Tata Tiago JTP 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Mar 27 2020 Share this blog

When the Hot hatch word was coined, humankind had found what is the exact meaning of “big things come in small packets”. Since then a Hot hatch is nothing but a high-performance hatchback which is supposed to be fun to drive. The hot hatch is mostly based on a car which is focused more on the mass market rather than the enthusiasts. India is also catching up to the concept and interestingly, Indian car manufacturers are the ones now warming up to the concept. Hence Tata Motors has launched the JTP version of Tata’s entry-level hatchback, the Tiago JTP.

Tata Motors has been developing performance versions of their car like the Indica Vista S and the Tata Bolt Sport. But none of these projects ever made it to the showrooms. The Tiago JTP is a result of the joint venture between Tata and Jayem Automotive and hence the name JTP. The Tiago JTP or Jayem Tata Performance is the first offerings from JTSV. It's an automotive technical centre that develops technologies as well as cars for racing teams worldwide. 

The Tiago JTP has been launched for Rs. 6,69,990 and goes up against other hot hatches such as the Baleno RS and the Polo GT. Even though only Volkswagen seems to have gained some success in past with the Hot Hatch concept, every manufacturer deserves a pat on their back for their attempt. Hence now it is time to see if Tata Motors can put some fuel into the Hot Hatch segment with their Tiago JTP or not.

What will you like?

  • Fun to drive
  • Looks quite appealing
  • Has a sporty exhaust note
  • Priced quite attractively

What you won't like?

  • Engine is not quite refined
  • Rear bench suitable for only 2 adults
  • Tata’s after-sales service is still not upto the mark

What’s new?

  • New engine
  • New design elements

What are the various trims on offer for 2020 Tiago JTP?

The regular Tiago is offered in 6 variants but the Tiago JTP is offered only in one variant. It is priced at Rs. 6,69,990 (Ex Delhi) and comes feature loaded with almost all features that the regular Tiago has on offer. It is based on the top of the line variant of the Tiago. Tata Motors had launched the car without some features from the top of the line variant, but now it has added the missing features to the JTP version as well. It comes with features such as a 7inch touchscreen as well as aluminium race pedals.


Tiago JTP

Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Rs. 6,69,990


1.2L Turbocharged Petrol BS-IV

Key Features

Fully Automatic Temperature Control

ConnectNext 17.8cm (7”) touchscreen Infotainment by HarmanTM

Racing Pedals

Custom Upholstery

The Tiago JTP get the petrol engine which Tata uses with the Nexon. As there is only one variant, the car comes only with a single engine and transmission option. The JTP version does not only bring fun to drive car at an affordable price but also improves the brand image of Tata Motors. The car is offered in only two colours for now namely, Pearlescent White and Berry Red.

How energetic is the Revotron engine from Tata?

Coming to the main part of the car that makes it different from the regular one, the Tiago JTP gets the Nexon's turbo-petrol engine. But engine is not just a straight-up swap, it has been reworked by JTP. Hence power output is close to the Nexon, but not exactly similar. It makes 112 BHP @ 5,000 rpm which is 4 BHP more than the Nexon's. However, the torque output is lower at 150 Nm vs the Nexon's 170 Nm. Interestingly, the Tiago JTP uses the 5-speed gearbox from the regular Tiago and not the Nexon's 6-speed gearbox. As the engine is a 3-cylinder motor the refinement levels are not very impressive but not bad either.

The throttle response is quite impressive and the exhaust note is throaty when it's pressed.  Infact, tt even pops when you dump the clutch and lift off suddenly. Within the city below 2000 rpm, the power delivery is quite average and the car doesn't feel like it has 112 horses to unleash. Hence, the low-end pull might not be adequate for some especially in stop and go traffic. The turbo lag is quite evident as it spools up past 2,500 RPM. The gearshifts aren't always the smoothest but they are quite accurate. The clutch is light too and all the magic seems to happen past 3500 rpm as there is a strong push back into the seats. 

Once on the highway, the car just requires a downshift and you fly past slow-moving traffic. Infact the power surge after 3,500 RPM is quite addictive. The car also comes with 2 driving modes, Sport and City. Even the city mode is quite usable but the throttle response gets sharper in Sport mode. The NVH level, however, are not the best and you can hear the engine from time to time as you work it through. 


