Nissan Terrano 2020 Review: Prices, Offers, Specs, Mileage and Pics

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By Rahul Hans - Automotive Journalist Apr 03 2020 Share this blog

The compact crossover segment is the hottest in the Indian car market. High sales and fat margins mean every manufacturer wants a bite of it. The Renault Duster, back in 2011 created some ripples and it became an instant hit with the masses. The size was appropriate, the engines were punchy and efficient, and the quirky styling meant there were long waiting periods.

2020 nissan terrano front third quarter view

Enter the Terrano, nothing but a rebadged Renault Duster, with some styling changes here and there. Heck, even the dashboard is the same, and it was pretty evident that this car too can steal some sales of the Duster if priced right. And that was the end of it, Nissan charged an unexpected premium over the Duster, and its no surprise that the Terrano bombed. All the cons aside, the Nissan Terrano is still very capable, and its ride quality is second to none. Should this Nissan be on your wishlist in 2019, if a compact crossover is your choice of vehicle?

What are the good bits?

  • Leather interiors
  • Cabin space
  • Boot space
  • Brilliant ride quality
  • Bold exterior design

What are the not so good bits?

  • Dated interior looks
  • Infotainment system belongs to the ’90s
  • Limited variants, thereby limiting flexibility
  • Lack of tech upgrades

What’s new in the Nissan Terrano?

  • Dual-tone colour scheme for the interior
  • New 7-inch touchscreen infotainment
  • Steering mounted controls
  • Cruise control
  • Hill assist feature, ABS and EBD

In how many variants si the Nissan Terrano available in?

The Nissan Terrano, when launched, was priced at a premium over the Renault Duster. However, over the years, with sales plummeting, Nissan has had to correct the pricing. In the 2019 avatar, prices for the Terrano start just a shade under 10 lacs and the top-spec variant is priced at 14.64 lacs.

Now, here comes the confusing part. The diesel engine is the same unit that does the duty in the Renault Duster, however, as in the case of Terrano, it is available in two states of tune. The lower variants, namely XE and XL (O), comes in 84 bhp tune, while the XV Premium variant gets the 108 bhp tune. A petrol engine is available too, but only in a sole barebones lower variant, called XL P.




XL (O) D

XV Premium D 110 PS

Sport Edition

Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Rs. 9,99,900

Rs. 9,99,900

Rs. 12,35,700

Rs.14,19,900/Rs. 14,64,000(AMT)

RS. 12,35,700

All the features in XE added/replaced and:
All the features in XL added/replaced and:
All the features in XL(O) added/replaced and:
All the features in XL added/replaced and:


Double lamp headlights with chrome & black bezel

Electrical retractable ORVM with turn indicators

16’’ machines alloy wheels

Leatherette seat upholstery 

Black roof rails

Keyless entry

Integrate 2-din audio(MP3/AM/FM) with USB, AUX, Bluetooth

Keyless entry

Driver armrest


Eco-driving mode

Rear-seat armrest with cup holders(two)

Dual Front Airbags

Lumbar supports & seat height adjustment

Sport crimson tried seat covers

ABS, EBD with BA (Braking Assistance)

Hill-start assist

unique decals

 Given how dated the car os, the pricing is on the higher side, and it’s not very difficult to guess why it’s not the favourite among the consumers in this segment.

Which variant should you go for?

The XL D (O) variant seems to be the most value for money pick of the lot, for it offers all the essential features, and is priced just about right. For those looking for Petrol or Diesel Automatic, there is just one variant for each, thereby limiting the choice.

Nissan Terrano April Discount Offers:

There are currently no offers ongoing for the 2020 Nissan Terrano but do visit your local dealership for any dealer specific offers at hand. You might run into a deal that you can't resist!

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What are the powertrain option available in the 2020 Terrano?

The Terrano is powered by the Renault sourced K9K diesel engine among the other two. This 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine has been put to use in other Renault-Nissan cars as well and has proven its worth. This engine is available in two states of tune, and the lower variants get the 84 bhp tune. While the power figures may not be extraordinary, it’s the 200 Nm of torque that makes this engine stand out. Power is available lower down the rev range, and there is negligible turbo lag. Accessible power means pottering around town won’t pose an issue, with lesser downshifts. Out on the highway, this engine doesn’t feel stressed and is capable of cruising at triple-digit speeds all day long.

