5 Trendy New Dress Designs for 2018 that you must have in your wardrobe

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    29 Dec 17
    Written by Akshay

    It is not just the clothes we wear, but the formation of a personality that we carry. New Dresses, one of the things that make us happy. While many are looking to stock up with new dress designs for 2018, many online stores have introduced some eye-catching and really great offers that we can’t say no to!

    What other time is better than now to add some amazing dresses to your growing collection! Get ready to make some space for the trendiest dresses this season. Here are some new dress designs 2018 to help you start for the coming year.

    Cool trending new dress designs for 2018

    Planning to change your wardrobe? Get into the great New Dress designs 2018 which cannot only illustrate the best of your wardrobe but can also make up for a whole new personality. So, here are some new dress designs which can make you the centre of attraction throughout 2018. Get your shopping bags ready and fiddle with these innovative yet stylish designs now.

    new dress designs 2018

    Shirt Kurtas: New dress design 2018

    Shirt kurtas are becoming a fashion trend nowadays because of the versatile way in which it can be worn. It is one thing which never goes out of trend as there are a lot of varieties to mix and match it. Shirt kurtas top off every season and in this set of new dress designs 2018, shirt kurtas is a popular choice as there are lots of discounts for it in various online stores.

    • Shirt kurtas with collar from Snapdeal

    Shirt type kurtas with collar are a common choice nowadays. It is available in different materials and different styles so that you can pair it up with a legging or a jean, or with a nice stole. Various stores are offering discounts for shirt kurtas with a collar like Myntra which offers a discount of up to 40%.

    These Shirt kurtas are also available in other variants like Printed, Patterns, Embroidered and more. You can avail these in different sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL and, XXXL. Some also have a short button placket. Also, it comes with a short button placket, curved hemline and with big prominent buttons.

    Offer and Availability: Want to grab it at best price? On Snapdeal, A shirt kurta of Rs.460 is available at Rs.300. The other variants are also available with a discount of up to 65%. Also, you can get an instant 10% discount on State Bank debit and credit cards, Axis Bank debit and credit cards and Indus Bank debit and credit cards.

    • Georgette shirt kurtas from Myntra

    Georgette shirt kurtas are a great option for party wear and look stylish. With the many offers available in stores right now, getting a preferable georgette shirt kurta has become easy.


    Georgette shirt kurtas come in knee-length to mid-thigh lengths. It looks good with three-quarter sleeves, full sleeves or sleeveless or short sleeves or with the long handed flowing sleeves. It generally comes in light soft colours, but the bold colour options available make a great statement. While some have simple neat V necklines, some have an embroidered neck designs with a plain georgette shirt kurtas.

    The offer, price and availability: Myntra offers discounts up to 40% for georgette shirt kurtas starting from Rs.499 and have a variety of designs and offers to choose from.


    Price and store

    Shirt kurtas with collars

    Snapdeal starts from Rs.300

    Georgette shirt kurtas

    Amazon starts from Rs.499

    Cotton straight shirt kurtas

    Flipkart starts from Rs.300

    Checked shirt kurtas

    Amazon starting from Rs.400

    New Dress Design 2018: Cold Shoulder/ Off Shoulder Tees

    Cold shoulders and off shoulder tees are one of the stylish and the most affordable fashion buys that could help you make a statement.

    • Criss-cross front cold shoulder tee from Amazon

    Front crisscross shoulders have been in a discount in a lot of stores and there are a lot of options available to choose from. The wide front neck design with crisscrossed lines is one of the cool casual wear which can be worn with jeans or shorts.


    It comes in all the sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL and, XXXL with a loose front criss-cross cold shoulder neckline. It generally comes with a short top with textured fabric. It comes in short sleeves with either a plain colour or a simple printed pattern.

    Offers and price: Amazon also has discounts of up to 45% for crisscross front cold shoulder tees at Rs.580 for a Rs.1200 top.

    • Myntra’s Bardot top

    Bardot top is an off-shoulder top which comes in a variety of designs and colours and a lot of online stores have put on discounts for the Bardot off-shoulder tops. The Bardot top with an extra short layer on the neckline offers a funky look to the outfit.


    With plain Bardot off the shoulder top with a flowery pattern to striped pattern, Bardot tops have a lot of option of colours and pattern to choose from. There are also options of bloused neck pattern, fringed neck pattern or a simple straight neckline. It comes in all the sizes. It generally comes in full sleeves or three fourth sleeves. It is generally available in fully stitched forms.

    Offers and price: Bardot tops are available in Myntra from as low as Rs.299 for a Rs.400 top with a discount of up to 70%.


    Price and store

    Bardot top

    Myntra starting from Rs.299

    Front criss-cross cold shoulder tees

    Shein starting from Rs.580

    Cold shoulder tie knot top

    Voonik starting from Rs.699

    Open cold shoulder blouse top

    Amazon starting at Rs. 599

    Painterly prints in New Dress Designs 2018

    Painterly prints have now been used from handbags and stoles to jeans and tops. It is one of the cool and trendy prints that you definitely need to add to your wardrobe.

    • Painterly print sleeveless top

    A sleeveless painterly top looks posh and there are some great offers available to choose from a variety of options. These can deliver a stylish and elegant look to your party attire.


