toyota Corolla Altis?

  • Cosmetic changes

What are the various variants on offer? 

There are a total of 5 variants that are offered with the Corolla Altis. It comes with two engine options, the first one is the 1.8L petrol engine and the second option is the 1.4L diesel mill. The petrol engine comes in 3 variants namely, G, GL, VL. The base variant “G” is priced at Rs. 16.45 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi)  and is available with a 6-speed manual or a CVT transmission option. The mid variant is the “GL”, it is priced at 18.82 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi) and comes with only a manual transmission option.

The top of the line variant is “VL” which comes with a CVT transmission and is priced at Rs. 20.19 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi). The Diesel engine comes with 2 variants namely, DG and DGL. They only come with a manual gearbox and are priced at Rs. 17.71 lakhs and Rs. 19.36 lakhs respectively.





Price (Ex-showroom Delhi) (Manual Transmission)in INR

16,45,000 /17,71,000

18,82,000 /19,36,000


Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi) CVT in INR




Key Features

Rear Seat - Reclining & Split 60:40 Foldable

All features of the G/DG variant and:

All features of the GL/DGL variant and:

Paddle Shift (CVT only)

Start-stop button

 Cruise Control

Reverse Sensor

10 Way Adjustable Power Driver Seat

Paddle Shift

Reverse Camera

Hill Starting Assist

Sport Drive Mode

Tilt + Telescopic Steering

Automatic Headlamps + Auto Headlamp Levelling

Cruise Control

Driver + Passenger + Curtain +Front side + Driver Knee


Rain Sensing Wipers

Eco Driving Indicator

Safety and creature comfort features are plentiful, but the presentation is very dull and thus keeps all of its good bits masked away behind its boring presentation.

Which variant to go for?

We would recommend the G variant with the Petrol engine mated with a CVT transmission option which is priced at 18,06,000. This variant is value for money as it provides you with the convenience of an automatic gearbox and all the necessary features. If you are mostly chauffeur-driven then you can go with the manual variant as well which is priced at 16,45,000. We do not recommend any diesel option as the diesel engine is too weak and better options are certainly available in the segment.

Toyota Corolla Altis April Offers

There are currently no offers available on the Corolla Altis and the company has also hinted on discontinuing it as there is no update or major upgrade in-sight.

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What are the powertrain option available in Toyota Corolla Altis?

Corolla Altis is available with 2 engine and 2 gearbox options. Toyota has not changed much in the engine department and it continues with the preceding engine setup. With BS6 norms kicking in soon, let’s hope that Toyota will revamp its powertrain options.

1.8L Petrol

The petrol mill is a 1.8-litre 4 cylinder engine that churns out 138.03 bhp and 173Nm. This engine has ample grunt but it generates the least power in this segment and remains mechanically unchanged. As soon as you crank up the engine you become aware of the refinement it offers. The engine is super silent at idle and you would not be able to make out if the engine is running without looking at the tachometer. Once you step on to the gas, the Corolla takes off the line smoothly.

The power delivery is very linear as torque is spread evenly throughout the rev band and you do not get any sudden burst of power like in some turbocharged petrol engines. This engine is very easy to live with and power delivery is quite predictable. It performs best in the mid-range which helps in easy overtaking on the highway. Drivability, in the city, is also superb as ample torque is available even at the low end. The 6-speed manual gearbox is also very smooth through the shifts and clutch is on the lighter side.

2020 toyota corolla altis petrol engine

This engine also comes with an option of a CVT gearbox. The gear ratios are quite smooth and rubber band effect is kept at bay. Paddle shifters are provided which will make your life easier especially on the highways. But do not get fooled by these paddles as sportiness is not in this package. It is more city-friendly and reacts better to light inputs.

