Skoda Superb 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Saurav Kumar - Senior Editor Apr 01 2020 Share this blog

Back in 2004, the generation one Skoda Superb changed the mindset of how we perceived sedans. At an aggressive price point, the company offered ample features that no other competition dared to provide. Space and comfort offered by Skoda Superb was close to that offered by that of luxury Germans, and at half the price. Luxurious, stuffed with tech and still priced sensibly, it took the segment of executive luxury sedans by storm.

2020 skoda superb side view

The all-new third-gen Superb enters the market when its rivals are on a vacation. So, we can say that for now, the competition for Superb is restricted to Toyota Camry. The Czech carmaker has priced the latest Superb well – starting at Rs 25.99 lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) and moving upwards at Rs 30.99 lakh. 

In the global markets, the Superb comes with radar-based high tech features but unfortunately, it won’t be making it through the Indian market due to certain restrictions over public use of certain radar frequencies. For India, 2020 Superb shall be BS6-compliant with a 2.0-litre TSI petrol unit delivering a good 188hp. There won’t be any diesel engine powered Skoda Superb on sale in India. Reportedly, Skoda has introduced a plug-in hybrid version of Superb in some global markets.

What will impress you?

  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Hefty amount of features and equipment
  • Punchy and powerful engine
  • Large boot space

What won’t impress you?

  • Its large size makes driving in traffic cumbersome
  • Rear visibility is compromised a little
  • High running and maintenance costs
  • Satisfactory mileage return 

What’s new in the 2020 Skoda Superb?

  • 2.0-litre TSI petrol unit BS6 compliant
  • No diesel engine 
  • Updated headlamps and styling tweaks

What are the variants available in the Skoda Superb?

 Skoda Superb is available in two trims named Style and "L&K". The pricing starts from Rs. 25.99 Lakh and goes to Rs. 30.99 Lakh. The 'L&K' trim has Laurin and Klement badging throughout the car. You can find the emblem embossed on seats and dashboard as well. The base style trim is available in both manual and automatic configuration while the "L&K" is available only with AMT.



L & K

               Price Manual                     (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)

Rs. 25,99,599(P)


                 Price AMT                        (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)

 Rs. 27,79,599(P)

           Rs. 30,99,599(P)          

Key Features 

Alloy wheels R(17), Helios

All the features in Style trim added/replaced and

Chrome side window frames

Chrome inserts on side doors

Chrome, front and rear door sills trim with ‘SUPERB’ inscription

Laurin & Klement inscription on front fenders

Body Colour Bumpers, external mirrors, door handlers

Chrome, front and rear door sills trim with ‘Laurin & Klement’ inscription

Anti-pinch bounce-back system

Piano Black decor with ambient lighting  and ‘Laurin & Klement’ inscription

Warning indicator lights on front doors

Hands-free Parking

Gear-shift selector on steering wheel (AT only)

The top "L & K" trim gets added creature comfort and unique inscription to differentiate it from the base variant. Skoda has always stuffed their products to the brim with features and the 2020 Superb follows this suite.

Which trim should you opt for?

We would recommend the “L & K” trim because of its better appeal compared to the base Style trim. Priced at INR 30.99 Lakh, the L&K trim is superior in all aspects. However, it is not available with manual transmission. Manual lovers must go for the Style trim which comes at a reasonable cost of INR 25.99 Lakh, while the AMT version is priced at INR 27.79 Lakh.

2020 Skoda Superb April discount offers

There are currently no offers for the 2020 Skoda Superb. But BS4 specimen is still on sale, thanks to the Government's recent decision to extend the deadline. But there is a catch which allows a manufacturer to sell only 10% of the current inventory and the grace period is also very limited. So, we reckon that you get down to the paperwork, fast!

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What are the engine options available in 2020 Skoda Superb?

If you found the new Superb design pleasing to eyes then you will also be surprised to see what’s under the bonnet. The new generation of Superb engines offer outstanding performance and efficiency. It gives you several other options to choose from the available powertrains.