Tiago JTP 

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS



Rs. 6,69,990 

Rs. 8,44,000 

Rs. 9,77,500


1.2-litre 3-cylinder Revotron engine

1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine

1.2 L 4-cylinder petrol engine 


5-speed manual

5-speed manual

7-speed DSG


112.4 bhp @5000rpm

100.5 bhp @5500rpm

103.25 bhp @5500rpm


150 Nm @2000-4000rpm

150 Nm @4500rpm

175 Nm @4100rpm

The Tiago JTP’s motors isn't the most rev-happy here. Overall, the engine is not the smoothest or the most refined in this comparison. But the engine is quite capable of sending your senses for a spin. It feels raw as it does not attempt to hide or cover all the mechanical noises.

How driver-involving is the 2020 Tata Tiago JTP?

The Tiago JTP is not only different in terms of the engine but the car also gets differently tuned suspension and steering as well. For starters, the suspension has been lowered and has been tuned to make it stiffer. Ground clearance has also reduced by 4 mm since the wheels are now 15 inchers. The firmer suspensions has reduced the body roll and hence it is a delight to push the car into corners.

The car does not get unsettled easily and takes a lot to unsettle the r and make the car lose its grip. Due to the smaller dimensions too, the car maintains its line through corners easily. Infact it feels extremely eager to change direction. Even the stock tyres provide excellent grip and hence won't need an upgrade.

The JTP team has recalibrated the steering and hence it provides a more weighted feel. It provides a good amount of feedback and feels sportier than the one available with the regular Tiago. However, shockingly, the braking hardware is the same as the regular Tiago. The wider tyres and stiffened suspension help the cause and the brakes feel adequate, but not impressive. The suspension manages to soak in the bumps and potholes quite well. Hence, overall, even with a firmer suspension, the ride is quite liveable and it's not a backbreaker at all. 

How efficient is the Revotron engine in Tata Tiago JTP?

The ARAI mileage rating of the Tiago JTP is 15.87 kmpl which is lower than the Nexon, from whom the engine is borrowed. This is due to the engine tuning as the engine is tuned more towards performance now. The mileage figures is on the lower side but should be acceptable if you drive with a light foot.


Tata Tiago JTP 

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS






Tank Capacity(L)








Although these are small hatchbacks but as they are meant for performance, the fuel economy is comparable to large SUVs. As usual, the Baleno RS is the most fuel-efficient of the lot. On the other hand, the Polo GT TSI returns the lowest mileage because it gets a 4-cylinder engine instead of a 3-cylinder.

How subtle is the new design language from Tata?

Even though the Tiago JTP is based on the regular Tiago, there are many aesthetic changes. The front gets a revised bumper and a piano-black grille. The headlights have also got an update and they are the blackened headlights which are the same projector units found on the Tigor. The usage of chrome has been kept to minimal which will be loved by many. The rear looks minimal and has a clean look to it. You get a pseudo diffuser finished in shiny black with a black spoiler and twin exhaust pipes. From the side, the car looks more planted due to the lowered suspension.

It also gets a subtle side skirt which lends it a sporty appeal. Tata has not gone too aggressive on the design front like its predecessors including that of Vista, which was a bit too sharp. Tata as also added hood vents which are not a common feature even with hot hatches. Overall, these elements add a character to the car but does not make it look over-aggressive. Hence it is a car that has got subtle updates which will be like by many.


Tata Tiago JTP

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS














Ground Clearance(mm)




Kerb Weight(kg)








The Tiago JTP is the smallest car in terms of physical dimensions here. Meanwhile, the Baleno RS is the biggest car here. The Polo GT TSI, on the other hand, is in the middle of the two cars.

Tata Tiago JTP has the best cabin in this class, or is there a catch?

Tata has not done much when it comes to the cabin of the car as the interiors are largely the same as the regular Tiago's. However, there are some changes, like the colour scheme is now all-black with red accents. This combination looks much more sporty than the grey-black combination. It comes with all the bells & whistles like the updated 7-inch Harman-Kardon system which is a great way to forget about the poor NVH levels.