Model (PETROL)

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI


18.06 lakhs

19.49 lakhs

17.94 lakhs

20 lakhs


1798 cc 4-cylinder petrol

1999 cc 4-cylinder petrol

1799 cc 4-cylinder petrol

1798 cc 4-cylinder petrol


138bhp @6400 rpm

152bhp @6200 rpm

141bhp @6500 rpm

177bhp @ 5100 rpm


173nm @4000 rpm

192Nm @ 4000 rpm

174Nm @ 4300 rpm

250Nm @1250 rpm

Acceleration (0-100 kmph)

11.5 seconds

9.5 seconds

10.5 seconds

7.9 seconds

Hyundai Elantra has the biggest engine of this lot and it reciprocates in the performance figures as well. But Skoda with its turbo power chucks out the maximum power figures with a smaller engine. Toyota Corolla Altis is, infact, the sober one of this lot.

1.4L Diesel

This engine has also been carried over from the previous generation and is more comparable to the mid-size sedans in the market. It churns out a mere 87 bhp and 205 Nm. It feels underpowered and focused more on fuel economy rather than performance. It is drivable in city conditions as the torque is enough to get it off the line without tapping the accelerator pedal. The engine refinement at idle is exceptional and not much of vibrations creep into the cabin even on high revs. Once off the line, the turbo lag is eminent and to spool up the turbo, you need to go past 2000 RPM.

2020 toyota corolla altis diesel engine

Power delivery is acceptable after 1800 RPM and below that even flooring, the pedal is of no use. On the highway, things get better but the turbo lag is still annoying if you want to fill in the traffic gaps by jamming the throttle. It is an excellent highway cruiser though and can munch miles all day in 6th gear. You need to keep the engine on the boil to extract the most out of it. Unfortunately, it only comes with a manual transmission and no CVT is provided here. Due to scarce diesel engine options available in the segment, Toyota seems to have kept this as an option to lure diesel loving customers. 

How quick does the Toyota Corolla Altis accelerate from 0-100?

None of the engines provided by Toyota for the Altis is performance-oriented. They are geared mostly towards comfort and fuel economy. The petrol mill is certainly faster than the diesel mill but once you compare it to the rivals, both the engines rank last when it comes to 0-100 kmph sprints.

2020 toyota corolla altis acceleration 0-100

The CVT version does a 0-100 sprint in 11.5 seconds which is beaten by every other rival. Skoda’s Octavia is a full 4 seconds quicker than the Corolla. This underwhelming character is mostly because of the lacklustre engine duo that focus more on efficiency and none on performance.


Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI

      Acceleration        (0-100 kmph)

11.5 seconds

9.5 seconds

10.5 seconds

7.9 seconds

The diesel engine of new Corolla takes a painstaking 16 seconds to complete the 0-100 run due to the lesser power output. To put things in perspective, Ford Figo generates more power that this engine and it is almost 10 lakhs cheaper than the diesel Corolla. 

How composed is the handling characteristic of 2020 Corolla Altis?

Every aspect of the Corolla Altis seems to be tuned for comfort and the same goes for the suspension. The ride is quite cushiony and the suspension feels adequately damped to take the Indian road conditions. The Corolla simply glides over the potholes and bumps and soaks them well to keep the occupants comfortable.

The low-speed right is simply the best in the segment and the vertical movements are kept in check. Even while dealing with the worst of our roads, the suspension works silently. The respectable ground clearance dismisses even the large speed breakers within the city. Over on the highways, it does not feel too soft and neither it gets bothersome while changing lanes.

2020 toyota corolla altis cruising comfort

The Altis was never meant to be a nimble handler which is made very obvious by the engine options available too. The steering feel is very neutral and there is a noticeable amount of body roll in the corners. Hence, its always better to slow it down in sharp corners. It is light at city speeds which makes it easy to park. On the highways, it weighs up enough and Corolla does not feel nervous. The steering is direct but does not provide much feedback as it feels very disconnect from the road. Turning radius of 5.4 meters comes in handy while manoeuvring the Corolla in tight spaces.

How good is the braking potential in Toyota Corolla Altis?