2020 nissan terrano 85 ps diesel engine

This engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, which is smooth shifting for the most part but has a rubbery side to it. That said, this notchiness is no deal-breaker, and this engine and gearbox alone make the Terrano a very good proposition to consider. NVH levels are acceptable, with the typical diesel thrum and vibrations filtering into the cabin. The Hyundai Creta remains the king in this segment, in terms of NVH levels.

2020 nissan terrano 110 ps diesel engine

Coming to the top trim, called the XV Premium, it gets the same engine, albeit, in the higher state of tune. Power and torque figures are rated at 108 bhp and 248 Nm, respectively. While the additional power is welcome, there is a lot of turbo lag, and you’ll be downshifting frequently, especially in stop-go traffic. Once past 1700 RPM, this engine comes into its own, and the surge from then on is good, which can bring a wide grin on your face. This engine is mated with a six-speed manual gearbox, which, much like its 5-speed sibling is notchy to use.

2020 nissan terrano petrol engine

The petrol engine in this set is a 1.6L unit that pumps out 102.5 bhp and 145 Nm which is well above the competition. A 5-Speed manual transmission takes care of transmission duties and is only available in the XL variant. Nissan's variants list gives us a clear picture that the petrol pot is not given much importance due to its lower demand.


Nissan Terrano XE D

Hyundai Creta

1.4L CRDi

Ford Ecosport 1.5L Titanium MT

Renault Duster RXS

Price (ex-showroom)

Rs. 9.99 lakh

Rs. 9.99 lakh

Rs. 9.90 lakh

Rs. 9.99 lakh


1.5 L K9K four-cylinder DCi

1.4L CRDi four-cylinder

1.5L TDCi four-cylinder

1.5L K9K four-cylinder DCi


5-speed manual

6-speed manual

5-speed manual

5-speed manual


84 bhp @ 3750 RPM

89 bhp @ 4000 RPM

99 bhp @ 3750 RPM

84 bhp @ 3750 RPM


200 Nm @ 1900 RPM

220 Nm @ 1500-2750 RPM

205 Nm @ 1750 RPM

210 Nm @ 1750 RPM

Again, this is the same engine that we’ve seen in other Renault-Nissan cars. While the diesel engine is quite an all-rounder, this engine feels sluggish and adequate for this car. Ford scores here with its Ecoboost engine which pumps out the most powerful figures. All the others are more or less in the same trajectory.

How swift is the Nissan Terrano from 0-100 KMPH?

Expecting road-burning 0-100 timings from compact crossovers might sound a bit unfair. The Terrano is the slowest car in this segment, taking nearly 14 seconds to reach a ton from a standstill. Moreover, this crossover was not built keeping top speed or acceleration in mind. It was to give the masses a cheap way to take the roads less travelled.

2020 nissan terrano acceleration from 0-100 kmph

Cars like Creta and Ecosport are faster, although, there isn’t much of a difference between their timings. The torque curve creeps in slowly which is why the Terrano loses ground at the bottom end. But slowly and steadily, it clocks in at a top speed of 165 KMPH and shows rock solid dynamics even then!


Nissan Terrano

Hyundai Creta

Ford Ecosport Titanium

Renault Duster

0-100 Kmph

13.9 seconds

12 seconds

13.2 seconds

13.9 seconds


1.5-Litre K9K four-cylinder DCi

1.4-Litre CRDi four-cylinder

1.5-Litre TDCi four-cylinder

1.5-Litre K9K four-cylinder DCi

Kerb weight also plays an important role along with the engine configuration in sprint runs. In that context, Hyundai Creta has the most balanced character and its insane torque figures help it gallop ahead with ease.

How sorted are the driving dynamics of this crossover?

Both, the Terrano and Duster are based on the B0 platform, which dates back to 2009. Despite being more than 10 years old, this platform is known for its brilliant ride and stability. Both these cars get the same suspension setup, and just like the Duster, the Terrano has a brilliant ride quality. It is easily the best riding car in this segment! Coming to the suspension, it is a brilliant set up, dismissing all the potholes with ease.

2020 nissan terrano off roading

Around corners, the car doesn’t feel subdued and continues to hold its line. High-speed stability too is commendable. Another talking point about the Terrano is its steering, which is very well calibrated and offers great feedback. No, it’s not pinpoint accurate, but is much better than the Creta’s.

How sure-footed are the brakes on the Terrano?

If there is one reason to complain from this car, it has to the brakes. The brakes are adequate at best, and make the car stop in a straight line, with no drama as such. Due to the car's ground height, there is a noticeable nose-dive under hard braking and it sometimes gets to your head. 

