Skoda Kodiaq Scout 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Saurav Kumar - Senior Editor Mar 31 2020 Share this blog

The Kodiaq is Skoda's premium SUV offering and it has lived up aptly to the "premium" tag with robust build quality and exclusive use of materials in the cabin. This 1.8 tonner has a decent heart tp keep it rolling and is a perfect package. Now, Skoda has weighed in a bit more of its off-roading capabilities with the Kodiaq Scout.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout side profile

While dimension, engine and cabin space the same, the Scout adds some features to distinguish itself from the other two which includes updated upholstery and an off-roading will. Priced aggressively at Rs. 33.99 Lakh, Kodiaq Scout is placed among the top trims of its rivals. Let us see how it fares for the ‘Scout’ badging.

This segment has been invaded by the likes of Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour with the recent entry of  Mahindra Alturas G4. Will Skoda Kodiaq be able to slide past this lot? That would simply be a clever move, then!

What will impress you?

  • Spacious cabin with lots of practical and intelligent features
  • Third-row seats with good cushion available
  • Smooth 2.0-litre diesel engine
  • Dedicated off-road drive mode for peppy performance
  • Good handling and ride dynamics
  • Superb build quality and premium appeal 


What will not?

  • Stiff suspension
  • Priced on a higher side
  • Third-row seats not suitable for adults due to limited legroom
  • No ventilated seats on offer

What's new in the 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout?

  • A more rugged version of the already potent Kodiaq

In how many variants is the 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout offered in?

Alongside the two variants in the Kodiaq lineup, Skoda has pitched in the Scout at Rs. 33.99 Lakh, the SUV is similar to the other two in terms of dimensions and powertrain configurations. "Scout" badging on the outside as well as the inside help differentiate this off-roading friendly SUV from its brothers.

Trim (4WD)



2.0 TDI Automatic Diesel

Price (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)

Rs. 33,99,599


LED ambient lighting

Aluminium Pedals

Brushed wood decor with ‘Scout Inscription

Black Alcantara leather upholstery

Silver roof rails

Front bumper with silver spoiler

Rear bumper with silver diffuser

18-inch Dual-tone Anthracite alloy wheels

‘Scout’ Plaque on front fenders

Body colour bumpers, door handles and exterior mirror with matte silver finish

Off-road switch for hill descent control

The black Alcantara and leather combination is a prime touch to make the cabin ooze with a premium appeal. On the outside, subtle changes tell it apart which includes black cladding all around and chrome "Scout" badging.

Which trim should you go for?

The Skoda Kodiaq Scout is for people who are looking for a premium SUV with lots of features. This variant gets a special all-black treatment across the interior with premium Alcantara leather upholstery. The Scout trim sits in between the base Style and L&K trim. It gets features that could be sufficient for most of the buyers. Also, it costs around Rs. 3 Lakh less than the L&K top trim.

Skoda Kodiaq April discount offers

There are currently no ongoing offers for the Skoda Kodiaq Scout but the automaker provides with attractive loan plans which will keep finances light for you.

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What is the source of firepower in 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout?

Kodiaq Scout is powered by the same 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine that delivers 150 PS and 340 Nm. This engine is paired with a 7-speed DSG transmission and power is transmitted to all wheels. The Scout features an all-new “off-road” mode in addition to other available drive modes- Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual, and Snow.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout engine

But there is a catch with this new driving mode. It can only be active under 30 kmph and so its more like a hill descent assist feature. Nevertheless, it works flawlessly and adds to its off-roading capabilities. The combination of 2.0 TDI and the 7-Speed DSG works wonders in seamlessly driving this 1.8 tonner.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour Titanium Plus

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4WD AT

Mahindra Alturas G4


Rs. 33,99,599

Rs. 33,25,000

Rs. 33,95,000

Rs. 30,70,000

Engine (Diesel)

1968 cc 4-cylinder

2.2L 4-cylinder

2.8L 4-cylinder

2.2L 4-cylinder


150 @ 4000 RPM

[email protected] 3200 RPM

[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM


340 @ 1750 RPM

385 @1600 RPM

420 @1400 RPM

[email protected] RPM


Automatic 7-speed DSG

6-speed MT

6-speed MT

7-speed AT

Despite having performance figures on the lower end, the Kodiaq Scout is still fun to drive and keeps you involved with its dynamic powertrain characteristics. But then again, for the price point, its competition provides with more muscle.

How quick is this mammoth of an SUV from 0-100 kmph?

Looking at the power figures of the Kodiaq Scout, the SUV is underpowered for sure, but the slick-shifting DSG gearbox doesn't get the sluggishness to get the most of this SUV. With the company of a lighter engine, Kodiaq turned out to be quicker than its rivals. It manages to go 0 to 100 kmph in 10.31 seconds and its all thanks to precise fueling and gear ratios.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout acceleration; 0-100

The mid-range power of this SUV is good somewhere at 2500-4000 RPM and it cruises at 100 kmph in the top gear at 1600 RPM with minimal engine stress. This also makes it for a very good tourer which is backed with its comfortable cabin layout. 