2020 skoda superb petrol engine

The new generation 1.8-litre 1.8 TSI petrol engine packs a 1342 kW and is significantly lighter than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the 2.0-litre TDi diesel engine yields 130 kW without compromising the mileage. Depending on the engine version you opt, the car can be availed with either a 6-speed automatic or 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox. But it will not be for long as Skoda is planning on scraping its diesel lineup and thus, the Superb will be a Petrol only for in 2020.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Price (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) in INR

25.99-33.50 lacs

37.50 lacs

43.21 lacs

Engine (Petrol)

1.8-litre TSI turbocharged four-cylinder

2.5-litre Petrol-Hybrid four-cylinder

2.0-litre Atkinson Cycle i-VTEC Petrol-Hybrid four-cylinder


6-Speed Manual/7-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic



Power (bhp)

177 @ 4000 RPM

176 @ 5700 RPM

212 @ 6200 RPM

Torque (Nm)

320 @ 1450 RPM

221 @ 3600 RPM

315 @ 4000 RPM

The competition is futuristic and Japanese! As we told you earlier, Skoda put out its impressive offering in a rather liberation period of its competitors. Volkswagen has pulled the plug on its last Gen Passat and we are expecting an all-new iteration to come in soon. The competitors with its smart hybrid technology manage to chuck out more numbers than the Superb but with the addition of extra kilos.

How quick is the Super from 0-100?

Skoda has done an impressive job of fine-tuning the Superb to be an utter joy in terms of performance delivery. It takes a sweet 8.5 seconds to reach the 100 kmph mark, which is not quick but the nature by which this is presented is an experience to be enjoyed.

2020 skoda superb acceleration; 0-100

Both the manual and automatic transmission complement the engines and have short throws and sharper response rates. The clutch is on the longer side but that isn't an issue as you will get used to the involvement very quickly.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

0-60 kmph


10.8 sec


Engine (Petrol)

1.8-litre TSI Turbocharged

2.5-litre Petrol-Hybrid

2.0-litre Atkinson Cycle i-Vtec Petrol-Hybrid

0-100 kmph (seconds)




Both the competitors are not far behind in the acceleration game but as both of them are hybrids, the added kerb weight takes a toll of its swiftness. But the Japs still manage to surpass Superb in the sprint run and that is due to the instant torque available from the baseline.

How well-polished are the driving dynamics in 2020 Superb?

The Superb has a Euro-style suspension tune. It comes equipped with McPherson struts at the front and a multi-link rear end. The suspension turns out to be softer than that of the older Superb. Still, sharp bumps bring some amount of disturbance into the cabin. On broken roads, it's acceptable, yet not what we would call a 'plush' suspension setup.

The electric power steering feels light at slow speeds and makes handling lighter in city traffic conditions. It weighs up acceptably and becomes responsive on the highway if you engage Sport mode. Unfortunately, there isn't better feedback on offer. While the steering is direct, it's not the something we enthusiasts crave for. The daily commuting drivers will appreciate it. 

2020 skoda superb sharp handling

As the speedometer jumps, the ride gets better. Highway comfort levels are quite excellent and the Superb effectively absorbs broken patches without hassle. In terms of handling, the Superb does a great job. The car feels agile and fast to change direction. Its dynamics are very sorted and exhibits balanced behaviour. 

How well-taken care is the braking duty of Skoda Superb?

The Superb comes installed with disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. Braking capability is amazing as the brakes inspire greater confidence at high speeds. The electronic park brake also has a neat trick up its sleeve. With it engaged, just slot into D or shift to first gear (in the manual) and press the throttle - the parking brake automatically disengage.

2020 skoda superb disc brakes

If the driver's door is open by mistake, the handbrake won’t disengage until the driver presses the brake and disengage it manually. That is a lot of attention to safety and kudos to Skoda for emphasizing more on it.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Front Brakes


Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brakes




Kerb Weight (kg)




This is where the added weight of Superb's competitors come into play. The added weight puts extra load on the brakes which translates to braking performance. Both the Camry and Accord are well versed in handling any sudden scenarios but the Superb is just quicker and has a firmer grip on situations.

What are the mileage figures of Skoda Superb?

In the City, the TSi petrol engine returns 14.67 kmpl of mileage and it appears to fall short on this part. The TDI diesel engine never compromises on the mileage part with the performance offering but with the onslaught of BS6 norms and Skoda's plan on cutting off diesel powerplants from some of its cars, they will have to work on that petrol motor of theirs.