The new Corolla comes standard with ABS with EBD and Brake assist on all variants. The stopping power feels sufficient and Corolla stops in a straight line from triple-digit speeds without much fuss. 

2020 toyota corolla altis disc brakes

The brake pedal feel is very wooden and there is a noticeable amount of nose dive as well, under hard braking. The soft suspension setup also plays a role in the airy feel of the braking setup and so contributes to the occasional nose dives.

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)
Honda Civic V CVT
Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT
Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI

Front Brakes





Rear Brakes





Toyota has provided discs on all 4 wheels of the Corolla just like every other car in its segment. The stopping power of the Skoda Octavia feels superb and is ahead of its rials though and adds up to the overall brute character of the Czech.

How good are the mileage figures in the 2020 Corolla Altis?

In a market like India, many customers make a buying decision based on the mileage. As there have been no mechanical changes done to the new Toyota Corolla it continues to provide the same fuel economy as the outgoing model which was impressive.

2020 toyota corolla altis cvt

The Corolla with CVT transmission provides 14.28 kmpl of mileage which is neither too low nor the best in its segment. The manual transmission run for 13.4 km per litre which gives its performance characteristics is not praise-worthy


Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G CVT

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI

Mileage (ARAI)(kmpl)










Tank capacity(Litres)





The best mileage is provided by the new kid on the block i.e. Honda Civic. While being a very practical car, the Corolla fails to provide a noticeable fuel economy. Mileage figures might get better with the next engine update of the Corolla but till then, If you are looking for better mileage we would recommend to go for the diesel engine option which provides 21.3 kmpl of overall mileage.

How has Toyota Corolla Altis aged over the years?

The facelifted Corolla Altis has brought in a few cosmetic changes and most of them have been done to the exterior. To an untrained eye, the new Corolla would look almost the same as the old one, but there have been a few updates. The biggest change has been done to the front, there is a new grille with new headlight internals and front bumper. 

2020 toyota corolla altis sharp design

The grille is now slimmer and thinner and headlights are a bit longer too. There is less use of chrome in the nose this time and the boot stripe is also smaller.  At the rear, only the taillights have been changed and everything else remains the same. All of these changes help the Corolla look a bit more modern and sporty now.


Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI





















Ground Clearance(mm)





Overall the Toyota Corolla is not the widest car in its segment but not is it the narrowest. It is not the longest car as well as that place has been taken by Skoda’s Octavia. Corolla Altis has the most ground clearance, though which comes in handy in Indian driving conditions. 

How plush is the cabin of 2020 Corolla Altis?

In this particular segment, the interior is one of the most important factors that the customer looks for. Once you step inside the new Corolla you will be met with very familiar interiors. In fact, it shares the interior setup with its predecessor. Now, instead of the all-black interiors, the new Corolla gets a black and beige interior treatment. This helps in making the cabin look very roomy but the beige interiors can be easily soiled. All-around visibility is good if not great.

There are not many soft-touch materials used inside the cabin and the plastic quality is acceptable but not the best. Interiors of the Corolla fail to provide the premium experience that some of its rivals do. The quality of materials used inside does not feel up to the mark and the dashboard sits high.  The ergonomics are well-sorted though.

2020 toyota corolla altis comfortable seats

The front seats provide a very comfortable experience and have adequate under-thigh support. Keeping the comfort in mind Toyota has provided near-perfect seats for long journeys as the seat material is neither too stiff nor too soft. It also provides adequate bolstering and keeps you seated in place even in sharp corners.


Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI

Seating capacity





The rear seats provide ample knee room and shoulder room which makes it easy to spend a long time inside the cabin. The under-thigh support is also great which makes it an excellent car if you have a chauffeur driving it. Seating 3 at the rear seat is not a problem at all and an adjustable headrest has been provided to the middle passenger as well. The earlier 12 V accessory socket has been removed and USB ports have been added which makes it even more practical.

What are the infotainment and connectivity features on offer?

