Pepperfry Gift Card: Up To 60% Off On Furniture, Sofa, Chairs, Bed, Wall Decor And Many More.

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By Sahil Ali - Content Strategist Jan 03 2020 Share this blog

Pepperfryis the prime refuge when it comes to select your furniture, home decor, interior design, lighting, and homeware. Reinvent your living, bedroom and kids room with the thousands of options available. Redeem the gift card offered by Pepperfry and make the best out of the offers by Pepperfry gift card.  Pepperfry, they have a plethora of great products. consequently, everyone can seek exactly what they are looking for. The online gift cards give you the joy of giving the best gifts for your dear ones & it also keeps in mind that the cardholder makes his/her own choice, you can save up to 60% on all the major categories.

Have a glimpse at the Pepperfry coupons and Pepperfry gift card options to make the wise decision in transforming your abode.

Pepperfry Exclusive Coupons and offers

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Pepperfry Physical Gift Card

Gift Card: The Paradigm Gifting Solution

 A gift card is the best escape to save yourself from the trouble of finding gifts for your loved ones. With the exclusive range of Pepperfry Gift Cards, you can make your loved ones happy because with the gift cards the recipient is entitled to purchase whatever they want from the wide range of   Pepperfry furniture, home decor, and interior designing accessories. These gift cards are prepaid shopping cards that the cardholder can use to purchase any available product in the store. Products can be bought using the gift voucher you present to someone. Transform your house into a  prettier home. The card gets the user access to all these products and makes shopping easier for them.

Classic Gift for the occasion

One of the best aspects of the gift cards in India is that it never goes out of style. as the count of festivals celebrated in India has no limits. From Diwali and Holi to Eid and Christmas, they never end. Consider the birthdays, weddings and the series of western adapted festivals like Valentine's day to Friendship's day. It becomes a mess to collect gifts all year long. This is where the gift card comes in. When you are buying it, you do not even have to know the gift preference of a person to make them happy. With the card as a gift, they can use the amount to shop according to their wishes. You can get the gift voucher in physical form so that you can wrap it and hand it over as a gift to your favorite person.

Pepperfry E-Gift Card

E- Gift cards are trending as these are the most convenient options to gift it to your dear ones, no matter how far they are. You can share a Pepperfry E-Gift Card worth Rs. 0 to Rs. 10.000. Give the recipient to transform their home interior and refurnish in the best prices offered if you purchase anything from the gift card.

Pepperfry Top Categories

Pepperfry's website and mobile application sell products across categories like furniture, décor, lamps, bed and bath, furnishings, kitchen and dining, and hardware and electricals. In March 2019, The company is using artificial intelligence and variable analyst techniques to increase engagement.

Top Categories
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Pepperfry Bestselling Products

Lara 2 Seater Sofa in Garnet Red Colour by CasaCraft

Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

The collections are a series of modern trendy designs, simple yet striking and represent the ideals of minimalism. The designs are a perfect blend of functionality and exceptional aesthetics. 

  • Brand: CasaCraft
  • Dimensions: H 34 x W 58 x D 32.5; Seating Height-17; Seating Depth : 21
    (all dimensions in inches)
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Collection: Lara

Grab the ongoing deal as the Sofa which is marked as  Rs.33,332 but you can now get it for Rs.24999.

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Luiz Sofa Cum Bed In Charcoal Grey Colour by Mintwud

Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

Mintwud is a classic amalgamation of form and function. A Sofa cum Bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture, its a sofa or divan by day, flipped into a double bed at night. Available in different styles like the simple foldable or the pull-out or convertible version.  Pepperfry offers Free Shipping.

  • Brand: Mintwud
  • Dimensions: Sofa H 29.1 x W 71.2 x D 32.6; Bed H 14.9 x W 37.7 x D 71.2 Seating Height-14.9 (All Dimensions in inches)
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Storage: Without Storage

This sofa Cum bed Rs.20,100 l is now being sold at only Rs.16,799.

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Luiz Sofa Cum Bed In Charcoal Grey Colour by Mintwud
Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

 The designs are a perfect blend of functionality and exceptional aesthetics. Each piece is crafted with passion and follows international standards on quality and style. Pepperfry offers Free Shipping.

  • Brand: CasaCraft
  • Dimensions: H 40 x W 39 x D 39; Seating Height- 16; Open Recliner Depth-64 (all dimensions in inches)
  • Primary Material: Leatherette
  • Room Type: Living Room

 This recliner Rs.70,100 l is now being sold at only Rs.49,066.

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Cotton 144TC Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers by Romee
Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

 Gives the graceful and modern look for any bedroom. Fade, Shrink and Wrinkle Resistant. Great gift idea for men and women, boys and girls, kids and teens of all ages!

  • Brand: ROMEE
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Dimensions(In Inches): Length: 90, Width: 100
  • Set Content: 1 Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers
  • Fabric: Cotton

Grab the ongoing deal as the Bedsheet which is marked as  Rs.1399 but you can now get it for Rs.649.

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Engineered Wood Wall Shelf in Brown Colour by Home Sparkle

Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

Decorate your walls with these well designed and ergonomic wall shelves. Home Decor products bought on Pepperfry.com are shipped for free. Available in a variety of styles and designs, you can use them to organize your essentials or display decorative items.

  • Brand: Home Sparkle
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Dimensions: H 16 x W 17 x D 4 Inches
  • Number of Shelves: 7

Grab the ongoing deal as the Shelf which is marked as  Rs.1269 but you can now get it for Rs.1,045.

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Mika Stacking Chair in Brown Colour By Durian
Levi’s Slim Men’s blue jeans

Cafe Chairs are light chairs, easy to move, minimalist in nature and durability. Cafe Chairs are meant to be used for shorter duration and are not so high in comfort. Pepperfry offers Free Shipping.

  • Brand: Durian
  • Dimensions: H 34.1 x W 22 x D 21.3
  • Primary Material: Metal
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Seating Height: 27.6

Grab the ongoing deal as the Shelf which is marked as  Rs.8600 but you can now get it for Rs.5,590.

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Pepperfry FAQs

  • Where can I find Pepperfry coupons?
    You can explore the wide range of coupon options available on different coupon related websites.
  • How does Pepperfry cashback work?
    Cashback is calculated on the final paid value of the order and will be credited to your Pepperfry wallet within 2 business days of placing an order using various codes offered by coupons websites such as zoutons.com
  • Can we rent furniture from Pepperfry?
    With the launch of this new service, customers can rent furniture across categories like beds, sofas, wardrobes, entertainment units and many more. Pepperfry furniture rental service is currently rolled out in eight cities Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, & Chandigarh.
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