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Engine capacity





0-100 kmph (seconds)










0-100kmph (seconds)





Kodiaq Scout proves that it's not always about the size of the engine and so it puts bigger engines in the competition to shame with its smart powertrain characteristics. Mahindra with its Ssangyong shared 2.2L engine manages to come closer with 12 seconds to the 100 kmph mark but is still far off. Kerb weight gets the best to the other two in this dog-fight.

How well does the 2020 Kodiaq Scout carry its bulk around Indian roads?

On the road, the Skoda Kodiaq Scout is impressive and pounces forward with ease due to the mid-range delivery. But that's only when it's on the open roads. In tight traffic conditions, you need to keep the revs high for a seamless transition. The drive modes work great with real-time situations and help adapt the vehicle quickly. Taking the size and weight of this SUV into consideration, the Scout is quite nimble and carries its weight profoundly.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout handling

The quick direction changes are smooth with AWD backing. Meanwhile, the suspension setup feels on the stiffer side as some bumps can be felt across the cabin. Steering is precise and has a predictable nature which makes it easy to manoeuver this bulk of an SUV with ease.

How sure-footed are the brakes on 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout?

Braking in the new Skoda Kodiaq Scout is similar to other siblings. The front wheels get disc brakes with floating calliper and inner cooling that ensure consistent bite at all times. Rear also gets disc brakes which amplifies the braking efficiency of the SUV.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout cooled brakes

The SUV allows hassle-free braking at high speed or in case of any emergency. Rest, features like ABS and EBD facilitate the process further and nose dives are impressively controlled for a vehicle of this stature.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Front Brakes

Disc with inner cooling




Rear Brakes





All the vehicles in this segment are shrouded with disc brakes all around which improves braking efficiency and assists in various safety features. None of its competitors have a dedicated off-roading mode which in the case of the Scout takes full advantage of its braking setup.

How fuel-efficient is this tank of an SUV?

Skoda Kodiaq Scout returns a good ARAI rated mileage in both city and highway. The use of lighter engine components along with an efficiently designed gearbox helps it achieve this feat. Its fuel tank size is, however on the lesser side but the fuel efficiency advantage helps it bounce back with above-average range.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Mileage (kmpl)





Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)





Range (km)





Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner have the biggest fuel tanks of this lot. Its sheer size helps these SUVs to flaunt such capacities. But Skoda holds its ground with impressive mileage figures and is marginally followed by the Toyota.

How commanding is the road presence of 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout?

Wearing the Scout moniker, this Skoda Kodiaq variant isn’t much different from the other two variants- style and L&K. Except for the silver finishing on the lower bumper and plastic cladding all around, there are no other notable changes on the Kodiaq Scout. With this variant, you’ll still get the same detailed LED headlamps.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout SUV looks

The SUV stands on large 18-inch alloy wheels that can be seen on the L&K and another notable change is the replacement of "Skoda" logo at the rear for the full name in chrome. It also gets underbody protection for the engine which is a boon for our road conditions.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Kerb Weight (kg)





Length (mm)





Width (mm)





Height (mm)





Ground Clearance (mm)





Wheelbase (mm)





Another notable change is the ‘Scout’ badge on the front fender to remind you of its heightened off-roading capabilities. Despite having a bulky form factor, the Skoda Kodiaq Scout is surprisingly compact and thus easy to drive around. It is not tall as the Toyota Fortuner which helps control its lateral movement and lower the centre of gravity.

Exterior Features

  • 18-inch dual-tone Anthracite alloy wheels 
  • Chrome surround for radiator grille
  • Silver roof rails
  • Chrome side window frames
  • Front bumper with silver spoiler
  • Rear bumper with silver diffuser
  • ‘Scout’ Plaque on front fenders

How spacious is it on the inside of Kodiaq Scout?

The Skoda Kodiaq Scout interior welcomes you with lots of space and upgraded upholstery. The Scout gets an all-black Alcantara leather that enhances the SUVs premium appeal. A similar all-black Alacantara leather treatment can be found on the Skoda Octavia RS.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout dashboard

The seats are comfortable and come stitched in white contrast and dashboard gets dark polished glossy wood texture that sports the ‘Scout’ badge proudly. The same can be seen on the door panels as well. 


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Seating Capacity





Moving to the second-row rear seats, we found it to offer a decent amount of legroom and headroom. The seats not only look appealing but offer great comfort and are catered for long journey comfort. The huge panoramic sunroof is the best thing to have on the Kodiaq Scout. The sunroof features an anti-pinch function that allows you to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout seating comfort

Also, the standard offering of ‘Nap package’ ensures that you get good sleep while travelling. This package includes retractable neck restraints, blankets and manual sun blinds for rear windows. Also, we have a detachable torchlight light in the boot. The third-row seats, however, do not offer much legroom and fail to accommodate adults comfortably. 