2020 skoda superb driving modes

The driving modes do their best in fine-tuning the engine response for a balanced driving experience. But that alone will not be enough against the new wave of competitors and so, Skoda will have to give the green light on hybridization to squeeze out more kilometres of the range.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Mileage (kmpl - Petrol)




Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)




Range (Km)




Even with the largest fuel tank of this lot, Superb still couldn't surpass its competitors in a full range run. The Camry falls a little short in terms of mileage with the Honda Accord. The fuel tank is smaller, but overall the Camry can perform well in the city and the highways with the fuel economy it offers.

How has Skoda made the Superb look subtle yet elegant?

The Skoda Superb adopts a signature contoured body add gets very precise dynamic details throughout the exterior. The front gets a chrome front grille and illuminated fog lamps, giving it a meaningful minimalistic design.

2020 skoda superb subtle looks; rear third quarter view

Such a design language comes with Skoda’s long design history that comes with sophisticated research and development. It is not the smoothest of design language as there are a lot of sharp and abrupt endings. But this quirkiness is what puts the superb apart from the cliche competition.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Kerb weight (kg)
















Ground clearance (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)




 The 2020 Superb’s design invites you to not only to look but to look closely. The signature angular contours and sharp design lines reveal the beauty of this true Skoda car. The interaction between the convex and concave forms on light through the LED technology is simply marvellous, adding more elegance with the distinctive C-shaped rear lights. The intricately-detailed headlamps are inspired by the renowned Bohemian glass-cutting skill. 

Exterior Features

  • R(17) Alloy wheels
  • Chrome surround for radiator grille
  • Chrome trim on lower air dam in the front bumper
  • Chrome side window frames
  • High-level third brake LED light
  • External mirror and rear windscreen defogger with timer
  • Light Assistant - Coming home and leaving home lights
  • Boarding spot lamps (OSRVM)
  • Diffused footwell LED lighting front and rear
  • Bi-xenon headlights with decorative cut crystal elements including illuminated “eyelashes”
  • AFS (Adaptive Front light System) with automatic headlight levelling and curve light assistant
  • Retractable headlight washers
  • Front fog lights with corner function

How feature packed is the cabin of 2020 Superb?

Step inside the Superb and you will be welcomed by leather seats that are stitched with great precision and quality. There’s enough legroom you wish for. Getting comfy in the new superb is a blessing in true words. A spacious jumbo box is located just beneath the front armrest and you can store your electronic devices including mobile phone and snacks.

2020 skoda superb dashboard

The drink holder is located on the centre console. The “Easy Open” bottle holder has an anti-slip design that facilitates the driver to open the bottle single-handedly. There are a lot of buttons laid out in the centre console but the systematic and clean positioning makes it look less cluttered and cleaner.


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Passenger Capacity




The angled footrest at the rear attached to the textile floor mats makes long trips much more comfortable and enjoyable. The storage compartment located on the dashboard can be cooled whenever the air conditioning is on. The dual-tone interior layout helps amplify the spacious cabin and also make it more airy. But you will have to be extra careful with the dirt magnet upholstery as maintaining it will require sheer will!

2020 skoda superb seating comfort

The array of interior features make life much easier on the inside and much of those features are listed below.

Interior Features

  • 12-way electrically adjustable front seats with driver seat programmable memory functions
  • Front passenger seat with programmable memory functions
  • Ventilated front seats with cooling and heating function
  • Height adjustable front centre armrest
  • Rear seat centre armrest with foldable cup holder
  • Stone Beige perforated leather upholstery with stitched ‘L &K’ logo on front seat backrest
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Leather-wrapped gear knob

What are the various infotainment features on offer?

You can work, entertain, and communicate while travelling with the new Superb. The infotainment comprises a colour touchscreen with radio featuring AM and FM tuners, a USB connection, Apple connectivity, an SD card slot, and Bluetooth. It also comes with a SmartLink system as standard.

2020 skoda superb infotainment system

With the presence of four front and four rear speakers, heightened sound quality is for sure. Harsh sunlight doesn't get the best of this LCD as the colours are crisp and the UI is laid out.