Also, it gets a leather-wrapped steering wheel which feels premium as well as chunky to hold. Coming to the comfort, the seats provide excellent support for a car of its size and feel comfortable. It gives you proper bolster support and lower back support and hence long-distance journeys will be comfortable.

The rear seats can seat three people there is limited leg-space. Overall the interior of the car provides the same level of comfort and features as the regular Tiago but more sporty and premium.

What are the various infotainment features on offer?

Tata has provided the same infotainment system as available with the top of the line variant of the regular Tiago. Its features include segment-leading, Harmon powered audio system paired with 4-speaker and 4-tweeter that sounds excellent.

The system comes with apply CarPlay and Android Auto along with notification read-outs. It is smooth to operate and feels responsive making it a sorted infotainment system.

Infotainment Features:

  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • AUX-in audio input
  • 4-speakers with tweeters
  • JukeApp support
  • Steering mounted controls
  • Harmon powered audio module


How much cargo can the performance hatch from Tata take in?

The Tata Tiago JTP gets the same amount of boot space as the regular Tiago. It can gulp in around 240 litres of cargo which is adequate for a weekend getaway. The low loading lip makes loading and unloading the luggage much easier.

However, this is not an electromagnetic boot release with central locking system, which means you have to unlock the boot separately. With the folding rear seats, you can add up more cargo volume when needed.


Tata Tiago JTP 

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS


Boot capacity(L)








Baleno RS offers the biggest cabin as well as boot space in this comparison. It also gets an electronic boot latch which gives it an edge over Tiago JTP.  The Polo GT TSI offer a marginally bigger boot than the Tiago JTP. The compact dimensions transfers to less cargo space for the Polo GT TSI as well.

What are the various safety features available in Tata Tiago JTP?

Lately, Tata Motors has been producing cars which have been scoring quite well in the crash test department. Infact it has proved to be the benchmark in passenger safety ratings and improved a lot over their past years.

The Tiago JTP does not get any extra features over and above the regular Tiago. Hence it comes with basic safety features like ABS, EBD and both front airbags, The regular Tiago has received 4 stars in the Global N-Cap crash test. Hence even though the JTP version is yet to be tested, its safe to assume that even the Tiago JTP can provide the same level of safety to its passengers.

Safety Features:

  • Dual Airbags
  • Rear parking camera with virtual mapping
  • ABS with EBD and CSC
  • Added stress points on chassis for better shock absorption
  • Speed sensitive auto door locks
  • "Follow me home" headlamps
  • Rear windshield de-fogger


How does Tata Tiago JTP pitch up against its competitors?

Tata Tiago JTP VS Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

Maruti Suzuki is the largest manufacturer in the Indian market but this is the first time it has given a go at the hot hatch segment. The Baleno RS comes with a 1 .0 litre engine just like the Tiago JTP but it is much more refined. It also comes with a more spacious cabin as well as more features. But when it comes to performance, the Tiago JTP takes over as it feels more fun to drive car than the Baleno RS.

Tata Tiago JTP VS VW Polo GT TSI

The only manufacturer which has got some amount of achievement in the Hot Hatch territory is none other than Volkswagen. The Polo GT TSI offers a well-rounded package with premium interiors. It is a car which is simply better than the other two in terms of performance. The chink in its armour is the 7-speed DSG gearbox which no other car offers here. In comparison, the Tiago JTP feels better only in terms of pricing. Hence if budget no constraint the Polo GT TSI is a better option.

Will Tata be able to win over the Indian audience with the Tiago JTP?

Tata deserves a pat on its back for even bring the JTP version of the Tiago to the Indian market. This is because the market of the Hot Hatch in our country is quite small. Nonetheless, the Tiago JTP is quite a promising product for people looking for a high-performance car at an affordable price. The Tiago JTP is the most affordable Hot Hatch you can buy today. It certainly comes with some drawbacks like the poor NVH levels and Tata’s poor after-sale service. But what it offers is the thrill of driving at a cost of a normal car which makes it quite a sensible buy especially for keen drivers and auto enthusiast.