2020 nissan terrano disc brakes

Moreover, the brake pedal feels soggy to operate and takes some time getting used to. The lower kerb weight helps lower load on the braking setup thus improving its efficiency. It is a mixed bag which could have been made better with a more optimized and precise brake distribution system.


Nissan Terrano

Hyundai Creta

Ford Ecosport

Renault Duster

Front Brakes

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Ventilated Disc

Rear Brakes





Curb Weight(kg)





Ford EcoSport as always, aces the braking setup as the automaker was smart to make the experience precise and unlike the Terrano, there is no sponginess from the pedal and its braking unit stay efficient even after long travels. Hyundai Creta also has an impressive setup and the noteworthy part is the option of an all-wheel disc setup at the higher variants which the others miss out on.

How fuel-efficient is the Nissan Terrano?

Fuel Economy is an important parameter in India, and in this segment too, efficiency is an important parameter. This Nissan crossover’s fuel economy is rated at 20.5 kmpl for the base diesel engine producing 84 bhp. It has an ECO that helps conserve a bit more fuel and is useful more on the open roads.

2020 nissan terrano eco mode

This number looks impressive on paper, however, it falls short when rivals walk into the arena. For the 108 bhp diesel variant, the Terrano offers fuel economy of 19.87 kmpl, which again, is impressive, but falls short against its rivals. The petrol engine suffers from a fuel economy of 13.2 kmpl, and honestly, Nissan isn’t even trying to sell this engine. It exists more for the heck of it, rather than for sales.


Nissan Terrano

Hyundai Creta

Ford Ecosport

Renault Duster

Mileage (ARAI)(kmpl)





Fuel Tank Capacity(Litres)










Hyundai Creta is the better-optimized one of this lot as it balances well between the kerb weight and its performance. But in outright efficiency, Ford EcoSport is the clear winner with its refined 1.5L TDCi engine.

How preserved is the design language of Nissan Terrano?

If you’ve seen the Renault Duster and liked it, chances are, you’ll like the Terrano too. Same platform, same body shape, just minor changes here and there and a Nissan badge slapped on the front and rear and voila, you get the Nissan Terrano. The flared wheel arches lend a muscular look to the car, and a squarish stance makes the Terrano look appealing in person.

2020 nissan terrano muscular looks

The car weighs around 1200 kgs, however, it doesn’t show, for it handles like a charm! The figure is identical to its sibling, the Renault Duster. Hyundai’s Creta comes across as the heaviest of the lot, while the Ecosport stands somewhere in the middle, at 1261 kilograms.


Nissan Terrano

Hyundai Creta

Ford Ecosport

Renault Duster

Curb weight(kg)




















Ground clearance(mm)










The car has a very good road presence, thanks to the masculine look it offers. However, it has started to look dated, and cars like Ecosport and Creta have caught up since they have received regular updates by their respective manufacturers.

Exterior Features

  • Electric retractable outside rearview mirror with turn indicators (ORVMs)
  • Roof rails
  • Chrome exhaust finisher
  • 4-Pod Design headlamps with chrome & black bezel
  • 16” Machines Alloy Wheels
  • Chrome exhaust finisher
  • Body-coloured outside rearview mirror

How well laid out, is the cabin in 2020 Terrano?

The interior of the Nissan Terrano ticks some boxes which are good to have, however, it fails to tick some important ones which its competitors have. The Terrano’s top-specced variant comes with a two-tone leather interior in black & brown colour combination along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The two-tone leather interior does give the car an upmarket look. The lower variants do with the usual fabric seat upholstery.

2020 nissan terrano dual tone dashboard

The steering wheel apart from the leather finish comes with silver-finished inserts with added controls for audio and cruise control. The driver’s seat also gets a foldable armrest. The instrument cluster provides a plethora of information such as fuel efficiency, average speed, distance to empty as well as information on litres consumed.

2020 nissan terrano spacious cabin

The cabin space is the real deal here and is as spacious as you would want it to be. Legroom is plenty, due to its dimensions and a large wheelbase. There is enough room for 3 passengers at the back. Overall, while the interior quality is better than its cousin Duster, it only justifies its price. It isn’t extra or fancy in any way, like some other cars.

What are the infotainment features on offer in the Nissan Terrano?

This is the place where the Nissan Terrano lets you down big time. In one simple sentence, it lacks Android Auto and Apple Carplay. In the middle of the dash, sits an intuitive 7’’ infotainment display with large icons. It provides navigation but feels very outdated.