Infotainment Features:

  • Skoda audio player with 20.32 cm LCD TFT colour display and touchscreen
  • Central infotainment system with proximity sensor
  • 8 speakers
  • Canton Sound System- 11 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer (610 W)
  • Audio controls on steering wheel
  • Smartlink- smartphone mirroring of certified functions/applications on the infotainment display
  • Navigation System with SD card
  • USB/ SD card reader
  • Voice command control
  • GSM telephone preparation with Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth audio streaming

How much cargo can the Skoda Superb take in?

With a  boot capacity of 625 litres, maximized to 1,760 litres with the rear seats folded down, the Superb Sedan is at the top of the charts. How do you open the rear door when you have a hand full of luggage? Well, you need to just swipe your foot underneath the floor and it opens up magically. The virtual pedal enables contact-free access to the boot.

2020 skoda superb cargo space

It is available with the electrically-controlled 5th door and Keyless Entry, Start, and exit system. Also, the foldable hooks located on the sides of the luggage compartment allows storing shopping items in a much easier manner. 


Skoda Superb

Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Cargo Volume (Litres)




Skoda Superb comes with the best boot capacity in the segment and this is possible despite the sleek and compact design language due to its deeper floor and smart cabin space management. The competition also has added cargo in the form of battery packs to cater to.

What are the various safety features on offer in the Superb?

The new superb adds a host of an assistant system at your service, offering unmatched convenience and safety in unforeseen situations. Enjoy the easiest parking with the help of a rear-view camera that comes with a washer.

2020 skoda superb led headlight

It is located on the handle of the 5th door. It monitors the space behind the car and indicates driving lanes, as per the vehicle width.  The various safety features on offer are listed below.

Safety Features

  • ABS, ESC and EBD
  • Hill Hold Control
  • Mechanical Brake Assist
  • Electromechanical parking brake with Auto Hold Function
  • Anti Slip Regulation
  • Electronic Differential Lock
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring 
  • Parktronic sensors at front and rear
  • Dual front airbags
  • Side airbags at front and rear
  • Curtain airbags at front and rear
  • Engine immobiliser with floating code system with central locking controls on front centre console
  • Anti-theft alarm with interior monitoring

2020 Skoda Superb competition face-off; How does it fare?

Skoda Superb vs Honda Accord

Skoda Superb and Honda Accord have always competed in the same segment. Previously, the Accord catered a more sporty and spacious touch, while Superb only topped in the comfort sector. But in this generation, Superb took a swift win with the comfort and also the Hybrid technology well thought out by Toyota.

skoda superb vs honda accord

There is the EV mode, regenerative braking, Sport, and Normal mode on the Accord as well. Even the total output of the systems is similar, a little higher in the Superb. But the Accord utilises a 2.0-litre petrol i-VTEC engine to power two electric motor generators. The engine does not kick in until cruising at 70 kmph or higher.

Skoda Superb vs Toyota Camry

The Skoda Superb L&K finds itself at a much higher stage than the Camry in terms of power, driving pleasure, and ride quality. There is much more power packed in the Skoda. The Camry does not focus much on power but the hybrid excels in fuel economy with comfort. The interior in the Superb is beige with Piano black touches on the interior trims. There is the Canton 12-speaker system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the Superb, the Camry, on the other hand, gets a JBL 9-Speaker system that does not provide smartphone connectivity. 

skoda superb vs toyota camry

There is 625 litre of boot space in the back of the Superb which is far less in the Camry. There is only the executive second row with touch controls and ample legroom that is a plus in the Camry. There is also the fuel economy that gives a winning chance to the Toyota Camry. Also as the Camry holds the Toyota badge, service cost and reliability is higher.

Does the Czech manage to make a mark?

Skoda Superb is a best-in-class when it comes to a balance of comfort and performance. The Sedan offers lots of storage options within the cabin. The feature-loaded Sedan is designed in such a manner that it meets the buyer expectations. With competitive pricing in the range of Rs. 25.99 lakh to 33.50 Lakh, the Skoda Superb has proved itself as a tough face among the competitors like Camry and Accord. But with the discontinuation of its efficient diesel powerplant, we will have to wait and see, how Skoda brushed things up for the next generation.