Infotainment systems are an important part of the interior which can make or break the feel of a car’s cabin. Corolla Altis gets a 7-inch touchscreen display which comes with a 6 speaker audio system.  The infotainment system lacks behind the segment in look and feel as well as usability. It gets all the basic things right. It comes with a built-in GPS but shockingly it is not compatible with Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

2020 toyota corolla altis infotainment system

It ends up looking like an aftermarket fitment and there are certainly better infotainment systems available in this segment. The speakers provide acceptable audio experience but nothing mind-blowing. The various features are listed below.

Infotainment Features

  • Built-in Navigation
  • HDMI support
  • Voice commands
  • Hand gesture support
  • MirrorLink connectivity

How big is the cargo space in Toyota Corolla Altis?

When you are paying Rs. 20 lakh for a car, you would want to have ample boot space for your weekend trips. The Corolla can easily gulp in a weekend worth of luggage due to its longer wheelbase and smart cabin space management.

2020 toyota corolla altis cargo space

It has one of the biggest boots in the segment and the low opening ensures that loading and unloading luggage is super easy.  Floor carpeting is a soft touch and neatly hides the spare tyre and emergency toolkit underneath.


Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G (CVT)

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SX AT

Honda Civic V CVT

Skoda Octavia ONYX 1.8 TSI

Cargo space(Litres)





The biggest boot in the segment is of the Skoda while the Elantra comes with a Smart Truck feature which opens up automatically if the key is in your pocket. Toyota, on the other hand, does not get any such feature but you can purchase a boot tray to keep things organized in the boot.

What are the various safety features in Toyota Corolla Altis?

Toyota has been a brand that provides not only reliable cars but cars that are very safe as well. Hence, the Corolla Altis comes with  7 airbags as standard across all variants. No other car in its league comes even close to that! You also get 3 point seat belt even for the middle passenger at the rear.

2020 toyota corolla altis safety features

Even though the new Corolla comes with only cosmetic changes, it has always been one of the safest cars in its segment. The features that make it one of the safest cars out there are listed below.

Safety Features on offer

  • 7 airbags (Driver + Passenger + Curtain +Front side + Driver Knee)
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • ABS + EBD + Brake Assist
  • Child Restraint System (Top Tether x 2; Isofix x 2)
  • Impact Sensing Fuel Cut

Toyota Corolla Altis has received 5-Star Overall Safety Rating in the United States which is provided by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

Toyota Corolla Altis vs competition, how does it fare?

Toyota Corolla Altis vs Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis vs Hyundai Elantra

The Elantra has received a facelift by Hyundai quite recently. It is now a connected car and comes with a lot of new features and a new look. The cabin quality is better than that of the Corolla’s and the Infotainment is more advanced than that of the Corolla. But the ride quality of the Elantra is quite choppy and the Corolla has more room at the back. Both the cars miss you on the fun to drive element, but if we had to choose one, we would choose the Elantra for the performance. But if it’s the bulletproof reliability and a top-notch safety package you look for, then the Corolla is, definitely a better choice.

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

Honda has recently come with its long-awaited update of the Civic. The beloved Civic now gets an all-new design with all new features. Honda has made sure that the Civic stands out in the crowd. It is a car that looks sportier and will appeal to the younger audience more than the Corolla. It is also a very practical car just like the Corolla and it provides the best mileage in the segment. It is hard to recommend the Corolla over the driving dynamics of the Honda Civic. Although, the Corolla trumps the Civic when it comes to boot capacity and safety.

Can the Corolla Altis carry on like this?

The new Toyota Corolla comes with only cosmetic changes which do not make it very different from the outgoing model. The good thing is that the Corolla was always a very practical and functional car. It is reliability and Toyota’s after-sales service comes with a piece of mind.

The competition has heated up and some rivals offer more features and bang for the buck. The Corolla then is a fuss-free point A to B machine with excellent space and ride quality. Hence, if you want a reliable and low maintenance sedan, you cannot go wrong with the Corolla.