2020 nissan terrano touchscreen infotainment system

This system comes with iPod support, Bluetooth, Aux and USB input. Sound output is via 4 speakers, two at the front and two at the back. Apart from this, the car gets a feature called NissanConnect along with 50 plus connected car features. With this, you get to track the distance you’ve covered, real-time fuel economy and other parameters like service reminders and even your driving pattern.

Infotainment Features:

  • 7-inch touchscreen unit
  • Inbuilt navigation
  • 4 speakers
  • Steering mounted audio controls
  • Handsfree controls on steering wheel

How much cargo can the Nissan Terrano take in?

If you are a family of four wanting to spend a weekend away in comfort with all your belongings, the Nissan Terrano will surely satisfy your spacious needs. It offers a whopping 475 litres of boot space with the rear seats up which is exactly equal to the Renault Duster and significantly larger than the Hyundai Creta and Ford Ecosport.

2020 nissan terrano cargo space

The floor is flat and has a soft touch material to keep your luggage safe. The opening is wide which allows for transportation of larger cargo but it is not exactly low, which will need you to use a bit of muscle.


Nissan Terrano

Hyundai Creta

Ford Ecosport

Renault Duster

Cargo Volume 





As it is expected, its twin is the only one which shares the same cargo volume. Apart from these two, Hyundai Creta and Ford EcoSport are far off in terms of volume. One main reason for the added cargo space is the smart integration of the spare tyre down under. It is clipped onto the bottom end like a full-blown SUV.

What are the various safety features on offer?

In terms of safety, Nissan has given dual front airbags as standard fitment in the higher variants. The base trims have to do away with a single (driver side) airbag only. However, other safety niceties like ABS with EBD and Reverse Parking Sensors are standard across the lineup. With the AMT variant, you also get safety add-ons in the form of the Hill Start Assist and Electronic Stability Program.

2020 nissan terrano dual airbags; safety features

Despite showing its age on the outside, Nissan didn't nit-pick on the safety front and so it comes with a commendable bunch of features to keep the occupants safe. The addition of LED DRLs is a welcome subtle improvement which brings the attention of fellow motorists on the road. The various features are listed below.

Safety Features

  • Dual Airbags – Driver and Passenger
  • ABS, EBD with BA (Braking Assist)
  • LED DRLs
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Seat Belt Reminder
  • Reverse Parking Sensors
  • Impact Sensing Auto Door Lock

How does the ageing Nissan stack up against its competition?

Nissan Terrano vs Hyundai Creta

nissan terrano vs hyundai creta

The second Generation Creta is a huge blow for the Terrano as it now shares most of its features with the ever so competent Kia Seltos which has an insane list of features. While the Terrano was already struggling due to the Renault Duster, Creta’s arrival dusted the hope of its revival. And why not?! The Creta offers a more punchy engine, more variants (which gives more flexibility to the buyer’s), more upscale interior and strong reliability that’s associated with Hyundai’s.

Nissan Terrano vs Ford Ecosport

nissan terrano vs ford ecosport

This may sound like an Apple to Oranges comparison, however, the Ecosport and Terrano have a lot in common. The Terrano was one of the first cars in its segment, and the Ecosport too gave birth to an all-new segment of crossovers. Moreover, both of the cars falling in the same price bracket is a testimony to the fact that these cars are similar in more ways than one. With the Ecosport, you get a punchy diesel engine and a more upmarket cabin. Moreover, the Sync3 infotainment system available in this Ford is one of the best in the business. What tilts the matter in Terrano’s favour is its brilliant ride quality.

Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster

nissan terrano vs renault duster

Well, siblings in different clothes. The Terrano’s failure can become a case study for management students, for how even a brilliant vehicle can fail if not priced or marketed well. When Duster came, it took the market by storm, and Terrano had a similar chance too. However, atrocious pricing and lack of aspirational (badge) value made the Terrano fail big time, so much that it’s on the verge of discontinuation. Choosing the Duster between the two is a no-brainer!

Does the Terrano stand a chance against the 2020 wave?

The Nissan Terrano, even though a brilliant vehicle, is irrelevant in today’s time. Irrelevant is the keyword here since Nissan has made no visible efforts to market this car. The lack of features and a dated cabin add further insult to the injury. Even if one were keen on the Terrano, choosing the Duster is a better bet, since they are the same cars underneath and the Duster offers a better interior with the 2019 facelift and better resale value as well. For everything else, there are cars like Creta and Ecosport in this segment, which are more modern and offer a perfect blend of performance, fuel economy and interior packaging.