    It usually comes in waist-high length and is made of either polyester or cotton and is available for all sizes. There are quite a variety of necklines from off shoulders or V necklines with a simple straight neckline or necklines with painterly printed frills. 

    Availability and price: A Rs. 2600 painterly sleeveless top is available in SHEIN for almost Rs.1400 with a 40% discount.

    • Painterly dress

    Painterly prints are available in maxi dresses too and with the offers available it will be a beautiful addition to your collection. With a simple beautiful neckpiece, painterly dresses look cool and graceful.


    It is available in mid-length dresses or full-length ones with sleeveless or short sleeved options and is available in all sizes. It is fully switched and comes in polyester or cotton fabrics. The painterly patterns are available as charcoal based, butterfly based, rainbow based, etc. These are generally available in fully stitched form.

    Availability, Offers and price: Painterly dresses are available in Voonik with a discount of up to 40%, starting from Rs.999 for a Rs.1800 dress! Also, you can check out these voonik offers and deals on these products to enjoy extra savings.


    Stores and price

    Sleeveless painterly top

    Voonik starting at Rs.999

    Painterly maxi dress

    Myntra at Rs.1300

    Bell sleeved painterly top

    Amazon starting from Rs.466

    Painterly butterfly top

    Amazon at Rs.1199

    Pretty Plain Gowns in New Dress Design 2018

    Plain gowns never out of style and can be paired with beautiful accessories. With a wide variety of options to choose from with discount, plain gowns will be a good option to stock up for this New Year.

    • Plain A-line gown

    The A-line gown looks flattering and there are lots of colours available. Also, there are lots of offers and discounts offered for A-line plain gowns in different online stores. A-line gowns can be worn for parties, formal events and on dates too when paired up with the right accessories.


    It is available in all sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. It is available in off shoulders or V necklines with a simple straight neckline or necklines with painterly printed frills. It comes with sleeveless, short sleeves, full sleeves or three fourth sleeves. Also, there are full length, knee length and mid-thigh length gowns. There are also options for stitched or semi-stitched, where you can stitch it according to your preferences.

    Offer and price: India rush offers a discount of up to 50% for many varieties of A-line plain gown starting from Rs.859.

    • Fit and flare plain gown

    One of the stylish new dress designs of 2018, the lining inside makes the gown flare up in the bottom while the upper portion is a correct fit. The flare from the thigh length adds playfulness to the attire.


    Fit and flare gown generally come as a full length with the flare cut at knee length or sometimes with a lining from the mid-length with a contrast colour. It is available in both stitched and unstitched options and comes in a wide range of colours and sleeves - sleeveless, short sleeves, full sleeves or three fourth sleeves.

    Offers and price: Fit and flare gown is available in Myntra at Rs.899 with a discount of up to 45% from Rs.2000.


    Store and price

    A-line plain gown

    Flipkart starting from Rs.859

    Fit and flare plain gown

    Myntra starting from Rs.899

    Flowing gown

    India rush at Rs.999

    Plain satin gown

    Amazon starting from Rs.699

    Twisted Spaghetti Straps Maxi Dress With A Side Split

    The best party wear one can ask for to flaunt at the New Year party! Maxi dress with a side split and with a spaghetti strap is something that will rewrite the fashion look that you have always wanted for.

    • Ethnic print side split with twisted spaghetti straps

    The ethnic print will lend a traditional look to the maxi dress you wear and the side slit will offer a stylish look. It looks best when paired up with high heels and a chic bracelet.


    It comes in a full-length gown in all sizes and some have the option of deep open V neck at the back till waist. It is generally available in stitched form though there are also a few semi-stitched maxi dresses available. It comes in a variety of floral patterns, striped patterns or simple plain monochrome colour with embroidered works at the borders.

    Offers and price: SHEIN has some great collection of ethnic print, side split maxi dress with twisted spaghetti straps at Rs.1099 which was discounted from Rs.2500(45% discount).

    • Plain maxi dress side split with twisted spaghetti straps

    For an elegant look, go for plain maxi dress with side slit and spaghetti straps. There are many discounts offered for plain maxi dresses. Pair up a simple, stone chain with a closed neck design or a choker to an open deep neck design and sizzle in it!


    It comes in fully stitched form with all sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. It comes in a full-length gown with a side split at knee level or thigh level. It is available in shirt type, buttoned-down models in plain colours or striped/checked patterns. Open deep V-neck, closed collared neck or zip closures front are some of the neck designs available with the maxi dress. It is also available in bodycon models.

    Availability, Offers and price: FabAlley offers a discount of around 40% on a plain maxi dress with spaghetti straps and side split. A plain maxi dress with side split was discounted from Rs.2000 to Rs.800!


    Store and price

    Ethnic print side split with twisted spaghetti straps

    SHEIN at Rs.1099

    Sequined side split maxi dress with spaghetti straps

    Amazon starting from Rs.999

    Plain maxi dress side split with twisted spaghetti straps

    Faballey at Rs.800

    Buttoned down maxi dress with spaghetti straps and side split

    Myntra at Rs.1099

    Make your wardrobe a little more stylish!

    The new dress designs for 2018 have some diversity from a variety of trendy outfits and some unique pieces too. Grab your favourites from the online stores at the best discount prices and restock your collection of outfits for the new season.