Interior Features:

  • Chrome, front and rear door sill trims with ‘KODIAQ’ inscription
  • Chrome interior trimming
  • LED ambient lighting 
  • Aluminium pedals
  • Brushed wood decor with ‘Scout’ inscription
  • Stitched ‘Scout’ logo on the front and rear seat backrest
  • Black Alcantara leather upholstery
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Leather-wrapped gear-shift selector

What is there with the Infotainment system?

Skoda Kodiaq Scout features a 7.8-inch touchscreen that comes integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The cabin comes installed with a suite of 10 speakers in sync with the Canton audio system, offering a pleasant sound quality.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout infotainment system

Passengers can also control features like navigation and entertainment for rear seats. BossConnect is a cutting-edge connection feature that facilitates connectivity options through the Skoda Media Command App.

Infotainment Features:

  • Skoda audio player with 20.32 cm LCD TFT colour display and touchscreen controls
  • Central infotainment system with proximity sensor
  • Canton Sound system- 10 speakers
  • BossConnect through Skoda Media Command App
  • Audio controls on steering wheel
  • Smartlink- smartphone mirroring of certified functions/ applications on the infotainment display
  • Inbuilt navigation system

How much luggage can the Kodiaq Scout carry?

Skoda Kodiaq Scout offers 270 litres of boot space behind the rear seats. The third-row seats can be flat folded to generate more space in the boot. The boot gets a detachable torchlight that can be helpful in dark conditions.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout cargo space

Considering the SUVs size, the boot size is good for taking your belongings for a picnic or weekend ride. And if even after folding down the third row, you find the cargo space underwhelming, you can fold down on the second row as well. It is split into three and can be flexibly used with occupants.


Skoda Kodiaq Scout

Ford Endeavour

Toyota Fortuner

Mahindra Alturas G4

Boot Capacity (litres)





With all three rows up, Skoda Kodiaq still manages to provide more volume than the Mahindra Alturas G4. Smart space management has helped Skoda to provide with impressive cargo space without sacrificing on occupant's comfort.

What are the safety features available in 2020 Skoda Kodiaq Scout?

Skoda has left no stone in offering best safety features with the Kodiaq Scout. Also, the company has deliberately improved its after-sales services in India. Skoda India offers 6 years of warranty on the Kodiaq lineup along with 4 years of maintenance under their ‘Peace of mind’ scheme.

2020 skoda kodiaq scout reverse camera

The LED lighting system is also laden with impressive features that include automatic headlamps and curve assist features. The brake assist adapts to different modes and is the most active during its "Off-Road" mode.

Safety Features:

  • ABS with EBD
  • Mechanical brake assist
  • Hydraulic brake assist
  • Acoustic warning signal for overrun speed
  • All five door-open indicator
  • Fuel supply cut-off in a crash
  • Engine immobiliser with floating code system
  • Anti-theft alarm with interior monitoring
  • Driver knee airbag along with side and curtain airbags
  • Adaptive Front light system with automatic headlight levelling and curve light assistant
  • Front fog light with corner function

How does Skoda Kodiaq Scout fare against its brawny competitors?

Skoda Kodiaq Scout vs Ford Endeavour

skoda kodiaq scout vs ford endeavour

The Endeavor’s motor offers the hardest punch compared to the Kodiaq Scout. The engine is well refined and the gearbox works seamlessly while cruising on highways. The riding dynamics of the Kodiaq is much better in comparison to the Endeavour. Also, being powered with a lighter engine, the Kodiaq manages to return better mileage than the Endeavour. 

Skoda Kodiaq Scout vs Toyota Fortuner 

skoda kodiaq scout vs toyota fortuner

Both cars are stable on highway speeds. However, the Fortuner has a better ride quality considering its bigger engine size. The Skoda SUV performs well across corners and turns out to be a good absorbent compared to Toyota Fortuner. The Kodiaq Scout offers a more premium interior compared to the Fortuner. The Scout is meant to attract urban SUV buyers who love powerful engine along with feature-loaded interior. 

So, has Skoda managed to widen Kodiaq's appeal?

Priced at INR 33.99 lakh ex-showroom, the Skoda Kodiaq Scout is Rs. 3 lakh cheaper than the L&K variant and misses out on just a few of the features. In true sense, the Scout is meant to bring the best bundle by placing itself between the two variants. With aggressive styling, the Kodiaq Scout is doing best as a full-size SUV. It is targeting the executive class of buyers looking for a car with commanding road presence along with hefty creature comfort features and which doesn't shy away in taking the road less travelled.